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Found 10 results

  1. That's right, guy - news at the last on the sequel to not just the best game of all time, but humanity's greatest achievement, the game known the world over simply as... 'Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars'. **** yes.
  2. Anyone playing this? Apparently it completely destroyed Sim Cities sales within the first week of release.
  3. It's coming to PS4, and better still, a new game is coming to PS4 also, entitled Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Although the article I've read today refers to Chronicles as a remake, I'm not convinced, it may just be a port/remaster like the one that came to Steam years after the original on PS3. For the unitiated, Valkryia Chronicles is a turn based strategy/third person shooter set in something akin to an AU at the time of WWII, complete with weaponry of the period, plus some fantasy elements, whilst also being heavily anime stylised. You could say it was, and still is, rather unique. It was followed by VC2 and VC3 on PSP, although the latter was JP only. It was for me the most underrated game on PS3, along with SARPBC. A rare example that nailed every element of the game - the art style is fantastic, gameplay easy to get on with but with a learning curve steep enough to keep interest, brilliant soundtrack, and perhaps best of all, the characters and story were an absoloute delight. Well, maybe the wrong choice of words, as it deals head on with the tragedy of war, loss, and the holocaust, but it is all the better for it (plus it had a cameo of Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia which pretty much cements it's position as top 10 of all time for me). TLDR; Buy them when they're on PSN.
  4. The F2P hero shooter, Paladins, has recently hit the PS4 as a beta and I have enjoyed playing it. It is very similar to Overwatch, for those used to that game, with a few subtle differences. The champions are more rounded, meaning that supports and tanks can output a fair amount of damage. There is no hero switching (rather there are moba-esque upgrades you can level up to counter certain set ups). Ultimates are far less powerful meaning the inevitable team wipes you get in Overwatch are rarely seen. It's obviously less polished & not as well voice acted but it's a decent game in its own right. So far it's not pay2win. All the champions can be unlocked with the founders pack (around £10-15) and the loadout cards can be bought with minimal grinding (I have been able to get the cards I want for any hero by about level 4). Aside from the founders pack, I can't see any reason to spend money in the game as the cosmetics are very basic at the moment. The only incentive may be to purchase xp boosts to decrease the time it takes to get into competitive play (at the moment it will probably take 20-30 hours to qualify)
  5. I bought the boxed version of Football Manager 2012 and it needs steam to activate it.I dont like steam, and I dont mind playing against the PC.I will go on steam to activate if I have to but does anyone know of any workaround or crack or whatever for steam games so that you can activate without going online. :?:
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/app/344850/
  7. Picked this up last night after watching some videos and reading a few reviews. Only put an hour into it so far as it was late but **** me it's good from first impressions. A mixture of collectable card game, roguelike RPG and the combat style of the Batman Arkham games. I've only scratched the surface of it so far, but loved every second of the first hour or so. It's £15 on the PS Store so quite cheap too (similarly priced on Steam for PC too) Couple of PS4 gameplay vids to show the first 30 mins or so: http://youtu.be/SE2oJr5FKMg http://youtu.be/TzQ4U1niw8Q Some reviews here
  8. The most played game on Steam by a very long way at the moment - and as anyone who has clocked up some rampages will tell you - with good reason. At the time of writing this, 6.81 has not long been out, the TI3 qualifiers are heading to Europe in a few days, and the current prize pool is just over $6 million. In fact, as I am typing this right now it's making me want to play a game. In the words of PFlax 'Welcome, to Dota 2' EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8HBr1EGX1I - Dota 2 International 2013 Final
  9. Thought I would big up my own game that's just about to be released on Steam, called Ionball 2: Ionstorm. Its basically a really pretty Arkanoid+, so the older and more discerning Villa gamer might appreciate it You can find it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/287120/ Enjoy!
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