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I've added that girl on facebook, now time to lure her to VP for a meet and slam her in the toilets.

So classy. You must really be a hit with the ladies.

Sounds like a great day out to me.

:shock: I'm sure AVFCpob can arrange it. :lol:

Looking forward to it 8)

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Some trips form my time in Blighty this summer:

Me and me mate Gofto down laaaandan way:


In a pub by fleet street watching the ashes, ex bird was bothering me:


me and ex at oasis:


Ruby with me family:


Room serivce at the chelsea whyndham @ 5am. Good work lads.


Bottle of wine at the chalet, tough life!


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Anyone know what length of time is deemed acceptable before moving in on Dom's ex ?

This.. Im waiting to book my flight..

:lol: Knock yourself Bandy lads ;)

Shes gone a bit chicken oriental lately, but you know what there like!

Never come between a man and his Blackberry... Even at 5am! LOL

Bloody Verizon, they told me i was getting free internet, i wasnt, i misheard them bloody $400 phone bill from that trip! Truth is i can live without it, thats why im surprised its in my hand!

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