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Another great chance to put one over them and our pace going forward should put the fear of God in their defence but I suspect the mentality of our club has been irrevocably damaged by years of defeat at the hands of Man you so we'll probably take it up the backside again? 

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The fear is that we'll score early on and then sit on it, which will obviously see us get rolled over in the second half. We can't do that as a team and Lambert should know that by now.


I hope we just go for it, even if we do manage to score early doors.

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I'm cautious about this game, it looks like a typical game Villa will do ok in...One of the Sky 4, we just played like a pub team in the last match, away from home etc etc.. but the issue is it's Man U who for me are the worst bogey team we've ever had the displeasure of suffering against.. Apart from maybe Leicester back in the day which was just grim.


So i really have not got a clue how to call this one :/


Depends which Villa turn up and which Man U turn up i guess coz both are either very good or shocking depending on what mood takes them presumably?!

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Agree with everything said so far. On paper, a great tie for us, given their hopeless recent home form, our excellent record against the top 6, and the fact that they'll have to come at us and attack, which is what we love. Still, it's impossible to avoid acknowledging that we always hand them 6 points without ever putting up a fight. Out at them fast from the start is key. 


This game represents (or at least should represent) unfinished business. What was annoying about the loss earlier in the season wasn't the result, but the manner of the performance. Luna was atrocious, but nobody played well. They were on a poor run of form, in a season in which everyone has given them a game, and we rolled over without a fight. One of the three most disappointing performances of the season (also, Fulham away and last weekend). 


Thinking about tactics, they will revert to 4-2-3-1 after 4-3-3 went so badly for them yesterday. This means we need to be extra vigilant about closing down space (something we didn't do at all against Stoke, almost as if it wasn't part of the game), and that El Ahmadi is pretty much the first name on the teamsheet if he's fit. The formation change won't help us - Cleverley, Carrick and Fellaini are all having horrible seasons, the larger %age of the team they make up the better, and it'll be reduced by a third from last night. For us, Clark should replace Baker on point of principle, with no further changes possible or desirable due to our paper-thin squad. Need to pray KEA and Weimann are available. 



Bacuna     Vlaar      Clark      Bertrand

    El Ahmadi   Westwood  Delph

     Weimann   Benteke   Agbonlahor


Won't cry if we lose, but we must not capitulate!

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On paper this is probably easier than the Liverpool and Arsenal fixtures, but because it's Man United anything but a loss would be the shock of the season for me.


Haven't they got ridiculous stat like they have taken more points from us than any other prem team?

Yeah, but that stat is at least partially explained by the fact that we're one of the worst of the teams that have been in the Premier League since the beginning.


We still have a shit record against them though. Isn't it something like 2 wins in 18 years?

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If they lose to us he has to get the sack


But they wont,  the worst manure team in 30 years and everyone is giving them a game but you just know they'll hammer us



Agreed :(

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