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Explosion in Belfast?


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Reports of explosion in Belfast city centre

There have been reports of an explosion in Belfast city centre.

Police have been dealing with a suspect vehicle on Victoria Street.

The area had been evacuated while police examined the car, but a loud bang was subsequently heard.

Police said six streets were closed and traffic diversions currently set up were likely to remain in place for a "number of hours".



No reports of injury or death yet, but I hope this isn't the start of a new bombing campaign. :(







This picture is doing the rounds on Twitter.  Seems it was a failed explosion, only the detonator went off.  Nobody got hurt. 

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Ain't nuffink. Usual pre-jesusmas disturbance.


They're a pain the arse all the same. I got caught in massive traffic last week because of a 'suspicious device' beside the road.


A few years ago, after school, I watched a robot thingy approach a backpack outside City Hall. The bus was delayed like an hour and a half, but I got to see a robot in action! The bag blew up due to some controlled explosion gizmo, there was a load bang and a good deal of smoke.

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