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Found 4 results

  1. The Football Supporters’ Federation regularly asks for fans' views on a range of subjects, and we hope that you'll be able to help us out by giving us a minute of your time to answer a couple of very quick questions about next year’s season tickets. You can find the survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/season-tickets-2013 Many thanks, The FSF
  2. We realise that this is an emotive subject for some supporters, but hope that any debate can be constructive and factual, and respectful of all views. For more on some of the legalities, myths and facts behind safe standing, please visit our website. The Football Supporters' Federation's campaign for safe standing is reaching a critical point. A number Premier League and Championship clubs have already given their backing to the campaign, including Aston Villa, Bristol City, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Hull City, Peterborough United, as well as the Scottish Premier League, who have approved pilots of safe standing areas in their competition. There is an Early Day Motion (EDM 573) proposed by Roger Godsiff MP calling on the government to allow pilot schemes of safe standing in the Premier League and Championship. We are calling on fans to get involved if they back the idea of safe standing, by completing any or all of the following four steps on our website - http://www.fsf.org.uk/campaigns/safestanding/index.php: Step 1 - Sign the FSF's Safe Standing Petition (if you haven’t already) Step 2 - Email your MP to let them know you back safe standing (there is a easy to follow process to do this through our website) Step 3 - Let us know what response you get from your MP via safestanding@fsf.org.uk. Step 4 - Spread the word. Send this page to your mates via email, Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social media you prefer. If you’re involved with a supporters’ organisation, fanzine or website, use your links to promote the campaign. The safe standing campaign is as much about those with a wish to sit as those who wish to stand - standing in seated areas happens every week, forcing those who are either unwilling or unable to stand to either miss the match or be forced to stand. The creation of standing areas would help improve the matchday experience for both types of supporter, and improve the safety of those who stand - it is surely safer to be standing in an area specifically designed for the purpose than to be standing behind seats in an all-seated stand? The campaign is not about a re-introduction of terraces. The campaign is not about 'bringing back' anything. We would insist the requirements laid down in the government's 'Green Guide' are strictly adhered to. To find out more of the facts, see images of the type of safe standing that we are proposing, as well as busting a few 'myths' to do with standing, simply visit our website - http://www.fsf.org.uk/campaigns/safestanding/index.php We believe that fans should have the choice to sit or stand. We believe that the technology is there to allow fans to stand in safety. If you agree with us, please follow the steps above today. Thanks, The FSF
  3. The Football Supporters' Federation is undertaking a season-long project to measure the experience of the away fan. We would like to assemble the thoughts and experiences of fans in the Premier League and Championship throughout the season, the ultimate aim of which is to improve the lot of the travelling fan. Using the results of this study we intend to discuss with clubs and the football authorities, in an academic fashion, what keeps fans committed to travelling and to the sacrifices they make, what they look for as a travelling fan, what they hope to see, what they don’t enjoy and why they feel valued or otherwise. It doesn't matter whether you attend one match a year or every single one. You can fill in the survey as many times as you like, applicable to whichever fixture(s) you have attended. The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete, and naturally all answers are given anonymously, and no personal or identifying data will be passed on to third parties. Ever. If you've been to an away game this season please take a minute or two to help us out at http://surveymonkey.com/s/away-fans Thanks!
  4. It might not be something you've thought of, but how long in the average week do you spend following football (whether that's attending and travelling to games, reading about football, watching football on TV, talking about it at work, on forums or twitter)? Fans are very quick to talk about their loyalty, but how easily is that quantified? From time to time the Football Supporters' Federation conducts short surveys to find out fans' views on a range of topics to help us better represent football fans, so we'd appreciate if you could fill in this quick 1-question survey: http://surveymonkey.com/s/football-time Many thanks! The FSF
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