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Found 4 results

  1. Another games thread from moi... Anyone else play this game? (watch this if you havent got a clue what im talking about) Myself and D1 are on there. I did think Resi 4 was a shoe in for my game of 2005. Now im not so sure. This thing is epic! edit: 19th October 2007 Just because im a nice guy, some info: If you are thinking of signing up, make a Horde character on Tarren Mill server and you will get some help from plenty of Villa Fans. World of Warcraft is a class based game, and what class you pick will have a massive impact on your overall experience. I found the best thing to do when deciding a class is to have a look at this link before you take the plunge. There are also lots of quests to do in World of Warcraft. If you get stuck on a quest, visit the mighty Wowhead.com People who play WoW and post on VT. Forum name and in game character name. Some people have more than one character. Tarren Mill Server (PvP) Horde Limpid = Limpid, Limped, Limpt The_Rev = Nayson, Eau (taking a break at the moment) ED = Evildan, Ewiddan, Lolmangle Designer1 = Siongest, Sionguest Risso = Rissok Trl = Trl, Renew, Handful Red_5 = Samisdead Irishjay = Rishj Juju = Samosa, Merkin, Vilajuju Craigyh_74 = Tarq, Tarqy Ill edit more of this later, adding more useful links and the names and servers of the anti social bastards who didnt pick Horde on Tarren Mill.
  2. tarjei


    Anyone playing this? It's a Day Z kinda game, but it has it differences which makes it a lot of fun. Currently in early access and costs about £10? It got of to a rocky start with lots of hype and then the servers were mostly down for the first two days. There's still some issues with balancing things, but SOE are impressively releasing patches every other day or so. I've logged about 26 hours in the game. Lots of fun just strolling around and then there's the heart-racing action when you have good loot and end up getting attacked or you have to hide. I've played on my own. I try to be friendly to most I come across, but usually to no effect. I did meet a couple of nice people but most are absolute knobheads that just wants your loot and will (try to) kill you on sight or lure you into a situation where they can kill you. I had a funny one today with a fresh spawn that decided to attack me. I was going somewhere anyway so I just ran in that direction with him following me like a mad man 5 meters behind. I tried to talk to him and offer him stuff, but he replied only in French. After about 10-15 minutes my stamina was running out and I was approaching my campfire. I turned around and fired my bow... a sweet sweet head shot from about half a meters range. Dickhead! I hate these guys that spawns and immediatly go looking for some guy with a backpack to kill and loot. Playing as a lone wolf is super hard, so if anyone wants to team up I'd defiantly be up for that, even if you're a complete newb.
  3. Anyone else playing this, its like crack. If anyone else is we could make a vt clan. (Cant believe I actually wrote that!)
  4. Somehow I've only just discovered about LoTRO opening its doors to everyone. I almost saw it an full triumph as I am a Mac user, and they released this free for Macs too last month: except the download is SEVENTY, yes, SEVENTY Gb! So, I'm going to use it on Bootcamp. Has anyone had a crack at this over the past 3-4 years? This will the first attempt I have at this MMORPG lark and I think Rings has the lore already written perfectly. The problem I have is that I find the gamer population and useability of these games to be really unhelpful and difficult to learn/cooporate with. If I'm going to sign up to the Elder Scrolls Online (which I expect I will) I'd best start somewhere.
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