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Found 31 results

  1. I think we had a topic like this before, but had a quick search and looks like its been pruned. I was discussing this with my mate last weekend who said by February he would be ticking off countries 49 and 50 when he visits Macedonia and Kosovo (is that recognised officially?). It made me think about myself and disappointingly my total stands at 31. I attribute this to going back to countries multiple times recently that I know I will like (Egypt 4 times and Thailand 4 times for example). So what is your number, and what countries are they (if you keep a list). I know there are some very well travelled people on here, so will be interesting to see. I'll put my list up later, as got to go out now for a few hours.
  2. Hello all, I've always got the train to Wembley in the past, and usually stayed overnight too. For various reasons I need to drive down this time. I remember I went in a minibus as a kid in 1994 and parked near the ground and it took hours to even start moving. I'm assuming this hasn't improved much, so looking for tips on better places to park. I don't mind a bit of a walk, and would much rather walk 45-60 minutes after the game and get straight out than walk ten minutes and sit in traffic all evening. I'll be heading down the M40/A40 so looking at maps somewhere like Perivale looks about right to be in walking distance yet hopefully be able to jump back on the main road, but I'd never even heard of Perivale before looking at a map. Since we seem to go to Wembley every year now I'm hoping someone here has some good tips! Thanks!
  3. Thought it was be handy to add this for those looking to travel by car on Sunday. I shouldn't need to be saying this, they should, but... - if you want to post this in the Match Parking thread go ahead - you wouldn't even need to approve me!! My (rather badly organised) club Barnet FC has set up a Fanzone exclusively for Villa fans - they've even made a little info guide, just not sure if they are actually telling anyone https://issuu.com/barnetfc/docs/aston_villa_fanzone_2020 Basically our ground is 3 stops north from Wembley Park on the Jubilee Line (a good thing as everyone heads south) - and not even a 5 minute walk from Canons Park Station. £10 parking all day - but can take minibuses & coaches. Doddle to get away north as well. And of course, bars & food (not sure which of the bars will be open - we've a few, i'd hope one in either Legends or Stand 66. Plus you get to oggle some of the greatest non-league facilities in the country with the worst pitches going.... we've had 8 postponements since boxing day, and looking like another 2 on Saturday & Tuesday.... Hope that helps someone with your planning - but it is a doddle. Good luck on Sunday... even we've beaten Man City in the league cup before, sure you can do it!
  4. sidcow


    Got me a ticket for this. Woooohooo. Mind you my last away was Crystal Palace which was miserable as sin. Going on a coach which is leaving at 7.30 am I assume we will be at the ground with hours to spare. Anyone know which is the pub most Villa fans go to? Most fan sites talk about Yates and Slug and Lettuce in the towns centre.
  5. Due to engineering work Southampton bound trains will now terminate at Winchester Rail replacement services will be in place so check with your train operating company
  6. Some cancellations in places so check before you travel Latest national updates here... http://m.nationalrail.co.uk/pj/disruption/service Regional updates here... http://m.nationalrail.co.uk/pj/disruption/details/0B06C095BAAD4E89852D51184BF6CE0F
  7. Hi guys, I am a Bournemouth season ticket holder and wanted to share some travel advice for this coming Saturday's game at Dean Court. There may be a number of difficulties for Villa fans travelling down for Saturday's game. RAIL - Following Tuesday's derailment at Eastleigh all trains from Birmingham and London are affected and journey times maybe considerable longer and many trains are being cancelled last minute. The engineering/repair work is due to finish next Tuesday! ROAD - The M27 is subject to a full closure this entire weekend between junctions 3&4 and this will mean a long diversion and busier than usual weekend traffic. I would advise a lot of extra time for this journey and be prepared for disruption. It's been pretty bad on the railway since Tuesday and the road closure always causes problems. Safe travels and here's hoping for an entertaining game this Saturday. Best regards Stuart
  8. chappy


    This is the first time I’m going to be able to get to VP on Boxing Day, looking forward to it. Is there usually any public transport from the city centre out to the ground on Boxing Day or willI have to walk?
  9. Hi guys, not sure if the correct place to post but ahwell. I got myself a single ticket for spurs away so travelling on own. Anyone got any advice how to beat get to the game from Birmingham? I’m planning on driving and catching a train/tube in. Any recommendations on best possible route to take? Cheers
  10. hogso


    I'll kick this off talking specifically about train travel. Having had a glance last night, it appears as though there are minimal issues with the trains if you're travelling from Brum. Cheapest option I found was New Street to Wembley Central via Watford (overground) which was £20 for an adult single, arriving at around midday. I trust @The_Rev will be in touch with more info with regards to the travel via Moor Street to Wembley Station - again, though, after a glance the trains appear to be operating a normal timetable. There's also the option of avoiding the tube, with direct, or via Banbury (I think) trains straight to Wembley Stadium (the station). Last FA Cup final and semi I travelled via the Chiltern line - I would whole heartedly recommend. Last play off I travelled via coach from Tamworth. This was less glamorous, allowed far less leisure time before making it to the turnstiles (read 'none'), but was easier on the wallet. My preferred option would be overground train, although I will consider a drive to Watford and tube to Wembley. I've read with interest the tough decisions some of our fans residing abroad are already making. In comparison, the above reads mightily trivial. However, wherever we all are, if you're fortunate enough to get a ticket, I hope the help in this thread could offer to ease your travel woes. Please include any pertinent info with regards to tubes, flights, uber, roads, etc...
  11. Seeing as it's a bank holiday was thinking about making a weekend of it. Any recommended hotels/locations without breaking the Bank. What's everyone's plans?..
  12. Mark_1989


    Can anyone recommend parking for Brentford at all? I will be driving from Oxford straight to the game after work. Many thanks
  13. Split your train ticket as follows as it is cheaper (no need to change trains): New Street to Banbury day return Banbury to Reading day return
  14. Xela

    Favourite airlines

    As per title... Flying long haul, I can't really look past Emirates at the moment. Took 5 flights with them recently... 4 Economy class on the B777-300ERs and 1 Business class on the A380. The staff were very good, the food was very decent for a plane (still not wonderful mind, but better than the usual cardboard meal you get) and the IFE system was superb. Especially the ones that have been upgraded to HD Widescreen systems. The choice of films was outstanding and they had fairly recent cinema releases available to watch (Lincoln and Wreck It Ralph for example). Another bonus was that they appear to fly with much lighter loads than any other airline... on the 4 economy legs I had no-one sitting directly next to me and on 2 of the flights I had a whole row to myself. Cathay Pacific are another I recommend, however can't say anything decent about Air France! In terms of budget airlines... they are all much of a muchness. The only one that stands out is Air Asia. Must have used them about 20 times and they have been spot on all the time.
  15. The bulk of the holiday season has been and gone now BUT the M5 from south of cheltenham can still get snarled up. So set out early if you can Coming by road use M4/M5 southbound to junction 18(Avonmouth) then follow signs A4 Bristol airport It looks the long way round but its quicker. Not a good idea to use M4/M32 YOU WILL GET LOST and its friday night rush hours Parking is normally in the streets around the area as long as you are there by 16:30pm please don't block drive ways or park on corners. Parking tickets were handed out for our last match against Sheffield United. Looks like train travel is NOT an option,unless your coming in from one of the stations in the Bristol areaIf you do use the train from where ever,please get the tickets issued to Parson Street as its push's up the footfall at the station although it is the same price as Bristol Temple meads Till Ashton gate halt comes on line. When you approach the ground from the winterstoke road direction I suggest you walk past wickes using the pavement as the concourse area behind the big new stand gets very congested with bodies UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE THE JOHN ATYEO STATUE Split train tickets are available to Bristol from the London area as well as from Swansea/Cardiff area and group save is also availble on GWR trains, If there are at least three of you get a taxi from the Bristol Temple meads to the ground Make sure the taxi driver drops you in the Ashton Road end as it a very long walk round from the other end Casualty and Holby City were filmed in the City don't ask me about either of the programmes cos I think their both rubbish The young ones was also filmed in the BS7 area of the City(actually its Bishopston) Finally the block of flats on the left behind the dolman stand side as you are in the away end is "the" block of flats in "fools and horses" If your into your "STREET ART" there is loads to see in the Ashton area as we have just celebrated the upfest in BS3 Bring your camera and turn up early if you want to take any photo's Pubs possibly best one are in the cumberland road basin area novia scotia pump house and the cottage. Leave your car there and walk to the ground Buy your match day programme before you enter the away end. BBC Radio station is radio Bristol which has frequencies and 94:9 and DAB and 95:5. In 2017/18 3,106 aston villa fans visited Ashton Gateand the season before 2,551 villa fans made the trip I see the allocation this season is 2,700 and I don't think this will be changed A final reminder that there has been no pay on the day for any away fans this season or last season I don't think that will be changed,so please buy your tickets in advance Can you please circulate to other aston villa forums and message boards as well as other aston villa followers If you want any further local info,don't be afraid to ask.
  16. WM Police have reported that there's planned strike action for trains from Preston to Blackburn on Saturday 15th September. Trains from Birmingham to Preston are fine. I have booked myself and my friend a return taxi from Preston rail station to Blackburn. There's space for two more Vtalkers if you're keen. It'll be £10 return each (Bets quote was £40 return). DM me if you're interested to arrange. More information about he strike can be found here. (p.s. apologies mods if I've broken any site rules for this topic/post)
  17. Does anybody have any ideas of where is good to park tonight ? Thanks ?
  18. Xela

    2016 Holiday Plans

    Well, its that time again for my annual thread So, what has everyone got planned for 2016? I'm not going to make any bold predictions this year as best laid plans of mice and men often go awry I would like to keep up my tradition of doing at least one new country per year as a minimum but aside form that, I'm not sure. Japan is still on the list as is Vienna for a weekend away, but we'll see.
  19. maqroll


    Anyone ever been?
  20. Where are three places you want to visit at least once before you die? Places previously visited are fine! Oh, I can't wait to see what you all post!!!!!!! As of now, mine are: South-central India. I'm still undecided about the exact location, but there are some parks south of Hyderabad that really interest me --- although, on the coast, Goa also fascinates me. Carpathian mountains. I've been interested in some of the quieter regions of eastern Europe for a long time. There are still bears and wolves in the Carpathians. Bewdley, England. Personal reasons. Obsessed.
  21. lapal_fan

    Riga - Latvia

    Anyone ever been? I think I'm going for a stag do. 2 nights £150 inc return flights/hotels. What is there to do there? I don't know anything about it other than it's the capital of Latvia
  22. Xela


    My holiday plans are starting to take shape a bit more now... Belgium/Luxembourg in December and Madrid in November. Now looking at where to go in September for a long weekend with the lads. Istanbul is looking favourite at the minute... So, good people, any experiences? Biggest question is logistics. Where in such a vast city do you recommend staying? We'll be doing the sights during the day but we want to be based fairly close to a lively area for nightlife. Doesn't have to be the glitzy high end bars and clubs, i'm quite used to a bit of danger and sleaze Cheers folks
  23. Xela

    2015 Holiday Plans

    The start of December seems a good time as any to launch this annual thread. So, what has everyone got planned for 2015? Last couple of years have been a bit poor for me due to various reasons from buying a place of my own to good mates becoming parents and not having the time to go away. Want to try and remedy that in 2015. Want a few more city breaks... really fancy Reykjavik and Vienna. Also Budapest in tentatively pencilled in for March. For a main holiday then Japan and/or South Korea is high on the list (again!).
  24. Right, Had a crappy couple of days - the wifes nan died this morning after a pretty arduous 18 months of her slowly decaying in bed -it's actually quite a relief. Got a boy due in 6 days too, so thinking somewhere not too far on a plane upto 3 hours say. Somewhere warm for the wife, but not too hot >30c for me - I got the choice on honeymoon destinations, chose Vegas, Chicago, Toronto & NYC. Was thinking somewhere new, but I'd go back to Italy as we only visited there once and that was for a skiing resort, so not really too Italian. Seen Sorrento and that looks nice, can do day trips to Pompeii and Vesuvius etc as well as a full day trip to Rome. any other ideas? budget of £1500. Want to book it and shove a deposit down so we've got something to look forward to next year. Already got plans to go to Octoberfest this year without the nipper, Forest of Dean in a luxury cabin (apparently) in November and in April we're doing the Beatles stuff in Lolerpool.
  25. Gents and the occasional lady I'm going to be in the 'Bourg for a day at some point in the near future... midday to midday. So, who has been (looking at you Tony) and what can I expect and what can I do in the time? I'll be in the main Luxembourg City. From quick glances online, it seems to be very pretty (the Old Town at least) and the nightlife sounds pretty decent, if a little pricy. Cheers
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