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Paris Saint-Germain


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If this was an English club Platini would be going mad. But because it's a French team im assuming that this will slip under the rader. 


Paris Saint-Germain have officially announced their sponsorship deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority which will net the Ligue 1 champions up to 200 million euros a year.


Mooted last season, the agreement was publicly confirmed on Tuesday making PSG the first club to be sponsored by a state.


Income from the deal, which will reportedly be retroactively paid back to 2012, is said to increase incrementally year-on-year through to a reported maximum of 200 million euros come 2016.


"Our association with the Qatar Tourism Authority allows us to give ourselves the means necessary for the development of the club in the direction that we envisage," PSG's CEO Jean-Claude Blanc said.


It clearly benefits the image, as well as the results, of the club. QTA's support enables us to offer our supporters a level of performance in keeping with their expectations and our ambitions."


The sum will significantly help offset PSG's annual budget, which this year totals 430 million euros, though the club will also have to provide details of the agreement to UEFA before European football's governing body takes it into account with regard to the club's obligations to meet Financial Fair Play regulations.


As part of the agreement, Laurent Blanc's squad will be able to use Qatar's high-performance ASPIRE centre for this year's winter training camp, the third successive year the French club will have travelled to the Gulf state during their winter break, to prepare for a high-profile friendly with Real Madrid in Doha on Jan. 2, which will launch the second half of their season.

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I have always said from the start that there is no possible way of preventing rich owners spending their own money on their teams.

Man City did this before PSG. You can't prevent it with some sort of FFP rule.

If owners want to invest in their team they will find plenty of creative ways of getting the money into the squad.

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The most plausible way is to have a luxury and cheapskate tax system in place across Europe. Accurate disclosure of wages would be aided by a rule allowing any player to show that they were paid more than what was reported, immediately triggering:

* the club breaching the rules is required to pay every player currently registered to them five times the amount of wages outstanding (so someone on 100k a week with four years remaining would be immediately entitled to about 100m)

* every player at the club immediately becomes available on a Bosman

Surely at every club there would be a disgruntled or greedy enough player to then keep the reporting honest.

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FFP or no FFP you just can't compete with state owned clubs like psg and city.

Doesn't matter how wealthy our owners are, they will never be able to compete with a sovereign state.

Fundamental changes are required in football. No idea what the right solution is thought.

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Looks like Messi is off to PSG for £500k per week after tax, or £25m per year.

After PSG, the 2nd biggest total annual salary for a club in Ligue 1 is something like £125m per year apparently. Messi is earning 1/6 of that.

FFP is so good.

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