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Found 21 results

  1. Comes out in 2 days for the UK but I already have it. I really enjoy it. The zombies are very difficult to kill even with stronger weapons. You can't just take on hoards and expect to live. Being out at night is terrifying. You honestly feel the fear as the player. Story has been good so far. Seems like it will take me days to complete to be honest.
  2. Isometric! Baldurs Gate team! Unity Engine! What's not to like, eh? I Must admit I do struggle with the traditional stats systems these old school RPGs use, but for an RPG like this to look this nice and be so much fun to play, I think Obsidian have played a blinder. A studio that has a great track record...
  3. Anyone playing this? Apparently it completely destroyed Sim Cities sales within the first week of release.
  4. After the mile wide and inch deep experience that was No Mans Sky, the next project that I am getting unreasonably excited about is Star Citizen. The ambition for this game is HUGE, and the ability of the comparatively small team to deliver against has to be a concern, however if they can pull it off the game looks like it could be a bit epic. Unlike No Mans Sky whilst there are procedural planets they are doing story driven stuff inside it which sounds more like how something like how Red Dead Redemption worked. It relies on multiplayer and there will be PVP, mining and a a bunch of ships with different flying styles and a bunch of vehicles to use when you land on a planet. I have a number of concerns with the scope being so huge, all the delays that have already been announced and how they are looking at monetising it (it looks very expensive as they have it at the moment) but if it is good as I hope then take my money.
  5. I know there used to be a thread, but it seems to have been pruned. Just re-installed this (using Wine) and I'm thinking about re-subscribing. Is anyone here still playing? Link in case someone hasn't heard of it before.
  6. Release date of 4th November, 2 week beta access if pre purchased from authorised retailers. FM Touch is available as a standalone and also included with the full game. There is a loyalty reward for pre purchasing through Steam, up to 20% discount for owning all of FM13-16 or 5% for each one. I'm trying not to buy this year, but I know I'll cave at some point and end up smashing it for months. Min Specs OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 or 32 bit) Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Intel Core AMD Athlon 2.2GHz+ Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 Intel GMA X3100 256MB VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 3 GB available space
  7. Anyone else looking forward to this? Though it's been push back till feb 2016 I'm excited for it. Currently playing the first with dlc on my Mac (bought that couple weeks ago) but I did finish it on the 360.
  8. I'm just buying this in the Steam sale. Surprised there wasn't a thread already. Any tips?
  9. I've been playing Motorsport Manager on my Ipad for ages, I love it. They have now announced that the game, all improved, will be coming to PC, Mac and so on. I am genuinely excited for this! http://www.motorsportmanager.com/
  10. I've searche'd for a topic but doesn't appear to be one. Closest thing is the Steam thread. This is for PC gamers to share tags add friends on Steam, Origin and other gaming clients and maybe play games online together and discuss general PC components etc. I will list my PC spec when I am at the machine tomorrow evening. Currently playing shadow of Mordor and Fifa 15. Dying light will be my next purchase if anyone fancies co op. I have other games too like war hammer, sanctum 2 and battlefield 4 if anyone fancies a game.
  11. Out 13th November no news on FM16 mobile or FM16 touch realise date tbc http://www.footballmanager.com/ Features Customise your own touchline manager character & see them and other managers on the touchline Go head-to-head with mates in Fantasy Draft mode Replace an existing team with one of your own. Choose a name, colours & add yourself with Create-a-Club mode Big changes and improvements to transfer, contract, player & contract screens (and many more)
  12. http://www.minecraft.net Awesome!
  13. Has been officially announced. It is RED this year. Out in November, pre order for 2 weeks early access, no new features announced yet.
  14. http://store.steampowered.com/app/344850/
  15. early access for Steam (windows only atm).
  16. Time to start a thread. Really looking forward to this edition. I think we will have the most promising (fm-wise) Villa side since I started playing the game.
  17. limpid


    Just backed this on kickstarter. 32 hours to go. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1062682568/umbra An isometric open world action-RPG in a corrupted world falling apart. You are a former officer of army of the Human Republic, forced to flee the death penalty because of the magic powers you have unwillingly developed. Being tracked down by humans and hunted by the monsters of the Wild, you are recruited by a mysterious group of Templars. And thus an epic adventure begins in which you will wander the world to fight inhuman, mutated monsters and discover the terrible secret of the extinguishing mankind. The game features a unique mechanic called Apocalyptic Form that allows players to shape shift into a highly customized character! You’re free to mold your character thanks to a deep and rich customization system. And thanks to our complex crafting mini-game and our housing module you will be able to make your adventure feel as YOUR adventure! As you can see from our video, the detailed environments, intense action and impressive effects are beautifully created thanks to the next-gen technology of the CRYENGINE.
  18. FM2014 has now been officially announced, not long until you all get the opportunity to savage me for not rating players as you'd have hoped! FM2014 Announcement
  19. I've never really ventured into this games forum but I thought I'd see if any other Villains are into the weird world of Paradox Interactive games. For those wondering what the hell I'm talking about, they mainly produce grand strategy games that make Civilization look like something you'd pick up from the Early Learning Centre. You normally start at some fixed date in history where the world was at some interesting turning point (1066, 1444 etc.), you can normally jump into any state/nation/dynasty that was in existence at the time and begin your attempt at world conquest on a very nicely designed world map. I've mainly been playing Europa Universalis 4 as it seems to be the easiest to get into, you play as a nation and though a combination of war and diplomacy (okay, mostly war) takeover as much of the world as you can. I've also tried Crusader Kings 2 which is very highly rated, not being totally up to speed with the finer details of the feudal system means it has been a bit more of a struggle though. So yeah, anybody else out there been suckered into these epic time sponges?
  20. As its cheap as chips, I decided to rent a mumble server. Its a 50 slot and I figure its no skin off my nose if other people here in Games and Gaming use for video games. You can connect by firstly downloading mumble here and then using the following details. Address: Port: 30662 Always open to suggestions on how to have this thing configured. If you want specific channels added etc just give me a shout in this thread. Mods, feel free to sticky this.
  21. This should be a subject for the Ubuntu forums, but after searching and searching it's really starting to piss me off. (props to darrenm, after I berated him on the "work failures" thread - sorry about that, but if you're feeling generous you -might- help me on this Here's the shorthand: -Have dell desktop. Dimension, pentium 4. Nothing out of the ordinary. -Have PCI wireless card installed, Netgear that, if you're using Windows uses wg311v3 drivers based on Marvell chipset -Have Ubuntu 12.10 LTS Can't get this wireless card to work at all, despite going though plenty of workarounds and fixes. Lowdown is that ndiswrapper, linux's native windows driver wrapper, has started to not work with this driver. It previously worked. Stumbling point is using the modprobe ndiswrapper command in terminal. It's not having it. Saying "FATAL -module ndiswrapper not found. All solutions using ndisgtk installations with ndiswrapper 1.9 don't work. So, I currently have ndiswrapper installed and reading in the driver, but it's not attaching to the kernal. HELP?
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