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  1. Finished watching season 3 of the wire, really looking forward to see where they are going take season 4. Because they tied up a lot of loose ends at the end of season 3.. Cant wait for season 4!
  2. It was announced on Raw that in 2 weeks, the 2010 WWE draft will take place on a 3 hour special edition of Raw who would you like to see on raw? ie The Undertake hasnt been on raw for years. surely its time
  3. Recently saw Kill List, loved the way it started off as a gritty british thriller and went off in a completely different direction for the last 20 minutes or so. Brilliant.
  4. Good enough (again) now I reckon to deserve its own thread. So what do we think, is Judith dead?
  5. Does anyone collect these or look out for a special release of a movie or TV series? I have a few Blu-ray Steelbooks mostly bought before the kids arrived and when I lived at home. Still have a soft spot for them when I see them and have a few on display in the study/office area upstairs. The Walking Dead ones with artwork on the front by Jock are great, I have series 1-8 still unopened and the James Bond 50th anniversary boxset, I like. Some are going for silly prices now but just wondered if there is interest in these amongst VT friends?
  6. I personally think 1 was the best. It was so new, so raw, so **** tense and brilliant. I think 2 was the weakest. It verged on parody and fell into some easy cliches. Taken as a whole, however, and you've got the best cop show of all time. I know there's a thread about The Wire, but I'm curious to see what the numbers are among it's fans here on VT
  7. So with the MCU growing all the time, thought it may be best for it to have it's own thread rather than taking over the Film thread at all times. Best to start by quoting the main man: Thanks for the explanation Chindie, I knew that Sony and Fox had rights to some characters but didn't know why. I've read that the Disney/Sony deal is close, so with that in mind, where do you see the MCU going after Avengers 4? I've never read a comic, but heard it's likely that they will go down the Skrull route? Or maybe even Norman Osborn (guessing that is very much Sony dependant?) Listened to a pod cast recently, which had a good idea of Star Lord turning into the next enemy, if everyone is restored apart from Gamorra, whilst unlikely, I liked the idea as potentially he has vast power from his dad's side.
  8. Stolen from the movie thread. I'll start with Cuba Gooding Jr and Geena Davis in Coming to America and Tootsie respectively
  9. As suggested by @mjmooney to stop us going off topic in another thread, here is a kids TV thread for you to revel in nostalgia What was the big show of your generation, what were your favourites, did you watch repeats of pervious generations shows? Are you of the generation where you only had set time slots on a couple of channels for your kids TV fix or are you young enough to have enjoyed wall to wall multiple channel kids TV?
  10. To negate further hijacking of the "Recommend Me A Film" thread. I'll kick things off with a bit of a cerebral, high-brow discussion: Who would win in a robot rumble; Evas or Patlabors?
  11. I thought I'd start a separate thread for this because I figured there may be a fair few who want to talk about it but also a lot who don't, so populating The Film Thread with Star Wars posts and spoiler tags could get pretty annoying for some. This thread is for anything related to Episode VII or the new trilogy overall. Anyway, some unconfirmed plot points for Episode VII have been leaked recently. There's nothing too detailed, but I will put them in spoiler tags in case people came in here but still wanted to go into VII blind, not that I think that's going to be a possibility in this day and age. I would warn people that if this thread keeps going for a while as more information about the films are released, the chance for spoilers also increases, so just be careful. Here's the unconfirmed leaked information regarding the plot of VII:
  12. Not really been a film watcher over the past couple of decades, but have got a smart TV. Also trying to ween the other half off Pick TV. Had wanted to see 'District 9' - it's here. A list of full movies The very wonderful Network Awesome here. Click on Archive for a list of films, series, documentaries etc. Keep the chat for the proper film thread, it's more practical if this is kept short & sweet.
  13. Of those, a toss up between Batman Begins and Sin City. What i'm really looking forward to though is Clerks 2 Untitled Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman Project Untitled Quentin Tarantino Project Knowing my luck all three will be pushed back to 2006. I see pretty much everything that comes out, usually my favorite movies are ones that i wouldn't expect to like (Garden State, Closer, Butterfly Effect are good examples of this).
  14. Genie

    Top Gear ‘21

    Firstly, I was surprised there was no generic Top Gear thread. It seems to get an annual thread. Basically, new series start tonight (about 8 minutes ago) and I can’t get over WTAF Freddie Flintoff thinks he looks like? I thought the last series with this lineup of Harris, Flintoff and Mcguiness was ok but not great. Let’s see if they can build on it.
  15. I've got a long list, but near the top has to be the sidekick in Breaking Bad. I couldn't get beyond a few episodes because I couldn't stand looking at him and listening to him.
  16. Post them here folks. Usual rules apply - must have an IMDB UK release date of 2020. I'll have a think and post mine in a bit.
  17. Probably bindunne... i will start with Heath Ledger as "The Joker".....the epitome of method acting, a true masterclass...apparently he locked himself away in an apartment for a couple of months to 'evolve' the character of The Joker! Rumour assumes that the role was so dark it literally overcome him leading to depression, prescription drugs etc. go...
  18. After years and years of 'shall I shan't I?' I am finally saying 'sod it' and getting sky. I'm a new customer and ridiculously un-knowledgeable about what's out there, how the packages are made up etc. Anyway, I am after getting all of the sports and maybe some of the movies (this being a gesture to my missus who is worried (with some justification) that I will spend all my time glued to the TV). Does anyone know the best way to go about it. Cable/dish etc. Don't think I'm in an area that Virgin media cover. Thanks
  19. This year the greatest of all competitions isn’t competing. That said the song contest is being shown without the competitiveness. Everyone gets a participation certificate. So tomorrow on BBC1 from 8 we get to revel in the sounds of europe minus the scoring. This is the highlight of my year.
  20. Of all time.. ever... in order 10. Jurassic Park 9. The Lion King 8. Gladiator 7. Godfather 6. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 5. Shawshank Redemption 4. The Matrix 3. Goodfellas 2. LOTR: FOTR 1. Forrest Gump
  21. Shamelessly stolen from the excellent Brett Goldstein Podcast. Basically list the movies that have played some part in your life and possibly shaped the person that you are today.* *Please only pick one per category and no 'honourable mentions' ta Here are mine to kick off with: First movie you remember seeing? - Bambi Scariest film? - The Exorcist Funniest film? - Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie that made you cry the most? - A Ghost Story (the ending absolutely wrecks me every time) Film you loved as a kid and think is shit now? - Moonraker Film people don't rate but you love? - Wishmaster Film people love but you don't rate? - The Matrix Worst film? - Little Man (an absolute piece of crap and the crowning turd in the Wayan Brothers sea of talentless excrement) Film that means something special to you? - The Crow (first movie myself and the good lady wife saw at the cinema) Film you relate to the most? - The Breakfast Club Sexiest film? - Bound Strange stiffies weird wide ons (like things your found sexy in a film like the midget from total recall or lady from lady and the tramp)? - Galadriel in the 1978 animated Lord of the Rings movie Best case of cinematography (not your favourite more like Lawrence of Arabia where it's a masterpiece but it's not a film you'd watch loads)? - The Tree of Life (doubt I'd watch it again but it is stunning to look at) Favourite film? - 12 Angry Men What one film would you take to heaven with you (doesn't have to be any from the list)? - Blade Runner
  22. So, anything with a UK 2019 release is eligible. I've watched my usual shit tonne of movies again, but have to admit most of them have been released in other years. Still, it's not been too shabby a year and these are the handful that have really stood out for me:
  23. Returns tonight 9pm BBC 1 Week 1 The 16 candidates are sent 6,000 miles from home, to the city of Cape Town in South Africa. Voted the best city in the world to visit, the candidates will have the opportunity to capitalise on the booming tourism market as they set up their own safari and vineyard tours.One team’s brash approach to ticket sales causes commotion, while on the other team premium prices prove problematic. With refunds on the horizon, both teams put on their tours. Lost customers send one team’s tour into turmoil, and on the other team big promises leads to bigger problems.Back in the boardroom, there is no time for jet lag as Lord Sugar is on the prowl for explanations. One candidate will become the first to be told, 'You’re fired!'
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