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Found 3 results

  1. Given the apparent success of past VT Poker Games and some potential interest shown in the thread in Games and Gaming, I thought I'd try and organise a VT Poker Game online, with potential for it to turn into a regular game or even a VT League. Stuck a thread in Off Topic to start with as it'll get seen by more people than in Games and Gaming. Anyone interested? I'm happy to do the organising/setting up but, despite playing online poker a fair bit in the past, I've never set up a "home" game on any site so will need some suggestions on sites that do it. Probably easiest if we used ones that VT has used before if anyone from previous games can pitch in? Poker Stars was suggested in the other thread so that's a start. Also, obviously need to decide on dates everyone can do it, stake etc etc So if you're interested, pipe up and let us know what days you can/can't do it and we'll go from there. UPDATE: Pokerstars.com has been decided as the best site to use. Sign up and download their software if you want to play ($10 minimum deposit). Please try and use your VT username as your name on Pokerstars. If not, post in here tellinng us what name you have used and I'll compile a list. Home Room has also been set up. On the Home Rooms tab click "Join Poker Club" Club ID: 729287 Invitation Code: togolese zidane Thursday 14th February has been touted as a potential date for the game. Any objections speak up before it's too late! Game details (stake, rebuys, blind times etc) yet to be ironed out, although a £5 stake is looking likely as a starting point. PMs will be sent out to those who have shown an interest. Current Members (Pokerstars name in brackets if not the same as VT username): Stevo985 (BStevo985) AshVilla (Ashvilla1) AVFCforever1991 (AVFC1991) Davkaus AndyM3000 (Strumz) Corcaigh (walkdoglater) Limpid (limpid0) LincsVilla (Scunny8) Villaboy69 AstonMartyn88 (AstonMartyn8) tomaspg (tomaspay) Mr.Messy (G1LE$)
  2. Lately I've been addicted to QuizUp on IOS. It's a trivia game where you answer seven multiple choice questions on a topic of your choosing as quickly as possible in order to beat a head to head opponent. There are an enormous range of topics including sciences, maths, movies, novels and sport. You play against people from all over the world, or you can invite friends to join. If you have an Apple device and enjoy trivia, this is highly recommended. Link
  3. Mods, I know we have a poker thread, but this is more of a general question, despite the subject in hand being Poker. I was hoping to get answers not just from the people who look at the poker thread. Feel free to merge if necessary, but hopefully it can stay separate. Ok chaps, bit of a random thread, but I need the VT Brain trust's input. My friends and I play a regular poker game. Usually at least once a month. This year we've evolved the game into a league. I set up a league table, obviously based on results (certain amount of points to a game winner, slightly less to 2nd place etc down to 5th place), then if there's a tie decided by "medals", cash winnings etc. I even have a form guide My problem is, I don't know how to decide the winner. Sounds stupid, but bear with me. Not everyone plays every game. So at the end of the year we're going to end up with some people having played every game (so between 12 and 15 games probably) and some people might be as low as 3 or 4 games. Obviously, if we're going by total points, the guys who have played every game have an overwhelming advantage over the guys who have only played a few. So I thought about doing it by points per game, but then it goes the other way. We have one guy who's only played 3 games so far, but has come 1st, 2nd and 2nd. So his points per game is way above everyone else's. But does he deserve to win just because a few other people have "diluted" their ratio? So how would you guys decide a league like this? Should I just do it by total points and say "tough shit" to the guys who haven't played many games? I would say it doesn't really matter and it's all for fun... but we've each put £10 into the pot so there's over 100 quid riding on this! So the guys are going to take it seriously. We really should have sorted this out before we started
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