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Was at the first fixture and a fulham side playing allot worse than they are now played us off the field. One of the worst games i saw us play all season and there are plenty.

I see us getting beat here unfortunately

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A must not lose game , I'm hoping for a win ..


I'd go with :


Guzan ..


Lowton/Bacuna .. Vlaar .. Baker .. Bertrand ..


Westwood .. 


KEA/Bacuna .. Delph ..


Tonev ..


Benteke .. Helenius/Robinson ..


But I'm sure it won't go like that , so :


Marc .. Benteke .. Tonev ..

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Fulham didnt play too badly against Everton however its a game we should be winning.


For that reason I predict Fulham snatching it. I hope they dont because I find that Felix Magath guy creepy in a Jimmy Savile kind of way

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Berbatov ran the game at CC last time. If he is out that gives us a chance .

berbatov plays for Monaco now, moved in January, but they do have mitroglou, i highly rated Greek striker who has been injured since they signed him but due to play on Saturday, so stick your mortgage on Aston Villa letting him score, the club that helps those who can't help themselves

0-1 to Fulham

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I tried to pick a line up, but realised that I somehow have to choose between Clark and Baker.... option 3 is to field only 10 players, so that's where I'm veering towards right now.  Either that or ask Lambert to play there himself - he clearly can't see how shocking we are defensively from the "technical" area, so maybe he'd get a better view of it standing next to Ron as they all let the opposition walk past them.  As a bonus we could play Lerner in goal, so every time he picks the ball out of the net someone can give him an almighty kick up the arse.


Predictions - as Fulham are almost as terrible as us, I think we could end up with a lucky 4-4 draw - a Mitroglou hat-trick of penalties and an own goal for them, with Westwood scoring twice direct from corners, Guzan direct from a goal kick, and one off Benteke's arse after another mis-kick for us.  When we settle for that scoreline, we can bring on Tonev who will make sure the ball stays in the Upper Holte for the best part of the remainder of the match.


Honest opinion - a win is the only acceptable outcome, but we won't get it.

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Could have to rethink the lineup (and the rest of the season) if this is true. Time for Holt, Robinson and/or Helenius (if he is still alive) to show up.


Kristof Terreur @HLNinEngeland 52s
Bad news for Christian ‪#‎Benteke‬. Suffered an injury on training, probably a serious achilles tendon injury. No World Cup for him? ‪#‎avfc‬

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