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Theatre balcony collapsed


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....or maybe part of roof has fallen onto the balcony.....

According to most reports its the balcony


EDIT - reports are changing now - looks like it could be the ceiling.

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looks like its a roof come ceiling collapse that has also pulled down part of the lighting rig


interesting to see the reporting on various sites


BBC / independent / telegraph were running a story of a collapse, probably the roof

Sky were insistant the balcony had collapsed

Mirror were reporting the theatre had collapsed


it's remarkable that the 'news' sources I would automatically presume to be sensational and slack on facts had the most exciting overblown versions of events

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I'd guess the ceiling of the Apollo would be too old to include asbestos.

I wouldn't expect it to have a roofspace full of lagged pipes either, so with absolutely no knowledge of the layout of that place my gut instinct would be minimal asbestos.

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