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Best / Favourite Christmas Movie


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Ok, we've had best Christmas song, how about best / favourite Christmas movie?


I can't look beyond It's A Wonderful Life. Although I do often joke, that Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time.


Over to you guys...

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hd my No 3 on that list: National Lampoons christmas vacation.

No 2, Tomten är far till alla barnen (Santa is the father of all the children, kind of) will come on Monday

and sometimes this weekend I'll watch No1

Love actually. Really love that film.


And I have to try and squeeze in It's a wonderfull life this weekend too. Never seen it.

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Wonderful life

Die hard

National lampoons Christmas vacation

Star trek the wrath of Khan


If were adding films that are shown at christmas and not related to christmas i would add Indiana Jones and the last crusade to mine 

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Also love Muppet Xmas Carol and Scrooged.

Good choices with Sim and Bad Santa. The only issue I have with the Sim version is the bastards colourised it and that seems the only version they ever show on TV. Colourising B&W films is a pet hate of mine, they **** ruin them with that shit. Everything just looks horribly garish.


My second favourite version of the story stars George C. Scott, absolutely brilliant - from about 1984, I think.

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