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Weekends 11/12 Jan


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Has anyone seen the tweets from Puncheon after being criticised by Neil warnock about his (epic) penalty miss?

I believe they have since been deteled. I think 1 in particular is going to land him in hot water :lol:

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I'll bump this because there doesn't appear to be a midweek thread.   Manchester City are currently trouncing Blackburn 5-0 in their FA cup third round replay. 








HTML5 videos.  You need to click on them, but they are about 10% of the file size of an equivalent gif so they load in next to no time. 

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Comedy goal in Italy tonight.  Napoli on the attack, Higuain standing a mile offside so both of the Atalanta defenders hold the line and raise their arms to appeal for the offside.   The only thing is the ball hits one of the Atalanta defenders, Cristiano Del Grosso, on the arse instead of going through to Higuain and rebounds to Lorenzo Insigne who has a free shot at goal from ten yards and scores. :lol:




The other central defender Mario Yepes takes this rather badly and talks himself into a yellow card and a red one before play resumes. :lol: :lol:

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