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Persona 5


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I wouldn't worry about playing them in chronological order too much. The P2 games have a good rep, although they're far more 'old school' than the later entries in the series. 

P3FES is possibly my favourite, but I played that first, and can't really imagine going back to it now from P5R, such are the QOL improvements. It's not just the entirely procedurally generated dungeon, but the fact you can't control all partner members was backwards when playing it for the first time in 2007, let alone 2021!

So I suppose there is some logic in starting with P3 / P3P / P3FES, as the improvements from game to game with the mechanics are great, and each game does purposefully strike a different tone, so if you find you like the tone of P5 best, then I'd suggest it'll be one of the best JRPGs you'll ever play. 

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