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Found 181 results

  1. Stick em here, the non-sourced speculation etc. Kick it off with your predictions of spend / numbers / areas to strengthen etc? Do we need that creative midfielder or will we sign another central defender?
  2. Been thinking about this one a fair bit this week, and I think we've still got quite a bit of work to do in the summer - and it won't be cheap. Looking at the group of players that's considered the first team at the moment, it's clear that we need quite a few bodies in, albeit ones of a much higher standard. Assuming we've not got buckets of cash to spend, what does everyone think we need? For me, I view the current squad as: Guzan - Good enough to keep in the starting XI Steer - Keep as backup - not good enough for first XI Given - Needs to go GK Summary: Top notch starting keeper, mediocre but young backup, bring a third choice in from the academy Hutton - Needs to go Baker - Keep as backup - not good enough for first XI yet, but might be Bennett - Not good enough for first XI yet, and unlikely to be. Either he or Luna needs to go Vlaar - Good enough to keep in the starting XI Okore - Unproven, but for now I'm happy to say let's add him to the starting XI list if he comes back fit and healthy Clark - Keep as backup - not good enough for first XI yet, but might be Luna - Not good enough for first XI yet, and unlikely to be. Either he or Bennett needs to go Bertrand - Good enough to keep in the starting XI if we can get him Lowton - Needs to go if he's proving to be a bit of bother off the pitch, which would look like being the case Stevens - Needs to go Defence Summary: We've got 2 centre backs for the first XI and one left back if we can keep Bertrand. We need 2 right backs in, one up there with Bertrand in terms of quality, and one as backup, so a younger prospect would be fine, and a good solid CB - I'd be happy enough with a 30-something there to be honest, someone with a bit of experience on a Bosman maybe? Okay for backup with one of Luna or Bennett for LB and Clark and Baker for CB. Nzogbia - Not consistent enough for the first XI, and paid too much to keep around on the bench. Needs to go (but not necessarily because he's rubbish) Bacuna - Started very well for us, but I'd rather have him there as an option rather than guaranteed starter El Ahmedi - Doesn't deserve the flak he gets, but needs to be replaced and moved on due to his limitations Albrighton - I really like Marc. Give him a new 2 year deal and keep him here - but this'll depend on what kind of formation and style we're looking at long-term Westwood - Great last season, not very good this season. I'd keep him as backup and see if he can force his way in Delph - Good enough to keep in the starting XI, though how he's used will depend on how we plan to play Herd - Needs to go Sylla - Thought he'd kick on a lot more this season. Not being used, so get rid Gary Gardner - Doesn't look like he's got a future here Tonev - I'm a firm believer in giving players at least 2 years. Hold onto him, keep him on the bench and see if he can break through Midfield Summary: This all really depends on how we're going to play. If we're going with 3 CMs, then we need to buy one enforcer and one box to box player at least. If we're planning on playing with 2, then we need someone we're never going to be able to get to sit in with Delph. I don't think that's a realistic option though (obviously). If we're going to play with wingers outside the 3 in the middle, which I believe we should, then we need a new left and right winger. Gabby and Andi aren't wingers, and with Kozak likely to be our main man next season (can't see Benteke being here this time next year), we need someone getting crosses into the box. Marc can do a job, but if better is available we need to buy and push him out to the bench. Benteke - Can't see him being a Villa player in September Kozak - With the right service, I believe he can be lethal. He's shown he can take chances, and he's decent in the air if we get crosses in Agbonlahor - Gabby is the conundrum. He's not a striker, and he's not a winger. We need his pace for counter attacking, but he can't really do much apart from run in a straight line really fast. His control has improved a bit, but his finishing seems to be getting worse. He's not going to play as a lone man up front, and putting him on the wing isn't really doing us any good unless we brought in an actual winger who can play right or left, and have them switch regularly during games. That's the only way I can see him working. He's too good for our bench though, which begs the question - what the hell do we do with him? Weimann - Been poor this season, but has been called the best natural finisher at the club. Use him in rotation with Kozak for me Bowery - Needs to go Bent - If nobody takes him in the summer, I'd give him a squad number and reintegrate him to be honest. There might just be that odd occasion where you need someone like him there to poach. He won't add much beyond that, and he certainly won't create anything for others, but if we're going to pay him, we might as well have him earn it in somehow. Attacking Summary: In some ways we're pretty solid in attack, and in others we're awful. The issue comes down to not knowing how the midfield works, so that'll be key. I don't think we need to bring any forwards in this summer though. Get the midfield right, figure out the plan(s) of attack, and work with what we've got, because we've got a little bit of everything in Kozak, Gabby and Andi. The most effective use of each of them would require a completely different midfield system though Then we've got the (relatively) unknown quantities in the academy guys. Obviously we're all looking forward to seeing Jack make his first team debut, but where does he fit into any system we might play under Lambert? Unless we make some amazing CM signings we're nowhere near strong enough in the centre to have a number 10 playing, which Jack looks like he might be able to slot into. Is he any good on the wing? Can he cross? If so, that might be the best initial fit for him, but Jack on one side and Marc on the other probably won't leave too many fullbacks sleepless the night before a game in terms of prospective physical battles. The Hit List: In order of necessity, I believe we require: 1) Strong, solid, reliable, experienced centre back 2) A strong, technically capable unit of a midfielder 3) First team right back 4) A box to box midfielder 5) A left winger 6) A right winger 7) A backup right back Realistically, we're looking at a minimum of 5 signings who will all play 25+ games a season, and who aren't coming from a couple of levels below where we are right now, and 2 that can come in and make 10 or so starts, and another 20-odd sub appearances throughout the season. That's not going to come cheap, but if we get £20m for Benteke, the owner puts in his usual £20m and we take £10m from the new TV money, we should have enough there to bring in what we need (on paper at least)
  3. Taken from a Belgium website, Defour's agent Paul Stefani confirming we have an interest in Defour, would be a massive signing if we pulled this coup off. "Aston Villa has indeed announced that they show interest in Defour, but really is not concrete yet. Example, there are several teams that I can not mention. Unfortunately Alas, in this period, as many said," Stefani said in a conversation with Voetbalkrant.com . "Before 10 January, you should not expect news. Lot of people who are involved in the business, after all, are still on vacation until that date." Defour is currently not always play, but his situation is precarious. "Yesterday I had contact with Steven. He is certainly open to a nice club, provided that he has more chances of playing space. But he is certainly not unhappy with Porto. Yet he wants to play football in particular in view of the World Cup. " Source - http://www.voetbalkrant.com/nl/nieuws/lees/2014-01-03/niets-verwachten-voor-10-januari#ixzz2pNPZQ4JO
  4. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/manchester-city-norway-u21-midfielder-3029637
  5. http://www.sportsdirectnews.com/premier-league-news/38757-villa-and-albion-pursue-interest-in-le-fondre.php#.Ut2KS9LFKUk
  6. In a few italian papers and also here: http://www.sportsdirectnews.com/aston-villa-fc-transfer-news/38288-villa-prepare-second-lazio-raid.php#.UtUaG_RdX4E http://www.calciomercato.it/news/256384/Mercato-Lazio-lAston-Villa-sogna-Klose.html
  7. http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/07/aston-villa-close-in-on-bradford-citys-nahki-wells-to-end-striker-problems-4253732/
  8. http://www.der-sechzehner.de/hannover-96-sebastien-pocognoli-vor-dem-absprung-interesse-aus-england-am-belgier-20563.html
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-eye-jurgen-locadio-2869771
  10. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/348780/Aston-Villa-in-for-Swedish-star-Pontus-Jansson
  11. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/rumour-mill-aston-villa-eyeing-6271680
  12. http://msn.foxsports.com/foxsoccer/premierleague/story/paper-chase-nov-01-manchester-united-abandon-plans-to-sign-dortmund-striker-robert-lewandowski-110113 from todays Daily Star but can't find the link but is reported all over the net
  13. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/348391/Celtic-look-to-secure-young-prospect-Lewis-Kidd-as-Aston-Villa-and-Sunderland-eye-up-move
  14. Italian Link!! Not sure if source is genuine or not? http://forzaitalianfootball.com/2013/10/tottenham-and-aston-villa-chase-ac-milan-youngster/
  15. Only just seen this, after Ings of Burnley so Express reckons, he has 7 goals in 9 games this season: http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/430630/Newcastle-Villa-Sunderland-and-Palace-track-Burnley-hitman-Danny-Ings
  16. I thought I'd get a thread started as the speculation linking us to this player is beginning to grow. Below is the main article with quotes from Player himself. http://www.sport1.bg/futbol/angliya/24825-ivelin-popov-znam-za-interes-ot-vila&act=url
  17. http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/09/newcastle-and-aston-villa-want-to-sign-loic-remy-if-qpr-are-relegated-3588963/ --- It begins, our first Summer transfer link this year in the form of Loic Remy. Personally I think it's probably a bit of fishing by the agent, but either way he'd be a great signing in my opinion. Of course Newcastle are most likely the team who'll get him based on their current stature and the wages he'd be asking for. I'd imagine that Samba also has a clause in his contract too but again his wages would price him out of the picture. Either way I hope we do our business early and that Lerner backs Lambert properly.
  18. looks like we have some interest in this guy http://www.123algeriasport.com/ryad-boudebouz-vers-aston-villa/ "According to FM (Football Mercato), Aston Villa intention to make an offer of € 3 million for Ryad Boudebouz. Lacking a concrete offer during this summer transfer window, Ryad Boudebouz could finally see the end of the tunnel if this information were to be confirmed." http://www.mercato365.com/infos-clubs/sochaux/sochaux-aston-villa-a-supervise-boudebouz-1049825.shtml "Under until June 2014, Ryad Boudebouz (23 years), midfielder Sochaux, do not leave indifferent Aston Villa. Author of three goals in the league last season, Algerian international has been overseen by an emissary of the Villans against Evian TGFC (1-1, first day of Ligue 1) on Saturday night. The club managed by Paul Lambert could send an offer for the native of Colmar, which is also followed by Southampton (in particular)." http://www.sempreinter.com/2013/08/11/from-spain-offer-from-aston-villa-for-boudebouz/ http://www.transfermarketweb.com/?action=read&idsel=126301 Mods please delete if this thread has already begun. EDIT: Got some pretty silky moves.
  19. Mods feel free to close this and open the old Kiyo thread. There's an article here from the mirror and i'd like to be able to discuss Kiyotake without having to trawl through the transfer thread. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-transfers-hiroshi-kiyotake-2128698 Aston Villa plotting Hiroshi Kiyotake transfer but only after axeing dead wood 5 Aug 2013 22:30 Bent, Bannan, Hutton, Delfouneso, Given, Ireland and Stevens in line to be moved on and free up cash to spend on Japan midfielder Holding out for Hiro: Villa are willing to wait to buy Kiyotake Dean Mouhtaropoulos Aston Villa are waiting to offload their flops before stepping up interest in Nuremberg’s Japanese star Hiroshi Kiyotake. Villa want rid of Darren Bent, Barry Bannan, Alan Hutton, Nathan Delfouneso, Shay Given, Stephen Ireland and Enda Stevens. But club chiefs don’t want to let their gaggle of big-earning outcasts go on the cheap, with hefty pay-offs. The Villans are holding out until the final days of the summer window in the hope of finding better terms before cashing in and may then move for 23-year-old attacking midfielder Kiyotake. Manager Paul Lambert was impressed by his performances at the London Olympics and was first linked with the player last month, but the Germans are reluctant to sell for less than £10million. Kiyotake, who has played 19 times for Japan, scored four times and had 10 assists during his debut season in the Bundesliga. Lambert has already been very active this summer in bringing in six players, but the club now want to shift their dead wood before buying again. Meanwhile, Lambert insists two of his best summer buys are on course to make an impact at the start of the Premier League season. Bulgaria midfielder Aleksandar Tonev and Denmark defender Jores Okore only played in the first game of the Villans' German tour before being sidelined with injuries. But they returned in Sunday's 2-0 win at Shamrock Rovers and are on course to start at Arsenal in the opening league game on August 17. Lambert said: "Alex and Jores have been out for a month, so for them to get 45 minutes is important. "The most important thing, which I have said from day one, is no injuries. "It was a game we looked pretty comfortable in. It's another victory. We are getting there. We have one more week to go now."
  20. 16 year old youth prospect.. here: http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Aston-Villa-talk-Torquay-United-young-star-Liam/story-19079193-detail/story.html
  21. The bit about a £3.5m release clause is surprising. Can't believe he's still only 25. edit: Forgot to put his club in the title. Mods?
  22. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/5017905/Paul-Lambert-chasing-7mil-Baby-Drogba-to-bolster-attack.html Very MEH! link for me, don't rate this chap at all and is 27!!
  23. Demitri_C

    Demba Ba

    In todays Daily Star http://www.dailystar.co.uk/football/view/325984/Aston-Villa-eye-up-Chelsea-ace-Demba-Ba-as-replacement-for-Christian-Benteke/ yes Please! For 7m be a bargain
  24. News from large sources require new threads right? This is an article taken from the 14th most viewed website in Japan, goo.ne.jp I've translated the relevant parts of the article. Very sketchy but I think you can get the gist of it. Google translation Bing translation
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