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Found 4 results

  1. HERE WE ARE. After months of agony ( well sort of ) and occasional wild card madness. Here is the final round. And it's definitely a two-horser now after ED sadly scored just the one in the penultimate round, which in general was pretty low scoring, only andykeenan thanks to his wildcard broke double digits. So, the penultimate table then: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2gso0eo.jpg At the top where the two contenders have been close enough all year, Isa is trailing by just three points as we go into the final round - all played on Sunday just to remind you all. Still pride, averages and a place in the yellows still up for grabs. So who's going to get there and win the ultimate prize of all: a humble sense of satisfaction - or if the lure of material gain is there I could always rustle up some random crap from a draw, I'm moving house soon and need to offload shit. Will offer a lucky dip book / dvd if so desired. Usual rules: All predictions in by kick off times, no editing after 1 point a correct result 3 points a correct score Sun 24 May 2015 - Premier League Arsenal v West Brom 15:00 Aston Villa v Burnley 15:00 Chelsea v Sunderland 15:00 Crystal Palace v Swansea 15:00 Everton v Tottenham 15:00 Hull v Man Utd 15:00 Leicester v QPR 15:00 Man City v Southampton 15:00 Newcastle v West Ham 15:00 Stoke v Liverpool 15:00
  2. Getting ever closer to the finishing line and it's tight between the top two now as Isa makes up 2 points to leave a gap of two, with two rounds to play. ED fell away a bit after losing ground with 3 points last round, and definitely in outsider territory but still, 60 points technically on offer. Two weeks until the inaugural crowning, but who will it be? Oh what phenomenal tension. http://oi58.tinypic.com/2dv5zb7.jpg Anyway you really ought to know the rules by now, but for form's sake: 1 point for a correct result 3 points for a correct score all predictions in by kick off times and no editing posts after the match starts. My arbitrary adjudication is probably final. 4. There's a midweek game here as Arsenal with any luck will help keep the pesky sunderland side below us. Sat 16 May 2015 - Premier League Southampton v Aston Villa 12:45 Burnley v Stoke 15:00 QPR v Newcastle 15:00 Sunderland v Leicester 15:00 Tottenham v Hull 15:00 West Ham v Everton 15:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace 17:30 Sun 17 May 2015 - Premier League Swansea v Man City 13:30 Man Utd v Arsenal 16:00 Mon 18 May 2015 - Premier League West Brom v Chelsea 20:00 Wed 20 May 2015 - Premier League Arsenal v Sunderland 19:45
  3. Nearly flipping there at last! And still three in there to win, AVFCforever1991 with a 4 point advantage over Isa with ED a further 8 points back. Still, with about 90 points still available, who knows! http://oi60.tinypic.com/2qns4zt.jpg Usual rules - in before the kick off time, correct result 1 point, correct score 3 points, no editing posts after kick off time. Sat 9 May 2015 - Premier League Everton v Sunderland 12:45 Aston Villa v West Ham 15:00 Hull v Burnley 15:00 Leicester v Southampton 15:00 Newcastle v West Brom 15:00 Stoke v Tottenham 15:00 Crystal Palace v Man Utd 17:30 Upcoming Fixtures Sun 10 May 2015 - Premier League Man City v QPR 13:30 Chelsea v Liverpool 16:00 Upcoming Fixtures Mon 11 May 2015 - Premier League Arsenal v Swansea 20:00
  4. Right, Table up later on (possibly in a few days as quite busy at present, ) but in short last week's winner was Isa with 10, the only person to score double digits naturally - though avfc96 nadged a wildcard enhanced 14. A few 9s from equally splendid fellows Ed, Xela and Rodders complete the rollcall of honour for that week. Edit: Table here for week 26 predictions: http://oi57.tinypic.com/okq5fl.jpg Anyway - only 8 fixtures this week due to the League Cup final. Those games will be added to a later predicting round. There is also a midweek round of fixtures coming up too, just to be aware and I'll get that thread up later, probably tomorrow. Usual rules: all predictions in by kick off time, no editing post after then, 1 point for a correct result, 3 points for a correct score, one wildcard available until the end of the season SAT 28 FEB 2015 - PREMIER LEAGUE West Ham v Crystal Palace 12:45 Burnley v Swansea 15:00 Man Utd v Sunderland 15:00 Newcastle v Aston Villa 15:00 Stoke v Hull 15:00 West Brom v Southampton 15:00 SUN 1 MAR 2015 - PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool v Man City 12:00 Arsenal v Everton 14:05
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