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  1. As requested As the year is approaching it's end, it's time to reflect and post your favourite films released for the first time this year. Post as many or as few as neccessary, lists are acceptable of any number. This topic will open on 1st December
  2. As Requested As the year is approaching it's end, it's time to reflect and post your favourite TV Series or Prgrammes of this year. For series, the first episode of the series must have been first show in 2022 Post as many or as few as neccessary, lists are acceptable of any number. This topic will open on 1st December
  3. Finished watching season 3 of the wire, really looking forward to see where they are going take season 4. Because they tied up a lot of loose ends at the end of season 3.. Cant wait for season 4!
  4. Recently saw Kill List, loved the way it started off as a gritty british thriller and went off in a completely different direction for the last 20 minutes or so. Brilliant.
  5. Good enough (again) now I reckon to deserve its own thread. So what do we think, is Judith dead?
  6. This will be a popular one so easier to have its own thread. First 2 episodes of the final season of Better Call Saul are live on Netflix today. Unfortunately subsequent episodes are only released weekly... but it'll give us chance to talk about it. SPOILERS will be untagged in this thread, proceed with caution
  7. I thought I'd start a separate thread for this because I figured there may be a fair few who want to talk about it but also a lot who don't, so populating The Film Thread with Star Wars posts and spoiler tags could get pretty annoying for some. This thread is for anything related to Episode VII or the new trilogy overall. Anyway, some unconfirmed plot points for Episode VII have been leaked recently. There's nothing too detailed, but I will put them in spoiler tags in case people came in here but still wanted to go into VII blind, not that I think that's going to be a possibility in this day and age. I would warn people that if this thread keeps going for a while as more information about the films are released, the chance for spoilers also increases, so just be careful. Here's the unconfirmed leaked information regarding the plot of VII:
  8. There are some really excellent channels on YouTube, encompassing all types of subjects. What are some of your faves?
  9. So with the MCU growing all the time, thought it may be best for it to have it's own thread rather than taking over the Film thread at all times. Best to start by quoting the main man: Thanks for the explanation Chindie, I knew that Sony and Fox had rights to some characters but didn't know why. I've read that the Disney/Sony deal is close, so with that in mind, where do you see the MCU going after Avengers 4? I've never read a comic, but heard it's likely that they will go down the Skrull route? Or maybe even Norman Osborn (guessing that is very much Sony dependant?) Listened to a pod cast recently, which had a good idea of Star Lord turning into the next enemy, if everyone is restored apart from Gamorra, whilst unlikely, I liked the idea as potentially he has vast power from his dad's side.
  10. To negate further hijacking of the "Recommend Me A Film" thread. I'll kick things off with a bit of a cerebral, high-brow discussion: Who would win in a robot rumble; Evas or Patlabors?
  11. It was announced on Raw that in 2 weeks, the 2010 WWE draft will take place on a 3 hour special edition of Raw who would you like to see on raw? ie The Undertake hasnt been on raw for years. surely its time
  12. Not really been a film watcher over the past couple of decades, but have got a smart TV. Also trying to ween the other half off Pick TV. Had wanted to see 'District 9' - it's here. A list of full movies The very wonderful Network Awesome here. Click on Archive for a list of films, series, documentaries etc. Keep the chat for the proper film thread, it's more practical if this is kept short & sweet.
  13. So...Amazon is making a series based on lore from Lord of the Rings, which is controversial in it's own right, but the trailer has put people's knickers in a twist because of the racial diversity of the cast, which detractors claim is not loyal to Tolkien's Middle Earth world or Norse mythology in general. Having just rewatched the trilogy, I noticed there were a few non European looking extras. I've also heard there were black elves in Norse mythology. Amazon is apparently including the diversity angle in their marketing strategy. The series will be their biggest production yet, so of course they want to guarantee a wide appeal. Should racial diversity in a TV or film cast matter? In a Middle Earth setting, would this racial inclusivity seem less authentic and perhaps come across as pandering to contemporary sociopolitical trends? I personally think the more pressing question is how good will the story be. If the writing, photography, acting, editing and music are good, what else really matters? If they are already taking liberties with the source material, who cares how they cast the show? In any event, there's a whole cottage industry building up around bashing the project, focusing mostly on the diversity thing. Very 2022.
  14. Its almost here! Probably needs its own thread to original Game of Thrones as its a prequel with new cast and set 200 years before the game of thrones story. August 21st so just 3 weeks to go. Not sure how this will go but I expect they will pull out all the stops after the negative reaction to the end of season 8.
  15. Stolen from the movie thread. I'll start with Cuba Gooding Jr and Geena Davis in Coming to America and Tootsie respectively
  16. We've got the overrated movies topic to disparage everything popular, so let's be more positive. What movies are unfairly overlooked, better than they're given credit for, personal favourites that'll never appear on the greatest lists? Starter for 10, and sticking to character, V for Vendetta. The 2005 adaptation of Alan Moore's 80s comic, with its story updated for mid-Noughties sensibilities, is great. Sure Alan Moore hates it, and purests don't like that it turns a very anti Thatcher story into a post 9/11 anti-fascist totalitarian fable, and it's got some rough edges with occasionally bum dialogue, Natalie Portman butchering 'an English accent', and no subtlety within a mile of any of its themes. But it's a comic book movie with depth, it's like a gateway drug for seeing the flaws in the ideologies of totalitarian regimes, it's got some great scenes and sequences, a really good performance from Hugo Weaving even though you can't see his face, and it's commendably progressive in the way it portrays gay characters without tokenism or lampshading it. It's kinda brilliant. It's not the greatest movie ever, it's flawed as anything, and feels a bit cheap at times, but in it's whole is a good, engaging movie with good themes.
  17. Stevo985

    The Batman

    Thought this one deserved it's own thread. Released tomorrow and reviews seem very positive. I've seen/heard more than one person referring to it as the best Batman movie ever. Which given the quality of Begins and Dark Knight, is a very bold claim indeed. I'll be seeing it as soon as possible
  18. Thought I'd start up a thread for the show since a new season has begun. Hope that's OK mods. I've seen some people complain about the show "polluting" the main TV thread in the past so decided a new topic was warranted, where we can marvel at the blood, gore and nudity in peace . Please keep book spoilers to a minimum and put em in spoiler tags (you guys know the drill). Thought the new season kicked off well. Arya is baller. Also, dragons. Also in response to Ginko's post in the TV thread:
  19. For some reason Mickey Rourke's desperate realization in the climactic scene in Angel Heart moved me. There's a real honesty there that he projects. Great performance throughout. Spoiler alert
  20. As there is at least one topic for that other franchise, I thought it high time we had one for the greatest and most important sci-fi shown of them all. Why do I like it so much? Doctor Who has been going longer, Star Wars has all the glam, The Expanse has the hard sci-fi, Babylon 5 has the complex political story arc... The list goes on. But only Trek does it all. And does it with heart and humour and tears and emotion. I'm currently in season seven of my Voyager rewatch, and just like Enterprise I think it is much better than I realised at the time. Yes there are a lot of filler episodes, but when it hits it hits hard. I have many more thoughts about many aspects of the show, but for now, let's spend a moment to appreciate the real hero of Star Trek: please take a bow Lieutenant Reginald Barclay.
  21. Did anyone watch the first episode of this on Channel 4? https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/sep/27/make-me-prime-minister-review-absolute-exquisite-agony Lis Truss and Boris Johnson would be perfect on this show.
  22. Not a big fan of Anime at all, in fact i dont think i have ever watched anime before. However, gotta say, i thought this was brilliant, for anyone who has played Cyberpunk 2077, Edgerunner is set in the same universe, a year or so before the 2077 story, but with totally different group of people as the main protagonists. I decided to give the first episode a shot with virtually no expectations, or maybe even an expectation that it wouldnt be that good, but honestly, i thought it was superb, i pretty much watched episode 1-10 back to back (a 10 series show, each episode roughly 25 mins long) Anyone else watched it?
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