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Con's predictor challenge™


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Every week, Con will post his predictions. You, the people of VT, will aim to match or better those predictions!


Imagine this but with more Barry Bannan.


I will wait for Con to post his predictions to get the ball rolling!


Good luck.






Con will not be responsible for any burns caused by heat maps. 

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If you want to challenge me fill out this form. The results go into a spreadsheet.






Arsenal 1 : 1 West Ham


Arsenal have just come through a gruelling FA Cup semi at Wembley that went to extra-time and penalties. 19th Century manager will get his tactics right. Carroll will power home a header. Arsenal at home will still have just enough to get a goal and a draw. Fans won't be happy to be losing their grip on a Champions League place but they'll be thinking about Wembley.



Everton 5 : 0 Palace


Everton will romp this. Palace will play their counter-attack game but it won't work against a great football manager. Not only that Palace are now safe from relegation so the players will have the day off. This could be a terrific thumping.



Man City 1 : 1 Sunderland


Sunderland are bottom of the league and absolutely desperate. Man City are beaten by Liverpool, and demoralised by the loss of their talisman (Toure out injured). David Silva won't turn up. Sunderland will be the hungrier side but not quite good enough to win it so a draw for me. 


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