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Found 49 results

  1. OK, another off topic sport thread. Who's into either of them? Are you heading away this year? Where to? Who actually understands skiers vs snowboarders? What's been your best trip? Where's your favourite place? I've been snowboarding for 12 years and absolutely love it. Got my trip planned for this year and already can't wait...
  2. BOF

    Formula One - 2017

    Where to start? Massive changes on and off the track this season. We have a new owner for a start. Gone is Bernie Ecclestone after 40 years in the sport, and in come the Americans. Specifically Liberty Media. They purchased Formula One from CVC Capital Partners and are expected to adopt a model similar to that in the NFL & MLB where teams are entitled to purchase a stake in the sport. On the track Let's start visually. The 2017 cars will be much different to the 2016 cars. This article goes into more detail around the technical design changes. In an attempt to make F1 more exciting, the new design rules will reduce lap times by up to 5 seconds. With cornering speeds expected to increase by as much as 40km/h, every circuit has been asked to revise their safety features in line with this. From Wikipedia, the changes above include : An increase of the width of the front wing to 1,800 mm (70.9 in). Lowering the rear wing by 150 mm (5.9 in) and moving its position back by 200 mm (7.9 in). The leading edge of the barge boards being brought forward to allow teams more freedom in controlling airflow. An increase of the width of the front and rear tyres to allow cars to generate more mechanical grip. The minimum weight of the car including the driver being raised by 20 kg to 722 kg, with teams allowed to use 105 kg of fuel to account for the increase in minimum weight. Other changes include The token system used to regulate power unit development—where the power unit was divided into individual areas, and each area assigned a points value with development of these areas deducting points from a manufacturer's overall points quota—will be abandoned. Restrictions are to be placed on the dimensions, weight and the materials used to build each individual component of the power unit. Teams are restricted to four power units per season regardless of the number of Grands Prix in the season. Previous seasons had included a provision for a fifth power unit if the number of Grands Prix in a season exceeded twenty; from 2017, this provision is to be abandoned. The cost of a power unit supply is reduced by €1 million in 2017 ahead of a further reduction in 2018. Cameras will no longer be permitted to be mounted on stalks, located on the nose of the car. Sporting regulations The loophole of stockpiling spare components is to be closed. Teams can no longer introduce several new components per race once their quota is used up. Any more than 1 new part will be penalised with a grid penalty. Teams will now be obliged to provide power units if a team finds themselves without a deal, as happened Red Bull last season. Not sure about this one. If a wet race starts behind a safety car and then conditions becomes satisfactory, the grid will then line-up on the grid for a normal start and the laps behind the safety car will count. Sounds like this one becomes a complete waste of the previous laps. Team changes We've lost Manor. Although technically their slot is valid up to race 3. Sauber will use 1 year old Ferrari power units. Toro Rosso have moved back from Ferrari to Renault power units. Driver changes Nico Rosberg has retired and been replaced at Mercedes by Valtteri Bottas Bottas has been replaced at Williams by 2016 Euro F3 Champ Lance Stroll Massa was planning on retiring but has postponed that because Williams needed an experienced driver in Bottas' absence. Kevin Magnussen moves from Renault to Haas and replaces Esteban Gutierrrez who moves to Formula E Nico Hulkenberg moves from Force India to replace him at Renault. Hulkenberg is replaced at Force India by Sebastian Ocon who gets out of Manor in the nick of time The brilliantly named Stoffel Vandoorne replaces Jenson Button at McLaren. Button is taking a 'sabbatical'. Finally, Pascal Wehrlein also gets out of Manor and replaced the outgoing Felipe Nasr at Sauber. Calendar changes The big one is that there's no German GP this year. Baku is now the Azerbaijan GP and not the European GP China and Bahrain have swapped dates (races 2 & 3) Imola had a privisional slot but it never came to pass So that's about the size of it ! With huge rule and design changes you usually get a bit of a re-shuffle of the pack, but resources usually win out in the end. I'd expect that maybe Mercedes' lead at the front won't be what it was, but they're more likely to stay there for the time being. You'd imagine Red Bull will make gains what with Newey's genius. You'd expect their aero to be quick right out of the box. It'll be interesting to see how close Bottas can get to Hamilton, and I'm once again expecting big things from Verstappen. Will Ferrari be able to close on the top 2 and willl Force India be able to maintain best of the rest.
  3. announced this morning that the Birmingham bid for the games is the preferred bid for the UK, beating Liverpool (which surprised me if im honest) theres a bit more work to do in terms of feasability and cost plans etc before i think the government has a vote at the end of the month to see if they'll approve the £500m cost and formally back the bid, means it will be brum or Kuala Lumpur Brums bid also included some sort of urban street game festival thing (3x3 basketball in victoria square as an event) and an international business exhibition the city is about to boom, will post more when im not skiving work...
  4. Sorry, couldn't see a thread for this anywhere? Anyone paying the PPV to watch it? I know it's a bit of a spectacle but can't shake the feeling that McGregor is gonna win!
  5. There is nothing in sport like a Lions tour (I was on the tour in 2001 and it was breath taking) and the 2017 New Zealand tour is just days away from kick off. I can't bloody wait.... so here is the thread for all the highs, lows, discussions and general ribbing of our Welshies come on fella's I know you are out there.
  6. Thursday looks like a belter and Apples Jade can be had at 5/1 in the 3.25 . She's placing at the very least . As for the National , I have no idea other than Cause of Causes . Tips etc ...
  7. I know we have a thread on 'Gambling' but felt this would be an on going thread that deserved it's own. A place for everything horse racing for the NH fans amongst us, Tips, Info anything. So with the NH season firmly underway we witness the Showcase meeting at Cheltenham this weekend with a lot of promising novice hurdlers & chasers. Old Guard is one to keep an eye on this season from the Paul Nichols yard making his transition from hurdles to chases.
  8. Starts tomorrow night, which for me, is the true beginning of Christmas ! I know there are a handful of darts fans on here so feel free to talk arras for the next few weeks . I have put £50 e/w on Lewis @ 33/1 which is a ridiculous price IMO . How on earth Taylor is 9/1 is beyond me.
  9. Can't see a thread... just watched firth smash the WR and win gold in the backstroke 200m, absolutely brilliant, I'll be honest and say I still get the lingering question that I'm looking at her seeing that it's S14 and not knowing what's going on but the buzz from watching her compared to watching mo is no different think we've won 5 golds on the opening day... Been reading a lot about it in I paper all week, we really do sound like world leaders, our support of the games seems to blow everyone else out of the water, even the yanks, saw NBC are putting the majority of the games on their cable channel meaning the viewing figures will be piss poor and the suggestion that the Los Angeles 2024 bid will include a drive to increase the support for these game stateside...whilst were apparently on the brink of putting next year's world championships at London ahead of the abled body games...we just seem to get it when no one else seems bothered
  10. Not much else on with the international break, this is worth watching if anyone is bored today. Throw in is at 3:30pm(coverage starts earlier obviously) and the teams are Kilkenny and Tipperary. Kilkenny win almost every year, Tipperary win most years they don't, nobody really likes either of them but it should be a cracking game of hurling played in front of 83,500 people. It could also be the last game of hurling shown on Sky as the TV rights are up for renegotiation once again.
  11. Considering the amount of potential talking points so far, I'm surprised there isn't an existing thread for the summer games. Before we even talk about medal hopes, we have health issues with Zika, the Russian doping and subsequent weak punishment plus apparently now the athlete's accommodation is not fit for purpose. The troubled Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games have arrived at their first major crisis, less than two weeks before the opening ceremony. The Australian Olympic Committee confirmed on Sunday evening that the athletes' village has been deemed uninhabitable in the short term due to significant plumbing and electrical concerns. "Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean. Chiller added that Great Britain and New Zealand contingents had been experiencing similar problems. The Rio organising committee has sent in large teams of cleaners and repair staff, but could not say when the village would be open. Follow http://www.smh.com.au/sport/olympics/rio-2016/rio-olympics-2016-athletes-village-unliveable-20160724-gqcqxy.html I'm sure there's plenty of positive talking points ahead of the games too, so feel free to pop them into this nice, shiny new thread.
  12. The squad has been announced for this summer's tour. Including an injured Tuilagi is an interesting call but really glad Slade and Daly are in the squad. Guessing Ashton's England career is officially over. Hopefully we can have a successful and entertaining tour.
  13. Apologies if I forgot an obvious sport or didn't list a worthy one...(For comedy's sake, feel free to file a grievance here). Otherwise, on the tin, and whatnot... Association Football Rugby Union Rugby League Cricket Boxing (Pound for Pound) Cycling Baseball Ice Hockey Basketball Darts Snooker American Football Canadian Football Australian Rules Football Hurling Formula 1 NASCAR Men's Tennis Women's Tennis Men's Golf Women's Golf Greatest Race Horse
  14. Didn't see a thread for this, (I did search, promise!) so thought I'd start one up. Is anyone going to any games? I'm going to a couple, one at VP, Australia v Uruguay and one at the Millennium Stadium for New Zealand v Georgia. Both games should be hammerings, but I'm really looking forward to seeing The Haka, (and take part in general debauchery in Cardiff after!) I much prefer watching England rugby matches than I do England football matches, so hopefully the whole country will get involved in the World Cup atmosphere!
  15. Just around the corner sports fans, starting this Tuesday 16th for 5 days! Anybody going? My Ante post NAPS as follows. Night Of Thunder Gleneagles Sole Power Free Eagle King Of Rooks Integral Ivawood Found Hootenanny Telescope Forgotten Rules
  16. Tomaszk


    Many darts fans on here? Great to see Gary Anderson win the Worlds last month. A great player and nice to see him do it on the biggest stage. Premier League starts tonight anyway: Dave Chisnall v Peter Wright Raymond van Barneveld v Adrian Lewis Kim Huybrechts v Michael van Gerwen Gary Anderson v Phil Taylor Stephen Bunting v James Wade MVG tough to stop in this short format, marginal favourite over Anderson for me. Taylor will be in the final four at the end of the season no matter how poorly he's doing recently.
  17. chappy

    Ben Flowers

    Did anyone see what happened in the Super League grand final yesterday? click to watch Disgusting behaviour, I don't follow rugby league so I don't know about the precedents but he must surely get a very long ban?! Maybe the first punch, whilst wrong, was a heat of the moment snap but the second is absolutely outrageous.
  18. Jon

    Ryder Cup 2014

    So, McGinley has picked his 3 wildcards: Poults Westwood Gallagher I think Westy can consider himself very lucky to be there, and Donald extremely unlucky. Luke is a top player, and ahead of both Poulter and Westy in the rankings. I'd have had Luke in ahead of Westy. Poults simply had to be there for his energy and enthusiasm. Full team: Rory Mac Henrik Stenny Victor Dubuisson Jamie Donaldson (from my home town of Macclesfield!) Thomas Björn Sergio Garcia Martin Kaymer Graeme McDowell Justin Rose quite a strong team that, though the states look strong too. Their wildcards announced later today ...
  19. Opening ceremony, discuss. Looking forward to seeing Rod Stewart and Mel Gibson
  20. It's the new year so it's a new thread What do we know of the new F1 season so far? Well we've lost the HRT team so there'll be 11 teams on the grid this year. As of right now, 3 rookies with the potential for a 4th. Valtteri Bottas at Williams. Esteban Gutierrez at Sauber and Max Chilton at Marussia. The 4th might be Jules Bianchi at Force India but it mightn't be. Still 3 seats available although one of those will be Paul di Resta at Force India. The other 2 are the second Force India seat and the second seat at Caterham alongside Charles Pic. Currently 19 races with a place holder for a 20th on 21/07 a week before Hungary, provided they can find a logistically suitable venue. 9 driver changes on the grid with the remote chance of 10 if P di R doesn't get the FIFI seat. They are: Perez from Sauber to McLaren Hamilton from McLaren to Mercedes Hulkenberg from Force India to Sauber Gutierrez in at Sauber Someone in at Force India (rumoured to be either Sutil or Bianchi) Bottas in at Williams Pic from Marussia to Caterham Someone in at Caterham Chilton in at Marussia Michael Schumacher retires. Kamui Kobayashi leaves the grid :cry: Bruno Senna possibly leaves the grid (he's linked to a vacant seat) It is also possible that Kovalainen, Petrov, de la Rosa and Karthikeyan will all be without a drive next season. In Kovalainen's case that'd be a damn shame. 2013 pre-season dates Car launches 2013 pre-season dates Car launches Team Date Lotus January 28 McLaren January 31 Ferrari February 1 Force India February 1 Sauber February 2 Red Bull February 3 Mercedes February 4 Toro Rosso February 4 Caterham February 5 Marussia February 5 Williams February 19 Testing Venue Date Jerez 5-8 February Barcelona 19-22 February Barcelona 28 February-3 March Discuss !
  21. Hi All,I'm moving to Birmingham from Dublin in the next month. Can anyone recommend some golf clubs in the west midlands to me. I'd say price is the biggest factor I wouldn't be too keen on paying more than £700 for membership. Also if anyone knows of any clubs that have fees for under 30's that would be great.Thanks,
  22. 54 days away but who's counting eh? The cars will start to get rolled out soon. Can Ferrari and McLaren bridge the gap to Red Bull? Can Mercedes join the party? Kimi Raikkonen is back so will Renault join the party? The Hulk is back. Grosjean is back. Along with Grosjean we have 2 new Frenchmen on the grid. We have a Senna in a Williams Renault, 18 years on. 3 teams have changed their names. We already have a technical regulation controversy (reactive ride height) so at least it's consistent. We have a 20 race calendar for the first time in the sport's history. Discuss !!
  23. CI

    Golf Season 2012

    Up & Running again, always like a flutter on Golf as you get cracking odds pre tournament start. This weekend : Volvo Open - Fancourt - South Africa - Fancy a home win for Oosthuzen PGA - Humana Challenge, La Quinta - California - Villegas off to a flyer
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