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  1. As a Villa fan who lives in Toronto I am re-doing my office and need an Aston Villa picture put on the wall. I am looking for something great. What do you recommend, what are your favourite Villa related photographs of the stadium, players, moments etc? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just a place for your favourite Villa goals. We should be able to create quite the catalogue & make this a place to come back to and relive special moments. Please refrain to just one video per reply. Put a new video in a seperate post each time. ill start with this banger James Milner vs. Sunderland (2009)
  3. The general consensus is that we need to sign another three or more players during the present transfer window. In the current absence of any concrete links to ponder, I began to think which former Villa players, I would bring back to the club for next season, if I could. We did it with Ashley Young last season and it has been frequently suggested in the past, that we might bring back the likes of Benteke, Barry and Milner. Who exceptional player would you bring back now, that once wore our claret & blue shirt? Can you think of say a central defender, a midfield player and a striker, that would walk straight back into our first team next season? Or perhaps you would prefer two midfield players and a striker or a defender, the choice is yours to make. Money is no object, the players would be playing as they did during their best years at the club and all the players would be more than willing to pull on our shirt again, rather than wait for Citeh to come in for them. You will have the use of the Tardis to travel back in time and can select any player who played for our first team during the past fifty years. For example, if you want a central defender, is there any choice to be made other than Paul McGrath? Chris Nicholl, Allan Evans, Ken McNaught, Ugo, Martin Keown, Gareth Southgate, Gary Cahill, Olof Mellberg and Martin Laursen, might like to be considered too. In the middle, how about Bruce Rioch, Gordon Cowans, Dennis Mortimer, Steve McMahon, David Platt, Ian Taylor, Andy Townsend and James Milner? Up front, how about Brian Little, Andy Gray, Peter Withe, Gary Shaw, Dean Saunders, Cyrille Regis and Dion Dublin? it’s not an easy choice to make is it? My choice would be Paul McGrath, Dennis Mortimer and Brian Little or perhaps Gray, Little and Dennis, or Rioch, Mortimer and Paul, perhaps a wide player like Ray Graydon or Tony Morley? How about Merse or even Dwight and Jack? Which three would make the most difference to our team next year and are you now bringing back?
  4. Can't find one doing a search which considering all the whimsical musings over the years is probably operator error so mods, feel free to merge it or whatever as usual, but in answering a question on another thread "Is this the longest run in the clubs history without winning a League, FA Cup or League Cup?" it caused me, as this site can from time to time, to delve into the recesses of the interweb to find some answers. I thought instead of filing my findings away in my never to be seen again file on my desktop I may as well chuck it here as surely someone else might find it interesting over a cup of tea. That or I've wasted a couple of hours!! But there are many times over the last few years where posters have said "I just spent an hour working that out" and maybe somewhere to chuck all this stuff as a resourse tool might stop all that time and effort disappearing into the ether. Proper history buffs please feel free to correct anything you see wrong. Mathematicians feel free to check I've carried the one It is now, in 2017, 21 seasons ago that we lifted the League Cup back in 1996. There are bound to be posters on this site that weren't even born then. That puts it into context somewhat! And counting all divisional titles it is indeed the longest run without one. There's a 37 year period between the 1920 FA Cup win and the 1957 FA Cup win where we didn't win either a Division 1 title or either of the 2 cups (although there was still only the one back then) but there's a division 2 title in there and also 7 years lost to WW II. Anyway here's what I found amongst that long list of numbers we've all looked at. The honours. But with the angle being how long we've had to wait between trophies. It took us 13 years to win an FA Cup from our formation although granted some of that time we were still playing Rugby one half and Association Rules the other! And League Football just wasn't around yet. 1874/75 - 1886/87 (FA CUP) 13 YEARS One more year to go until McGregor does his thing and league football is born......and then it takes us 6 years to win it. 1887/88 - 1893/94 (DIV 1 ) 7 YEARS (1888/89 Football League formed) Own the 1890's.....including the second ever double (after Preston do it in the inaugural 1888/89 Football League season). 1894 - 1895 (FA CUP) 1 YEAR 1895 - 1896 (DIV 1 ) 1 YEAR 1896 - 1897 (D1 + FA CUP) 1 YEAR 1897/98 - 1898/99 (DIV 1 ) 2 YEARS 1899 - 1900 (DIV 1 ) 1 YEAR 3 more trophies before the war...... 1900/01 - 1904/05 (FA CUP) 5 YEARS 1905/06 - 1909/10 (DIV 1 ) 5 YEARS 1910/11 - 1912/13 (FA CUP) 3 YEARS 2 more trophy-less seasons after the 1913 FA Cup win WW I breaks out and we lose seasons 1915/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, but win the FA Cup the year it starts up again. 1913/14 - 1914/15 WW I 1919 - 1920 (FA CUP) 3 YEARS Then it is barren. 37 years until our next First Division or FA Cup win. Our first relegation in 1936 but then also our first Second Division title in 1938. Either way our longest time without a trophy at that point and our longest wait since the formation of the league since which the fans had only ever gone 6 seasons without one of the major trophies. 1920/21 - 1937/38 (Div 2 ) 18 YEARS However 1 year after promotion WW II breaks out and we lose another 7 seasons - namely 1939/40, 40/41, 41/42, 42/43, 43/44, 44/45, 45/46. It takes 11 years after it gets going again before we beat the Busby Babes and all that..... 1938 - 1939 WW II 1946/47 - 1956/57 (FA CUP) 12 YEARS Then 60 years ago we decided the FA Cup wasn't really for us before obviously getting relegated again in 1959 just to get another Second Division title under our belts before the inaugural League Cup... 1957/58 - 1959/60 (Div 2 ) 3 YEARS 1960 - 1961 ( L CUP) 1 YEAR It would be 14 years, some relegations and a promotion until we saw a major trophy like that again (well exactly that trophy), although the Third Division title would set the record for 4th longest wait for any trophy at the time at 11 years. Relegated for a 3rd time in '67 and again to the third tier in 1970. 1961/62 - 1971/72 (Div 3 ) 11 YEARS One more League cup before I'm born 1972/73 - 1974/75 ( L CUP) 3 YEARS And then people stopped counting and lived the dream I guess ending the 71 year wait (60 seasons) for the 7th title along the way. 1975/76 - 1976/77 ( L CUP) 2 YEARS 1977/78 - 1980/81 ( DIV 1 ) 4 YEARS 1981 - 1982 (EUROPEAN CUP + Charity Shield) 1 YEAR 1982 - 1983 (EUROPEAN SUPER CUP) 1 YEAR (As a side note people often say to me "I wish I was born when we won it all". Do you? Do you really? Because I was, but I don't really remember it, so I always wish I was a bit older and could have been around to actually appreciate it. I feel more mocked by the Gods than you basically!! anyway on with the boring.....) 11 years and joint 4th longest wait for a trophy (at that time) with another relegation and resurgence thrown in along the way of course Turner, McNeill, Taylor, Venglos and then League Cup wins for Big Ron and Brian Little, it's all becoming a bit clearer..... 1983/84 - 1993/94 ( L CUP) 11 YEARS 1994/95 - 1995/96 ( L CUP) 2 YEARS And then, just nothing. 1996/97 - ???? 21 years without a trophy. 36 years without a league title. 60 years without an FA Cup win. Longest runs without any trophy: 1996/97 - Present - 21 years 1920/21 - 1937/38 - 18 years 1874/75 - 1886/87 - 13 years 1938/39 - 1956/57 - 12 years (7 lost to WWII) 1983/84 - 1993/94 - 11 years 1961/62 - 1971/72 - 11 years N.B. This does not include the Intertoto Cup. See below.
  5. Not much more to add than that recently, but a little piece of history that the Villa are a part of. It was commissioned to celebrate Sunderland's title win in 1895, back in the days when Sunderland and Villa were the two dominant forces in English football. Between us we won the title nine times (Villa 5, Sunderland 4) in eleven seasons between 1891/92 and 1901/02. It was restored recently and is on display at The Stadium of Light, Sunderland. (source)

    6,8 or 10

    Given the numerous discussions about the need for a 6, 8 or 10, in the middle of the park, what defines this type of player? Given some of the great midfielders who have worn the shirt, what would they be classed as, in 6, 8 or 10 terms…70,s onwards? Bruce Rioch Chico Hamilton Dennis Mortimer Alex Cropley Sid Cowans Des Bremner Steve McMahon Ian Taylor Andy Townsend Kevin Richardson Garry Parker Ray Houghton Mark Draper
  7. Unfortunately i was to young to be able to attend the match but i remember watching on the TV at home and giving my parents a heart attack when i leapt from the sofa and landed in front of the TV on my knees after Peter White scored in the 67th Minute and then the 23 minutes that followed whic seemed like days At the tender age of 11 i wasn't fully conversant with the offside rule so when Bayern scored what i thought was the equaliser it took me a couple of minutes before i realised that we were still winning and then when Cowans put the ball in the net in the last minute i celebrated again in a similar fashion to the first goal. I can remember the build up the to the game and the feeling of trepidation / knowing that we were the overwhelming underdogs, i even remember having a weird dream the night before where i set up one of my 11 year old school classmates in the final against Bayern but we lost 4-1 I can even remember going out to play football before tea time with a knot in my stomach and a feeling of impending doom even though i had only started following villa the year before at the start of the championship winning season and as a result only been used to us winning. What are your recollections of the match and the day? Mods feel free to delete this thread if it already exists elsewhere but i couldnt find it on the search
  8. Here is a Guardian article about Roberto Carlos playing for a pub team in Shrewsbury as part of a "dream transfer" raffle/fundraiser... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/mar/05/a-shropshire-lad-roberto-carlos-becomes-a-pub-footballer The article contains this: I don't remember hearing anything about this back in the day...searching the forums, I found a post where someone remembered us being linked with him, but I have to believe that this is the first time it has been confirmed. He had just finished up his last season with Palmeiras and ended up going to Inter Milan instead. I'd love to hear the inside story on this and whether Deadly Doug messed up the deal...
  9. I have the below picture on my wall in canvas form. I just happened to be staring at it the other night and was thinking of the first player I thought of in each shirt. Not necessarily my favourite or the best player, just whoever springs to mind first. From left to right... Row 1: Peter Withe, Dean Saunders, Dalian Atkinson, Mark Draper Row 2: Gareth Southgate, David Ginola, Darius Vassell, Thomas Hitzlsperger Row 3: Ashley Young, Darren Bent, Ashley Westwood, Ron Vlaar Row 4: Idrissa Gueye, John Terry, John McGinn, Jack Grealish Edit: I don't think Hitzlsperger even wore the shirt I envisioned him in! All part of the fun. Must have been the DWS (cows) that drew me in on him.
  10. I’m just watching the Baggies game on TV at the moment, and whilst he is absolutely shot to pieces my mind wonders back to when Newcastle hammered us 6-0 at their place in 2010 when Andy Carroll was absolutely unplayable. It gave me the idea for a thread, what is the best single game performance you have ever seen from a Villa player? Sadly a couple of years before my time, but given the circumstances I’d imagine Spink in Rotterdam will be up there for many?
  11. Not sure if this is real - but theres to be a movie about 1980/81 League Championship Season* https://just14themovie.com/ *We beat Liverpool 2-0 in this season
  12. This might have been done on here before but a nice little game based on this tweet: Who would you go for if only allowed to choose a Villa player? McParland in 57? Withe in the European Cup final? Watkins in the 7-2? Hutton scoring against SHA? Jed Steer in the play off semi final? Interested to hear what people would choose!
  13. I know I have posted this in response to another thread - but I think it deserves more focus! Well here it is: But to me it seems quite clear - That's it's all just a little bit of history repeating. (To the tune of Shirley Bassey) Back in September 1979 our Talisman Andy Gray left us for a British record fee of £1.49 Million to join our rivals Wolverhampton Wanderers. Wolves overspent and ended up in deep financial trouble and were relegated to the second division. Almost ruined! Using that money Villa rebuilt and replaced him with Peter With and co. We won the league 80/81 and the European cup 81/82. Move forward 42 years Our Talisman Jack Grealish leaves August 2021leaves us for a British record fee of £100 Million to join up with Manchester City. After buying Kane as well they are finding themselves having overspent. They are in financial trouble and get relegated through mismanagement. Villa however invest this record fee in several top quality new team members and are again playing the best football seen at Villa Park for years. The following season we win the premiership and the following league we win the UEFA Champions league! They do say things go around in cycles! UTV
  14. How did you feel when a villa hero departed ? Bruce Rioch I was only a young lad - there had been rumours for a while. I remember my dad being totally gutted. It was an eye opener for me. Selling players for money was a new concept - and players not wanting to play for villa was just a ridiculous notion !!! Ron Saunders We should have seen it coming and they tinkered with his contract weeks before. A truly ridiculous decision by the then owners. Not sure we ever really recovered. Gray/Gidman I wasn't to fussed as my faith in Ron Saunders was 100% Colin Gibson. Very low profile in comparison. But the club was making bizzare decisions and generally being poorly managed. I just despaired. Platt A real blow. Thought we could hang on to him. Not to be. Ashley Young. The bigger picture was that we knew a major decline was coming. Jack Grealish. His departure had been rumoured every year since relegation. So for me he stayed longer than expected. Sad that his best season for us we couldn't see live. A plus point is some ballsy and decisive moves by the owners.
  15. With all this optimism around the club at the moment, it got me thinking... What are some of the worst Villa games you can remember? Games that left you feeling full of frustration, desperate, or just completely numb. Some recent ones I can think of to start off: Bolton away 17/18 - a horribly cold day that put the nail in pushing for automatic promotion, having just beaten Wolves the week before. Southampton away 14/15 - completely crumbling to a 6-1 defeat with that Mane hat-trick in 3 minutes. Stoke home 08/09 - conceding two late goals and drawing the game, effectively killed our chances of top 4 Anyone got any others that stand out?
  16. Today is the anniversary of the Double Stare. Steer on Holgate. Jedinak on his own fans. Two years ago today, a penalty shoot out I will never, ever tire of re-watching. Which got me thinking, if you had a six pack of beers and a free Friday night, which Villa match from years gone by would you get stuck into? My all time is Villa v Tranmere, that had absolutely everything!
  17. What were you doing ? I was a 17 year old at Highbury watching us become champions. There's a great little vid on the villa App.
  18. Saw this in the Halesowen News. Appears to be a very sad and lonely end for one of our former players. RIP Will
  19. No gloves One sub Terraces players called Chris, Ken, John, - none of this Wayne, Jamie, bollox
  20. I seem to recall a fair few shockers. A defeat at Spurs with Defoe grabbing 2 is one that sprung to mind. As for good results, my first 2 boxing day wins were QPR in 88 and Man United in 89. That was, ironically, the last time Villa have won consecutive boxing day games. We can match that today by beating Palace. I seem to have the feeling that we don't do so well on this day traditionally. What do you think about our history on 26th December and which games stick out?
  21. Since there's bugger all else going on... Who's in the phantom Villa squad? Those legends of transfer windows of old, whose names appeared alleging Villa interest in trash article after clickbait bollocks, the rarefied few of which managed to take up permanent residence in a special basement... There's 2 that are basically locks for me. Wesley Sneijder and Miguel. Sneijder was seemingly a fraction from happening for an entire summer it felt like, but deep down you knew it was absolute horseshit. And Miguel got linked to us every single window for about 3 years. His agent must have loved us. Such an odd link too... ... ...Rashica?
  22. Given that we are all bored / fed up / excited / overwhelmed / underwhelmed / <insert random other emotion> by possible links, dubious rumours, lazy journalists, fake ITKs, possible ITKs, etc - I thought I would try to spark a separate stream of debate, argument, controversy and hopefully some interest too. So here is the basic premise - I have invented a time machine that allows me to go back in time to "collect" some Villa legends and bring them into a timeless world where we can arrange an All Time Villa Inter Generation Cup (kind of like a "Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Villa Adventure" if you like). Basically, five teams, five eras. I haven't decided the format of the competition yet - quite frankly that can be sorted later or not at all. Just for the sheer hell of it I have set the generations as Team A: Pre 1930, Team B: 1930-1970, Team 1970 - 1985, Team 1985 - 2000, Team E: Post 2000. I have also elected to use a default 4-4-2 formation which causes some problems assigning players to positions (particularly for the earlier teams when the formations were completely different and detailed information about players' attributes are less complete (so apologies to any proper Villa historians if I have selected any players in a completely unsuitable position - or have created a team that has no balance whatsoever!!). I will post the Team line ups over the next few days and invite constructive (or if merited, abusive) feedback and alternate suggestions for different positions. Obviously football is all about personal opinions so I am sure that some of my selections and some players I have excluded will not sit well with all. I do hope that everyone enjoys it and hopefully I will be able to introduce the names of some Villa legends that may have slipped people's minds. Needless to say there is no actual way to compare players from different dynasties and there is no guarantee that stars of yesteryear would cope with modern football. So this is why I have tried to keep the generations together. Oh and please no suggestions for other team lineups until they are published - it would be useful to keep debate largely limited to one team at a time! Thanks. Oh and obviously if this has been done to death in the past then get a mod to close me down before I bore everyone!!
  23. A bit of fun while the transfer window is a little quiet.. Can you name the ex-Villan? 1 player - 4 clues Kicking off with an easy one.. • I was signed by Villa twice under 2 different managers. • I've played for 6 different Clubs. • I've won every domestic club honour except a Europa League (Uefa Cup). • My senior International debut came in 2009 vs Netherlands. Who am I?...
  24. This was probably the closest thread i could think to put this in. The iconic, if short lived yellow shirt of the early 90s.....love the way the badge is imposed on the shirt at a angle.....but.... I've only just noticed that the lion is still upright and not rotated to the left in line with the lettering....and it's bugging me !
  25. Do we have enough for an all star XI? The obvious candidate is Robert Pires. I’m tempted to throw Peter Schmeichel in as well, perhaps a bit harsh, but he was a pretty mediocre player by the time he arrived here.
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