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When is it alright to fight?


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I was walking down Henry St in Dublin the other day, second biggest shopping street in Dublin, but quite a bit rougher than Grafton St. Maybe 5pm. This young lad, maybe 16/17 was walking down the street spraying people in the face with silly string. He wasn't being fun about it, just doing it because he could and he knew people weren't going to react. I was wondering what I'd do had he sprayed me in the face with it. Obviously in fantasy land, I'd clock him one immediately to the jaw and have his friend throw his crisps at me. In reality though I'd definitely be better off just walking on like everyone else did. It does make me sick that they get away with it.


On a previous occasion on the same street I saw a kidrepeatedly throw a wooden broom into the air and have it fall down on top of people. Again people were just going on with their business as if it wasn't happening, and doing their best to avoid the flying broom. These guys were maybe 9-14. I kept walking too, but if it hit me, again what would I have done? Fight a 9 year old? Confront a 9 year old? Keep walking, because all they want is a reaction? Well yes obviously that one, but I'd much rather go on a child punching spree, just so they have a think about doing it again. Even though I'm sure they get the shit beaten out of them at home, not to mention all the stuff they've been exposed to all their lives. Me confronting them in my G-Star jacket and converse hi tops would probably be a dream come true.

But I would still love to have knocked that 17 year old with the silly string out. He just looked like a total pisskidney

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Gary neville reminds me of robert de niro in a way. Proper kitted out I'd imagine he would look the part.


I remember reading a story about David Beckham having his house broken into, and him calling the Neville Brothers for back up. The thought of them showing up brandishing baseball bats, is one than amused me greatly. 

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