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What a freaky looking bunch they are. Hanson that is, not the VTers.

I wonder where they are now?

Still going:

It was confirmed in June 2009 that the upcoming Hanson album is completed, and that they hope to release it in May 2010. The band also announced that they will be co-headlining a tour with HelloGoodbye. The tour will start in Hanson's hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on September 30 2009 and will finish on November 11, in Anaheim, California. Other acts along for the tour are Steel Train and Sherwood.

Hanson also released a five-song EP titled "Stand Up, Stand Up" that is available at shows and on the band's official website. The tracks are acoustic versions of four new Hanson songs, plus the album version of "World's on Fire" from the upcoming album.

(From Wikipedia, can't get the shortlink to work)

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I'm the one with the beard


Awesome, Rob.

I was in the pub shouting, "That's Rob, that's Rob!" In between shouting, "Racist!" on every close up of John Terry.

I saw that live and thought "I reckon that was Rob" :lol::thumb:

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