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The Death Penalty


What is the best way to execute someone?  

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  1. 1. What is the best way to execute someone?

    • Hanging
    • Lethal Injection
    • Electric Chair
    • Guillotine
    • Firing Squad
    • Gas Chamber

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In the spirit set by the "one bullet" thread I thought I'd get your views on this issue.

Did you know that some American states still have electrocution and the gas chamber as a means of executing people?

Personally I'm dead against it.

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Chinese burn.......................

would be my choice, but its not in the poll.

just out interest, does anyone know why a chinese burn is so called?

i am intrigued.

this should've been in Drat's strange questions thread of a few days ago.

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I am for the death penalty in cirumstances where the verdict is beyond doubt.

Like the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six?

I can see your point.

It is a very difficult subject and not one that can be easily debated on a mb.

For my part I would support the re-introduction of the death penalty however, there would need to be strict guidelines in place.

I would only support it in cases where the evidence was 100% accurate and backed up by solid forensics etc. Not circumstantial evidence or witness testimony.

It's just my opinion, if accuracy could not be guaranteed then I would not support it .

I just can't justify in my own mind that convicted Paedophiles and child killers should be allowed to live.

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True again it is a grey area.

But again if they have wilfully molested/killed a child and they are sentanced to life imprisonment then what purpose does it serve for them to be locked away and not killed?.

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Technically you can still get the death penalty in this country for starting a fire in a naval dockyard.

Since the film Green Mile I have always had an interest in the electric chair. (Interest does not extend to a concerning length)

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