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Found 24 results

  1. thought I'd start a topic on this becomes more and more bizarre by the day The talk now is that the plane may have been in the air for 4 hours after the last contact I fthe latest theory is true , it appears they said "Goodbye " to Malaysian ATC but never got in contact with Vietnam turned off the transponder then did a turn and headed North West ...where it was being flown between navigational waypoints (suggesting a trained pilot was in control ) I initially wondered if the plane had suffered a similar fate to Payne Steawarts Learjet resulting in Hypoxia but it doesn't explain the transponder being turned off and the apparently controlled route being flown , it doens't really suggest mechanical failure nor a pilot suicide unless he took 4 hours to write his suicide note !! Interestingly the new route would be on a path to Iran ( only interesting because of the 2 Iranians on stolen passports ) they could just as easily been heading somewhere else . Surprising that a plane can go missing in the sky and nobody appears to have been looking for it , scrambled jets etc Really is a strange one this
  2. Just some general musings, but the Falklands have been increasingly in the news in recent weeks. The 30th anniversary of the war is this year, but relations between ourselves and Argentina seem to be as bad as ever. They want the islands, we own them. I dont think they have been a part of Argentina at any point in history, and they certainly arent part of Argentina culturally so I dont think any side is clearly in the right over this. In the last couple of months we have all but accused Argentina of organising the blockade against Falkland Island flagged ships at South American ports. They have complained publicly about us sending Prince William on a tour of duty there, and complained again about us sending a destroyer, HMS Dauntless, to the islands. Why are we so publicly showing them that we consider the islands ours? I think now it has emerged that the islands have more natural resources than we first thought then the chances of us letting go are less than ever so what will become of this? Argentina cant invade again can they? I think even when our resources were stretched to their fullest in Libya and Afghanistan we still possess the firepower to crush them with or without NATO help (and they would be duty bound to help if we needed, wouldnt they?) so what does happen next? A few more months of posturing then back to normal or something more serious?
  3. Anyone in Sydney? What's happening? Pretty scary stuff!
  4. just seen that a 20 year old man was jailed for 12 weeks for posting "jokes" about April Woods and Maddie McCann on Facebook so , what do people feel about this .. is the law right or should status updates and tweets / social media be above the law Full article on the BBC
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29068391
  6. Looking like they've got a long road ahead http://www.ustream.tv/channel/press-club
  7. Corpus Christi College in Leeds is “open as usual today”. But it sadly opened without 61 year old Anne Maguire this morning who had taught there for the past 41 years since leaving university to take up a career in teaching. Anne Maguire was due to retire this year. But a well earned retirement was denied her by a 15 year old male pupil at around 11.45 yesterday. Her assailant is said to have left his GCSE Spanish lesson having asked to do some printing. On his return he is reported to have walked up behind his victim in front of her class of 30 and ended her life by repeatedly stabbing her in the back and neck with a kitchen knife. The 15 year old was held by a fellow teacher who had heard the screams coming from her class and by other staff who then helped detain him until the police arrived. Mrs Maguire was taken to hospital by paramedics but was declared dead on arrival. The accused was said to have held a grudge against the teacher following a series of arguments and a detention he had been given by her last week. He is said to have a history of depression and is described as being withdrawn. His Facebook page apparently lists no friends and features a pencil drawing of the grim reaper. But what on earth could lead him to consider that he had any justification to even consider taking a life? What also leads to a situation where a survey carried out by the Teacher Support Network shows that 48% of teachers have either been assaulted or threatened by pupils? Anne Maguire was not a soldier going to war yesterday morning. She was a teacher of RE, Music and Spanish who was expected to return home safely to her family as were those staff and pupils who left for school today. My thoughts are with her family at their time of loss.
  8. According to a popular microblogging service, shit is going down big time in Woolwich, London. As far as I can tell somebody has been beheaded in broad daylight and there have been two or three shootings. Mental.
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-22793851 First they gathered all the Associated Press phone records, now everyones records. I assume eventually there will just be blanket surveillance of all peoples activities. Which will then filter down to private companies who will then.... The terrorists won, they made the US erode civil liberties in the name of "protecting" them. From a threat that has killed next to no Americans since 9/11
  10. So North Korea's leadership has said that all peace treaties are void from Monday 11th March, and that they are willing to carry out a pre-emptive strike on anyone they believe to be aggressors against themselves. So lets seriously assume that on Monday they decide that America has pissed them off, and they launch a single nuclear missile at New York, USA. What would happen next? Would the USA be able to stop that missile reaching New York? Would the USA immediately retaliate? With nuclear weapons? What would Russia/China's reaction be to North Korea using nuclear weapons? What would Russia/China's reaction be to the USA using nuclear weapons in retaliation? Would other countries get involved?
  11. source Sounds like it's about to kick off due to the bombings in Thailand this morning.
  12. RAF Typhoon jets have been launched to investigate an incident involving a civilian aircraft within UK airspace, the Ministry of Defence has said. A Pakistan International Airlines plane has been diverted from Manchester to Stansted Airport, a Manchester Airport spokesman said. An Essex Police spokeswoman added: "An incident has occurred on an aircraft. Police and partners are responding." The BBC understands that the plane has now landed in Stansted. BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said that police were expected to meet the plane at the airport. The plane, flight number PK709, reportedly left Lahore at 09:35 local time. It was due in at Manchester at 14:00 BST. BBC
  13. In Cleveland That's amazing and great news. Will give some hope to a few other people out there who've had people go missing too.
  14. Wtf has happened in Boston? Twitter saying bombs gone off?
  15. Am I the only one to have thought the first words out of this girl's mouth on the tv interview was going to be something like : "Yeah but no but yeah but no but sharrrrrapppp!!! I was never near no Twitter feed !!!" Jeez......is there no hope for this country with appointments like this ???
  16. Mods please move to conspiracy thread as you see fit. Found dead tonight at home in Ascot. A known enemy of Putin and Abramovich. A man so worried about his own safety he had ex Mossad agents by his side. So what happened? Did it all get too much or was his ring of steel broken ?
  17. Sad news. My opinions and impressions: He might have made plenty of mistakes, but I do believe his heart was in the right place. The masses in Venezuela loved him because he looked after them, although often at the expense of the middle classes and economic growth. The BBC asked whether he'd be remembered "As a true friend of the poor or a radical-turned-autocrat?". I don't see why you can't be a bit of both. He was fairly unique in that sense. In a world full of self-serving, money-grabbing, USA-pandering career politicians with no personality he stood out. I'm going to miss him. Hopefully his ideology will outlive his personality cult.
  18. Here Looked for a thread surprised there isn't one? Maybe a sign that people just cant be arsed. Anyway Good old Wills gone and got her preggers!
  19. Think you answered your own question there. It won't work. He's drowning, now. New topic formed from comments in other topics, so first page or so may not be easy to follow but it did deserve its own topic
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