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I have to admit the biggest thing that annoys me at Villa Park is, say we're in the attacking third and someone tries to thread a difficult pass, it gets intercepted, a sizeable section of the crowd groans. I just think why are you groaning? It's a difficult pass, a low percentage pass, but if it comes off it has a good chance of creating a goalscoring opportunity, if you keep groaning none of the players will want to take responsibility for creating anything.

Contrast this with an incident against Spurs. Delph dribbles, just inside in his own half, in a circle around three players and then passes it backwards to the full-back and sizeable sections of the crowd applaud wildly (presumably for retaining possession). Now I don't want to pick on Delph here as the dribbling was kind-of impressive but if you're going to do it then do it in the opponents half when you can cause some damage, he could really have just passed the ball backwards at the start and avoided the dribbling (and the risk of losing the ball) completely.

It's just a bit perverse the way the fans react when fairly simple high percentage passes get so much applause at times and attempting anything difficult attracts so many groans. To an extent it happens at most grounds but I think Villa Park is pretty bad for it.

You should read The Secret Footballer, he covers this topic and the way fans see football.

Did anyone ever find out who he was?
no, I think Danny Murphy though.

Never read the secret footballer, but if he's a greedy lazy prick then it probably is Danny Murphy

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