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Found 2 results

  1. I am sure that like many who have suggested any form of protest in past, I will really get some stick for this but **** it, here goes. Although many have already effectively voted with their feet and no longer go to games, based on previous evidence few regular match goers would support a full blown boycott. This idea will not make Lerner sell but it will allow the fans to show him, the directors and the rest of the football world how disgusted we all are with the state of Aston Villa Football Club - OUR club! As our famous club was founded in 1874, to show our disgust with the current regime, does anyone think the idea of walking out on the 74th minute against Everton on 1st March and follow up with another walkout v Chelsea so the protests will have a greater impact that Lerner will hear loud and clear despite being 3000 miles away! We are now well and truly ****** so I don't think leaving 16 minutes early will make any difference to what happens on the pitch! From the third, fourth, fifth goal onwards today thousands walked out - it would be a much bigger statement if we did it en masse. If sufficient numbers think it is worth a shout, we could promote as widely as possible under the heading "OUT THE DOOR on '74" to see if the idea can gain momentum - however realistically there may not be sufficient time to get the word out for the Everton game and it may be better to leave till a later game. Other than VT I am not a member of any other forums so would need others to help canvas opinion on the other forums, Facebook pages, Twitter etc. Maybe some fans here or elsewhere have contacts in the media? For the record, I have supported Villa for 57 years, was brought up three miles from Villa Park but now live in Bournemouth. I travel up to every home game and currently have two season tickets in the Trinity but over the years have had Season Tickets in every stand. I have experienced all the highs and lows, got the t-shirt etc but this time round it seems much worse as I think we could be destined to spend more than a few years down below, especially if Randy Lerner remains. If enough others would help I would contribute financially to an Advert in the Birmingham Mail. If no one is interested, fair enough, but please save the abuse. It was just a thought on this most depressing of days when we experienced our worst defeat at home in 81 years! It may make no difference but I am sure it will help many fans feel better that we left a mark. Please only use this topic to discuss the protest described in the OP. Posts about what protest you'd like instead do not go in this thread. Trying to take this thread off topic will result in a warning.
  2. Hi all, As you may or may not have seen, Mike McKenna has started a campaign to protest at a number of home games to get the point across that we fans are not happy about how it is being run. There is a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page, but we need more to gather reach. What i would like to do is for people to post the twitter info of any journalist or celebrity who we can get the word out to about our cause. You may live in Timbuktu but know that a certain Journo likes to cover these sorts of stories, we need that contact info. If you just post who the person is, and what their Twitter username is then I shall update this first post with all the info in a central place. Feel free to also put in any websites URLs or Facebook pages of groups that you think will help our cause. We'll then work on a potential sustained campaign to raise our profile. But please, just dump info into this thread for now. ---- Edit to add ---- We not have a decent base set of Twitter account to target. It has been my experience that it can take anywhere from 10 to 50+ tweets to a single account before they get noticed. Now we don't want to start spamming people, but if we can focus our efforts on the following accounts on the correct days, then i think it will give us a better chance of success. Rinse and repeat where needed. The sheet can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PVX3x0xmVOodPefPiNGrXZ5kV339F-8iqNmR6DEadcA/edit#gid=30289747 Keep the Twitter handles coming.
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