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  1. thought id start a thread seeing as its across several at the moment and has been discussed numerous times before 3 golden rules for me - 1) you've got to use good quality ingredients and cooked properly, everything can go in or out depending on the quality, i love black pudding for example but you can go to a cafe and get a wedge from bargain basements cooked in a way that makes it dry and horrible 2) same as an english sunday dinner, its all about contrasting textures between the numerous, you need some soft bits in there you need crispy bits in there, some wet some dry, refer to point 1 its also about how certain ingredients are cooked to achieve different textures but then also how its plated up to achieve that 3) no chips 1 + 2 is usually why i find places abroad struggle to replicate a good english breakfast
  2. Always been a fan of Boosts. And Whole Nut has to be in there as the classic favourite.
  3. As the year is approaching its end, it's time to reflect and vote for your favourite side to have with gravy this year. You have one week to vote.
  4. Ooooh, they do that Guinness Black Lager in Tesco's. Imma get me some of that for the weekend.
  5. 'tis the season to stuff yourself stupid, so with a nod to the what's your tipple thread....what are you currently eating? for me, it's home made dalek shortbread
  6. maqroll


    Cauliflower, if you can find it, is $8.99 USD a head!! My go-to pasta brand just went up in price by 50 cents. And honey is now almost as expensive as maple syrup. My monthly grocery bill is shocking.
  7. Lost my Mumsnet password. New Year and a fair few of us are trying to shift the post Christmas weight or the weight gained during lockdown. I certainly am. Thought I would start a thread to give advice, progress and a bit of cheerleading. I appreciate there will inevitably be people who will lecture and say x diet is wrong and you need to do this instead, thats cool you are awesome and I will definitely do that. Personally I am looking at the least to lose 4-5 stone and I am broadly doing it via the diet that I have always done, and works for me and that is Slimming World. It allows me to eat food for weightloss and feel full at the end of a meal. Previously I lost 6 stone on this diet so I am comfortable with it. Today my first post Christmas weigh in was a 9lb loss. My plan is to get out for some form of exercise as that the area where I have failed since March.
  8. As i saw the "Tea Thread", i thought we deserved a coffee one. Right now i am in to Turkish Coffee. Bought myself a Turkish coffee pot like this: got myself some Memet Efendi Coffee Got some Cardamom Pods (one pod per pot). 2 spoons of coffee in the pot. Add sugar to suit. Add cardamom pod. stir well. gently bring to just below boil and you get the nice froth on top. do not touch the coffee once on the heat. i have it black, or sometimes a tiny dash of milk, looks like this when its about ready: the really nice thing about it, is that if done right, even black, it isnt bitter at all, lovely way to do coffee imo.
  9. Firstly, apologies if there is an existing one but I couldn't see one... Anyway, I love a cup of tea! How do we all take it? Sugar? Sweeteners? Milky? Black? What brand? Big cup or small cup? Choice of accompanying biscuit? I go for 2 sweeteners (or 1 sugar, depending on availability), with just enough milk for the tea to turn a nutty looking colour. Bag of choice is a Cornish Smugglers Brew (in-laws live in Newquay and once I tried some I rarely drink anything else) with an occasional custard cream. Heaven. Id say I probably get through 8 cups a day if Im working, and 10-15 if Im on a day off.
  10. Xela

    Soft drinks

    You can tell its the off-season, with chat about fizzy pop! Anyway, i'm drinking far too much of it recently. Perhaps because i've tried to lay off the beer, i'm now substituting it with cans of soda. Its all the zero sugar stuff, but I appreciate their ingredients bring other health questions. With the recent warm weather, i'm guzzling 3 or 4 cans of pop a day. Plus i've got large beakers of squash made up chilling in the fridge as well. They all have to be ice cold before I can drink them. There is very little in the refreshment stakes to beat an ice old Sprite on a hot summer day. Must have about 30 cans in the fridge - Coke zero, Sprite zero. 7up free, Irn Bru, Vimto, plus supermarket own cream soda, dandelion and burdock and bitter shandy - all sugar free as well. Anyone else partake in the carbonated beverages a little too much? I think @tonyh29 has a Pespi Max habit?
  11. Pagoda Park, that takes me back. The Powerhouse (became the Ritzy I think) then Wobble and the one by the Market open until 6am, Tin Tins?
  12. And the effect it had on you? Sure there will be some excellent tales of woe and also a few mental challenges made in the minds of have a go eaters.
  13. Big Salad

    Ice Cream

    Its National Ice Cream Day here in the States. Anyone else on here a big fan? Ya'lls favorite? Me personally I could eat it every day, especially some Mint Chocolate Chip.
  14. I'm sure this has been discussed before on here, but given I was having the discussion in another thread (a couple in fact) I thought I'd start a dedicated one to save those going off topic (couldn't find a similar thread, apologies if it exists). So I've always been sympathetic to Vegetarianism even though I've never been one myself, and never thought I could because I eat (ate) a lot of meat. But recently I've been cutting down my meat consumption, both consciously and unconsciously, whilst simultaneously feeling stronger and stronger about becoming a vegetarian. I have a couple of good friends, one vegan friend especially, who are vegetarian so I've probably been influenced by them. Plus I've been researching more and more into it (see the documentaries thread). So I'm basically at the position where I think vegetarianism is right but I just haven't made that cut off. I only eat meat with my evening meal these days and even then it's only 3 or 4 times a week, so it shouldn't be a massive deal. I'm close, I might do a 1 month trial of it and see how I get on, but I thought a discussion would enlighten me. So VT... convince me (either way).
  15. Apologies in advance for the essay... After reading this article by Jay Rayner where he talks about what he does (and has historically done) for food on Christmas day I'm quite interested in what you lot have. If anyone has any special tips for dishes or cooking methods it would be great to hear them too! I tend to do the cooking on Christmas day now as the rest of my family have other stuff to sort out and I've always really enjoyed both cooking and eating. It originally started when I was at uni and I agreed with my dad it was better to take the stress off of him for the day rather than borrowing some of his money just to be able to buy a decent present. For breakfast it's normally chocolate and an aim to have lunch about 2. This year I'm thinking I might be better off making a decent breakfast and ditching the starter. I completely disagree with Mr Rayner's view that roast potatoes + 1 veg is acceptable! I'm that person who likes to have way too many vegetable side dishes rather than lots extra meats like a ham. Mine is normally along the lines of: turkey - I generally don't add too much flavour, just butter, a lemon up the backpassage and stuffing. I'll probably do a crown this year as there are only a few of us. I do like goose, but it's way too much of a faff and ends up costing an absolute fortune. stuffing - I normally cut corners here and get a boxed mix and add flavours (onions/mushrooms/herbs...whatever is on hand really). Sometimes have a sausagemeat stuffing, but I can take it or leave it. pigs in blankets - pretty obvious. My feeling is that they are 'fine', but I know others would be upset if they were missed. yorkshire puddings - self explanatory. As big as the oven and cookware will allow. gravy - has to be made (almost completely) from scratch. I like granules as much as the next man, but like to put the effort in for christmas. I'll normally buy a decent turkey stock from the supermarket then cook the turkey on a vegetable trivet. roast potatoes - as many as can possibly fit in the oven while still being able to cook everything else. I don't really get the raving about goosefat to be honest. It is good, but if I'm going to cook them in meat I prefer beef dripping. Due to a few vegetarians I'll normally just cook them in butter and oil. As long as they're crispy I'm happy. sprouts - fried in the pan with butter. Add bacon or chestnuts if the mood takes me. cabbage - my dad is a big sprout lover so in the past I've added the bacon to cabbage instead. Also fried in butter. Sometimes I'll go for a spiced red cabbage instead.Often don't bother with cabbage as others don't care, but I do love it. broccoli - you guessed it, fried in butter. Generally with some garlic. cauliflower cheese - not for everyone, but I love it. I just make a basic roux, add lots of cheese then cheese and breadcrumbs on the top. roasted parsnips/carrots - not that arsed about carrots, but I do like a parsnip as long as it has been cooked properly. (optional) assorted roast veg - normally if, for whatever reason, it hasn't been possible to do lots of different veg side dishes. dessert - I'm normally way to full to eat anything more by this point and am definitely a bigger fan of savoury. Last year I made my first meringue for a pavlova and it was actually much nicer than I expected. I don't think I've missed anything...and it's probably worrying if I have.
  16. So, any takers? It's bound the be the only resource in abundance in a not too distant future. Me, I'm not really feeling any cravings of that sort https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/rAbqkw/forslaget-at-manniskokott-for-klimatets-skull
  17. Beer Me Now are offering VillaTalk users 30% off their first month of a beer subscription using promo code 'VILLATALK' when placing an order at BeerMeNow. Beer Me Now is run by brothers Evan & Alex Herbert who deliver a selection of unique and exciting craft beers & ales from UK breweries on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. There are no ties and cancellation is simple at any time by visiting the 'My Account' section of their site. They guys also personalise the boxes if you have a particular 'beer-tasting' preference, so if you like or dislike a certain type of beer, or want to try something in particular, leave a note when purchasing or contact the lads at info@beermenow.co.uk. The company also offer one-off products such Beer Hampers which are the ideal Christmas present at this time of year and will feature as part of our VillaTalk competition for Villa v WBA on 7th December. View their hampers at https://beermenow.co.uk/pages/personalised-craft-beer-gift-sets. If you love trying new beers, why not give their subscription a try now? Or order one for Christmas.
  18. Right, now I've moved into a new place, I've discovered some unnerving urge to try cooking. The only thing I've ever managed to cook previously was a tray of cornflake (ahem) cakes. So, I ask the lovely people of VT:- - What's your signature dish? - How easy is it? - What's in it? - How do you cook it? Nice one, Trimmy
  19. Got the invite... Will probably decline next week. Someone is right now trying to persuade me go, suggesting we "cause some anarchy" She's nice and I'm quite fond of her, but her potential to cause anarchy is fairly low IMHO.
  20. Apologies if I have missed a previous thread. However, I went to Sushi Samba at the top of Heron Tower yesterday for the wifes birthday and I must say the food was outstanding. The two stand out dishes were El Topo Sushi (Salmon, Crispy Onions and Mozzarella) and the salmon skewers with peruvian dark choc. Flavours were amazing. What are some of your other favourite restaurants to go to? I'll do mine by location. Nottingham Desi Express in Hyson Green - innocuous looking place but amazing food. London Tayyabs - amazing indian/pakistani grill foodWoodys Grill in Camden - again innocuous but the best chicken sheesh I have hadRoyal China - best dim sum aroundSushi Samba - has to be up there after thatBirmingham Hajees - great autentic foodAl Faisals - as aboveEdit: P.s. Szeczney was sitting next to us. Big lad. Ridicolous other half.
  21. I've done some searching and I can't seem to find a thread about brewing (apologies if there is one but it didn't come up in my searching). I've always liked beer but I got in to brewing my own beer about 3 years ago now, mainly for fun at first but then I progressed to trying to make the best beer possible. I started with kit beers and I've done probably 15+ of those, with mostly very positive results. I've recently taken the plunge to all grain brewing and I'm loving it! The cost of the set up for all grain is a more but the quality is higher, whereas you can get the set up for kit brewing for around £50, and still produce very good beers. I've done some great kits, including the youngs kits (American amber ale, american Pale Ale were both good), the woodfordes kits are good (made by muntons I believe) and I've done Wherry, admirals reserve, and they are all two can kits so have all liquid malt extracts and produce pretty good results. I've recently got a grainfather to to start all grain brewing and it's brilliant, the quality is brilliant, brewery quality to be honest and perhaps better. Does anyone else brew, or have you done homebrew in the past or are thinking about doing it? Anybody done anything other than beer?
  22. About time, right? Do you have a favorite sauce? How much heat can you take? https://pepperheadsforlife.com/the-scoville-scale/ This is my latest crush:
  23. Not sure if we've ever had a thread for the best and worst items on a buffet? Especially a Christmas one? I know it's tacky, but I do love a bit of cheese and pineapple on sticks. The worst for me seeing bread sticks in a jar that nobody touches. One funny story to share also, we went to a Christmas buffet years ago and my wife said that the buffet had stollen on it, but I knew it was black pudding cut circles I let this go for a while, but knowing she would be sick, I fessed up on her second piece. Suffice to say the journey home was a quiet one . Still makes laugh even now.
  24. mikeyp102


    So with the bacon sandwich thread getting discussion, what do people have on burgers? Normally, I'd go lettuce, then the burger with bacon and bbq sauce on top on a brioche bun. Sometimes throw a fried egg on as well. However, best one I had was in Australia and NZ.. Lettuce, Advocado, pineapple Burger and Bacon..
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