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irreverentad (Adam Hamer)


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I thought this, irreverentad / Adam deserved a thread of its / his own so I split this from General Chat as I know a lot of people were trying to find out what happened to him last year.


For those not aware of Adam, he was a member of VT and funny and inspiring poster particularly so in his fight with his illness. 


A belated RIP fella you have been missed. Thanks Ingram for finding the answer even though it wasn't the one we had hoped for.

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Very fond memories of him and wiggy bouncing off each other in various threads. RIP dood.

His final words to us...

In Topic: General Chat

03 November 2012 - 12:41 PM

"Got a blue disabled parking badge yesterday . Quite excited to use it on double yellow lines now!"

RIP, another Holte Ender in the sky x

Seems it was later that month he passed on :(

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I realised this must have happened, I exchanged a few PM's with his after he revealed his illness. Awful news. He really made the relationship thread with his openess and honesty.


I'll raise a glass for Adam later. :-(

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I remember when someone broke the news not too long ago, maybe around spring time?


But yea, he was a stellar poster, a genuinely nice and uplifting poster to have on here.  Always positive, and it was a pleasure to read about what his views and opinions were.


He showed so much mental strength during the time he was ill, even though his body was being torn apart.. I quite often think back to the posts in which he told us about what was going on, what the next steps were and even when he basically knew his time was up.. 


It's absolutely incomprehensible for me to imagine the pain he was going through, but he definitely had my utmost respect and well wishes.


RIP Ad :(  

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