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Found 7 results

  1. I've been playing Motorsport Manager on my Ipad for ages, I love it. They have now announced that the game, all improved, will be coming to PC, Mac and so on. I am genuinely excited for this! http://www.motorsportmanager.com/
  2. Hello peeps Not sure if anyone plans Clash of Clans on mobile/tablet but I'm part of a clan always looking out for new members. We're looking for English speaking ideally 18+ years old, the clan has been established for some time and we're close to being a level 10 (maximum) clan. Regular wars, lots of donation opportunities both incoming and outgoing, good banter though I'm the only Villa fan in there so could do with some allies Message me if you want in, cheers!
  3. Is anyone playing top eleven here? It's a mobile football management game, pretty addictive when you get into it and I like the extra club building you can do. Would love to set up a villa talk association .Who's playing?
  4. As much as I enjoy my 360 and want a PS4, I am a huge handheld gamer. I'm hoping by opening a thread I can find others here who enjoy gaming on the go, for all systems. Currently I am playing Fallout Shelter on my Ipad, returning to Persona 4 on my Vita and also playing through Pokemon Gold on my 3DS. I am possibly looking to add more games to my collection soon, including Lego Jurassic World. What are you playing?
  5. As the mobile contract thread has closed I thought I would follow on here. I am currently on Three and cannot get a 4G signal either where I live or where I work despite the coverage map on the Three website insisting I should get good 4G coverage outdoors. (B62 Postcode) I decided that before changing I would check what coverage I could get from some of the other operators and got a couple of PAYG sims to try. On Three at home I was getting 9.49mb down, 2.18mb up and Ping of 48, that was on their HSPDA+ on EE which I can get a 4G signal I got 6.02mb down, 8.55mb up and a Ping of 52. Lastly I tried Vodaphone which only offered a 3G signal. 20.14mb down, 2.57mb up and a Ping of 34. So the only operator that offers 4G where I live isnt exactly the fastest.
  6. So, who else downloaded it for free (on PS4 only)? I did. It's like crack, you play and play and play and then afterwards you wonder why, but you still want to play. Addictive is the valid point I'm trying to make.
  7. I downloaded this game on my phone about three weeks ago, and I am hooked! For those of you who have played the game before, you won't need an introduction. It is pretty much the same. For those of you who have not played it, think FM for Cricket, well you know what I mean. The only issue so far has been with rain. Perfect sun for the whole of a game (county), playing as Warwickshire, it gets to the last day with me needing to bowl the opposition out and each match so far has had ridiculous amount of rain on the last day (not forecast) which left each match as a draw. It felt as though it was deliberate by the game to thwart me... Other than that, great fun! Runs smoothly, great match engine, great sounds, plays really well. You really have to think about field placements, where to bowl etc. I think it is £6.99 on Android. Worth every penny. Not sure on OS cost.
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