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Prediction: Arsenal cruise easily into the lead while we do nothing but hoof and give the ball away. Crowd starts booing at the shitness of it all after a while. Players respond by upping their efforts and crashing in late on Arsenal players who have already passed the ball. Wenger gets irate. Ref waves a couple of yellows but is generally lenient, making allowances for our players' general incompetence. We finally get a shot on target after about 72 minutes with a weak long-range effort by El Ahmadi. Arsenal add a late goal or two. Game ends 0-2 or 0-3. Lambert praises players for effort and we move on to the next game.


Of course, this is assuming that things don't go too badly.


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Does anyone get a weird feeling when they are unable to honour their season ticket for a game and therefore selfishly don't want to miss out on a great game and historic victory.


Obviously I want us to win, but I'd be gutted to miss an 8-0 mauling of Arsenal.

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Dread to think what's going to happen tonight - especially if we go into the match with only 1 fit CB.....


I predict a cricket score tbh and see us camped out in our own penalty area hoping for the chance of a counter attack to 2.


Without Baker and Vlaar I can see a line up of



Bacuna.Lowton.Clark.Luna (wow - that's a defensive collusus of a back 4)




18yrd line_______________________________










Half way line_________________________________







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If we're going to lose I hope at least that we do not let our goal difference get shattered. At the minute we're quite a bit ahead of the bottom bunch in terms of GD and it could be vital towards the end of the season. Always good to have it in your favour.

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