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Adolf, Benito, Francisco, Douglas....


Ellis out?  

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OK, so comparing a chairman of a football club to such wide-scale dictators as Mussolini and Franco may be going slightly overboard, but the scenario, on a much much much smaller scale, is just as wrong at Villa Park as it was under these 'leaders'.

No one man has the right to rule this club with an iron fist, majority shareholder or otherwise.

It doesn't take a genius to realise that a club depends on it's fan-base. We are that fan-base. We are the club.

But while all of us are behind the club trying to push it forward, one man sits in the driving seat, with the handbrake up (and his foot on the brake pedal just in case).

The shame of it is we're pushing a Rolls Royce.

The players are just as frustrated as us, sitting in the backseat, forced to keep quiet.

Dave sits in the passenger seat, powerless.

Neither David nor the players can speak out for fear they will be thrown out by the driver.

What can Ellis do to us?

Use your voice.

Ellis out.

(P.S Whats did Hitler, Franco & Mussolini have that Ellis hasn't?


And they were defeated.)

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Adolf, Benito, Francisco, Douglas....McGrath-is-God!!!!

Why you are forcing us with our choices? why cant we have "no - ellis in"?!?!!!!

I Don't know what the world is comming to...

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