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  1. So, Lamberts giving him quite a bit of game time this pre-season despite the fact that we have Clark, Baker, Vlaar, Okore and Herd who can all play CB. Lambert must see something, any one have much info on him?
  2. Sod it I am calling it as it is on Feyenoord's Official Site http://www.feyenoord...laar_naar_villa
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/11061592/Aston-Villa-to-make-8million-bid-for-Manchester-United-midfielder-Tom-Cleverley.html
  4. Seems to be liked by PL and getting a lot of game time in pre season. Obviously made his first team debut last yr, but could really play more this season, maybe even moved ahead of Bowery. So what type of player is he? I've only seen him in Next Gen final and first half tonight.
  5. Kind of seems like things are fizzling out for him at Real Madrid. I can see Man Utd or PSG making a move for him...maybe Man City... Where do you think Bale ends up after Madrid?
  6. Nationality: English Date of Birth: 26/01/1996 Height: 0' NaN" (0cm) Weight: 0st 0lbs (0.0kg) Previous Clubs: Position: Midfielder Way to go official site. an error message in his height.
  7. We've signed Ryan Bertrand on loan until the end of the season! Thoughts?
  8. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11677/9115123/transfer-news-aston-villa-want-wigan-striker-grant-holt-on-loan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_F0PCNFxSs A real man.
  9. Our new 18 year old signing from Southampton, thought i would start a new thread on him Anybody know anything about him? is he as highly rated as Chambers at Southampton? http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/aston-villa-sign-isaac-nehemie-6914556
  10. ermie123


    Found out from the Birmingham Evening Mail that MON could have bought this player, but went for Heskey The Donkey instead (not trying to put down donkeys as footballers, but they do excel as load carriers in low developed countries).
  11. NOTE: Do not include in your valuation Bent, Given, Ireland, Hutton, N'Zogbia - only the names of the top 21 players shown in the table below. I get the impression from Hairyhands post that the overall amount we spend on wages won't increase significantly in future until the player asset values rise further. This on the theory that we should not spend on wages more than the team is worth - which is what happened until the end of the O'Neill era - because it is money down the drain, and in the long run if you keep throwing money away it will weaken your position in the league. So if we can sell players for profit in the future - if the resell value of the team is constantly increasing relative to the wage level - we can spend that extra money on wage increases in the present. This is a more sustainable financial approach for staying in the Premier League and eventually competing higher up the table. Example 1: we bought Benteke for £7 million. He is now worth £25 million. This means we have £18 million extra to spend over the 3 years left on his contract (because we will eventually sell for £25 million and so can spend the difference on wages). £18 million is £6 million per year, or one annual salary worth £115,000 per week. Example 2: we bought Westwood for £1.5 million and although he's still nowhere near the most famous Westwood when you google his surname (Vivenne, Lee and Tim knock him off page one) he's probably at least doubled in value to £3 million with his experience and performance level in this league. If he has 3 years left on his contract, that's £1.5 million extra for wages, 500k a year, or one annual salary worth £10,000 per week, which is what a lot of our first XI is earning right now. The poll is then: what is the current Villa side worth? Intention is for me or someone to do an equivalent poll at the end of the season to see if our valuation of the top 21 squad players has changed. Here's the Villa team (table copied from whoscored) you have to value:
  12. I've just been sat writing down on some paper the players I will have for FM14 (I am at work, but the office is a lonely one...). I was listing how much I could make from player sales, when I started to wonder how much our team is worth in real life? I think we are already worth 5x (in total) what we were last year and players are still improving which adds to value. (I am putting estimated costs, I cannot remember all). Bought for / now worth Guzan: £0m / £15m (is this cheating, do I put previous fee?) Lowton: £1.5m / £4m Bacuna: £1.5m / £3m Bennett: £1.5m / £2m Luna: £1.5m / £3m Vlaar: £3.5m / £3.5m Clark: £0m / £5m Baker: £0m / £4m Okore: £4m / £4m Albrighton: £0m / £1m Tonev: £2m / £2m Delph: £6m / £8m Sylla: £0.5m / £2m El Ahmadi: £2m / £3m Westwood: £1m / £5m Agbonlahor: £0m / £8m Weimann: £0m / £5m Kozak: £4m / £4m Helenius: £1m / £1m Benteke: £5m / £40m Plus we have a few others such as Herd and Steer who are now worth more. Is this proof we are on the way up? Most players have seen a rise on their values (in my opinion) which has to be a good sign? Am I close to possible values or have I under/over-rated some?
  13. Not sure if this deserves its own thread or whether it even merits a thread but I just noticed something I haven't seen before. When I googled members of our squad, or any player really, I found their estimated salary is listed in the information box that comes up. At first I assumed this was just simply dragging information from Wikipedia, but the information isn't on Wikipedia. You can all do it simply enough for yourselves so I won't link it, but just out of interest it lists DB9's salary as 3.36m per year and Shay Given's as 2.86m. Is this new or has it always been there?
  14. Ok.... all this is probably bull**** given the sauce but: Just having a mooch about on Twitter and seen MiniBeest and Julie formerly of this parish discussing a Villa player "one of the Irish Connections" who has apparently failed a drugs test and has been sacked. Google came up with nothing so I'm wondering if anyone knows anything? Fingers crossed its Ireland. That'd be a bonus.
  15. So with the season quickly coming to an end, and us staying in the Premier League (!!!) I thought I would take some time to assess our current squad and see how many we would want to stay, how many we would like to see go, and then of course, see who we would need to bring in! I have based this on our current 4-3-3 formation that I quite like. Goal keepers. Brad Guzan. Wow. What a season, and what a piece of business from Lambert to bring him back. I think we all thought he was ok, quite good at saving penalties in the cup but his improvement had not been what we all hoped. How wrong we were. Top keeper, great presence and I think he will continue to improve. Remember he still hasn’t had a full season in the top league as starting number 1 yet! Given, Marshall and Seigrest. We have good back up here and will be fine if they all stay. But will Given be happy seeing out his career on the bench for Villa and does Marshall have one more season in him. I would expect one will go and as such a back up keeper will need to come in. Full backs Matthew Lowton. Quality signing, solid season and a great prospect. He is probably the best full back we have had going forward for a long time and defensively I think he is going to come good. A potential England squad member of the future and a real star of the team this season. Things will only get better as he plays more in an established back 4 with better experienced players around him. Joe Bennett. An interesting one here. When he is full of confidence he can be good. Very good. His crossing is excellent, and on occasions when you see him go for it, he can beat a man and really contribute going forward. Defensively though he has been found out a few times. He needs to bulk up, get better positionally and work with the rest of the back 4 a lot better. I think he could come good, remember he is brand new to the league, has played in a changing side, with many different formations in a side that has struggled. Not the best environment for a young lad trying to make a name for himself. I feel confident keeping him as first choice left back next season, but it will be make or break for him I feel. I don’t he should move to left wing as song have suggested, his defensive game will improve. Stevens and Lichaj. Good solid if unspectacular back up squad members with time on their side. Both will e happy to stay as back, both can cover when needed. Centre Backs Ron Vlaar. Love this guy. Great attitude, commitment and leadership and the experience to make everyone else in the back 4 look a lot better. We are considerably better with him in and I think he could be a real Villa legend if he stays fit. Strong in the air, good positionally and a great passer of the ball. He is everything Dunne and Collins were not. Needs a better partner though! Ciaran Clark. Potential. Real potential. He has had some pretty strong games for us and I still like the idea of him as a holding CM. He is a good passer of the ball, looks comfortable having it too, and his distribution can be good. Tackling can be rash and his positional sense and decision making has come into question, but I do feel his worse games were without Vlaar when he had to lead the back 4 in a struggling side so maybe we have been harsh on him. Not sure I would like him as first choice next season, but I defiantly want him to stay and feel he could fight his way into the team in 6-12 months time and maybe then stay there for a very long time. Like a lot of the other squad, he would have learnt a lot from this season and will come back a better player for it. Nathan Baker. I like Baker. I think he is an old fashioned hard working centre back who delivers consistently and honestly for a team he clearly wants to prove himself in. Great potential and solid back up like Clark, but again I would not want to rely on him as a starter just yet. He needs to get better at his distribution but with Clark and Vlaar so good at this maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world. He certainly could make it as a premiership defender so let’s hope we don’t miss out on his career in the way we did with Cahill. Richard Dunne. Soon to be gone and the money from his wages will go a long way! USA maybe? Central Midfielders. Barry Bannan. A lot of potential, but still not delivering consistently enough. He does suit a 3 man midfield a lot more so happy to keep him as back up, but he won’t start as many games as he would like so will he start to grumble. Can pick a pass, but sometimes tries to do a killer ball a little too much, and with Westwood developing so much this season, we have someone who does his job a lot better now. Fabian Delph. A lot of injuries have frustrated him and the fans, and I know a lot of people still remain unconvinced but I like him. He adds bite and tenacity into a smallish midfield, and his passing is better than most give him credit for. He is often in the mid 80’s for his completion ratio and his tackling is getting better, as in he gets carded a little less than he used too! A solid if unspectacular player who I think does more for the team than most give him credit for. Yacouba Sylla. Good signing. Good player. Great prospect. After a handful of games, a lot of fans are very excited about what this lad could achieve. It shows how good our scouting network has becoming, picking this guy up so quickly after missing out on our number 1 target from the lower leagues of French football. He has adapted quickly, shown great heart and spirit, and with more games under his belt I think could become a first fan favourite. Ashley Westwood. Top player and great attitude. Some great passes this season, the through ball for Gabby against Norwich comes to mind most recently, but he has does this all season. Great positionally and so calm on the ball. His confidence has grown immensely over the season and I think he will come back a lot stronger next time around. A future captain and potential International, this guy has everything if he can continue to develop his game. Karim El Ahamadi. Always seems to deliver for me but for whatever reason doesn’t get the game time to deserve it. He is probably our most attacking central midfield player and the only one for me who could get the 5-10 goals we need from midfield. His shooting from range is decent, and the rest of his game is good enough to start for me. Maybe at the expense of Delph, but with lots of games to play, rotation will be key and I hope he stays and gets a good 30 odd games again. Gary Gardner. Back from injury and performing for the reserves again. I like what he brings to the side and could be a great future start for the side. Still too early to tell but hopefully he will get 20 odd games next season and show his potential. Steven Ireland. Cheerio Mr. Ireland seems on the cards. Like Bent and Dunne, his wages will be huge and with all 3 going we could make some serious moves in the market for players who will actually play. Shame as he has it all, but so rarely shows it. My patience has run out and I assume so has Mr Lambert’s. Stoke I predict. Chris Herd. Worth keeping for his versatility and attitude. Can play pretty much anywhere and will always deliver consistently for us. My second choice right back at the club and a decent back up in midfield. Should get a few games if he stays fit and offers good flexibility instead of Lichaj off the bench. Daniel Johnson. I have only seen him play a handful of games but I am impressed by this lad. Has it all and offers the goal threat the rest of our midfield lacks. Send him out to a championship side on loan next season to warm him up for our European nights the season after! Wingers. Marc Albrighton. The forgotten man. Will he fit into our new system? Yes in short! Offers good back up to Weimann and an explosive impact from the bench when defenders are getting tired. Gets his crosses in a lot and lets think, have we seen him play much with Benteke? No. His crosses plus Beneteke’s aerial threat equals goals for me. Charles N’Zogbia. Bit like Ireland, real class when he is on form, but from what I have heard, his discipline, although better, is what keeps him out the side more than anything else. Sort that out, get his head down and working hard and we have a real talent on our hands. I hope he stays, sorts himself out and delivers what we all know he can. He should be aiming for 30 starts, 10 goals and 10 assists next season. Gabby Agbonlahor. Star of the year so far and great to have him back to his best. Much better in this formation than 4-4-2 and offers so much more than goals. His pace, ability to beat a man and crossing has improved immensely as has his left foot and finishing. Should be aiming for 15 goals a season now and thinking of himself as a left winger, not forward. His worst games for us have been when we rely too much on him, play him up top on his own and his confidence goes and he feels the pressure too much. Alongside Wiemann and Beneteke he has proved what he can do when played in the right way. Well done Lambert for finally finding the best from Gabby. Andreas Wiemann. Great attitude and work rate with a calm composed finish to boot. Probably would suit 4-4-2 more than the rest of our side, but has adapted to left wing well and it will serve his career well to develop his game in this role. On the counter attack, he is one of our best players, he doesn’t have the pace of Gabby, but the runs he makes are very clever and he is always so hungry to break and turn a defensive situation into a goal threat. Probably the player most at risk from an inform and disciplined N’Zogbia, but offers a lot coming from the bench and will get his game time I am sure. Let’s just hope we sign him up soon. Be a real shame to lose him after outing all this work into his career. I hope he recognises that and shows some loyalty to the club. Brett Holman. Holman offers a lot, hard work, a good shot from distance, strong and physical and up to the demands of the game, but he seems to tire after an hour and his passing can be erratic at times. A great squad player, but he needs to focus and push himself on a lot more in his short passes to get into the side regularly for me. However, I do like the idea of him coming on with 30 minutes to go in a tough battling game and really making a difference. Samir Carruthers. Showed great signs at the end of last season, that drop of the shoulder and skinning Gerrard at Anfield! But he has barely featured this term, playing different positions for the reserves but showing good promise. Get him out of loan to a championship club and see how he develops. Forwards. Christian Benteke. Re-sign him on a larger contract as soon as humanly possible, probably the best striker we have had at the club in my life time. If we can keep him at the club for a long time and build a team around him we could do what we so nearly did those 3 season under MON. Still only 22 without a full season or pre season at the club what potential this guy has. He has it all. Darren Bent. I presume he will go, which is a shame, as he is a great goal poacher, but he just doesn’t fit our system anymore and clearly Lambert doesn’t like him for the way he wants to play. Get him off the pay roll with a decent selling on fee and we can use the case in other areas. A shame. Jorden Bowrey. Good prospect, but lets be honest, none of us have seen him play enough, and certainly not in his favoured position. Time will tell. Nathan Delfouneso. Cheerio. That simple. Not good enough. Graham Burke. I like to look of Burke, and clearly Lambert does too. Get him out of loan and see how he develops. So if we sell Dunne, Bent, Ireland and Delfouneso, this leaves the following, with cash and salary I would imagine for 2 solid new signings. First 11. GK – Guzan RB – Lowton CB – Vlaar CB – Clark LB – Bennett CM – Sylla CM – Delph CM – Westwood RW – Weimann CF – Benteke LW – Agbonlahor Second 11 GK – Given RB – Herd CB – Baker CB – LB – Lichaj CM – Bannan CM – El Ahamadi CM – Gardner RW – N’Zogbia CF – Bowrey LW – Albrighton Not bad but clearly lacking in the CB and CF areas. Still leaves: Marshall, Seigrest Stevens, Johnson, Carruthers, Holman and Burke. So for me, we clearly need one more CB. Ideally one to play alongside Vlaar, offer some experience and solidarity to the back 4. A left footer as well. Lescott fits the bill perfectly for me. We can’t have all kids! Another forward if Bent and Delfouneso do go would be handy too, although if Benteke is injured or suspended or we want to rest him, we can always move Gabby or Weimann to the middle and bring in any one of our other wingers. All about getting Weimann and Benteke to commit long term and a new CB for me this summer. Not a massive ask and who knows, next season could be a new dawn for the Villa.
  16. Notes: I've added up the minutes played for every player this season. I've included additional time in these figures on the logic that although no more than 90 minutes is in theory played per game, players have to retain their concentration and focus for the entire duration of the match, whether it is 93 minutes or 99. That statistic was not available at Squawka or Whoscored so I researched it myself, every match for each player. The record of minutes played enabled me to go through each match and log goals scored and conceded for each player, creating what in Ice Hockey is known as the "+/-" stat. I don't think I've made any errors but it's always possible (feel free to double-check the Bannan statistic). I've not researched the statistics for all squad players, just the regulars plus Sylla and Bowery (I thought people would want to know those). During the 2012-13 season Aston Villa scored one goal once every 80 minutes and conceded a goal once every 54 minutes. Player (minutes) Conceded/Scored (Goal difference) Passing percentage (chances created) Defence Lowton (3350) 64/42 (-22) 79% (21) Played the most minutes of all the outfield players this season. Our most effective attacking defender who frequently had most touches of the ball of all our players during the match. Lowton made tackles and interceptions at a higher rate than all other Villa players during the season. To show his importance to the team and his progress, at the beginning to the season people said Who? at the end the talk was Arsene Wenger was going to buy him for Arsenal if we got relegated. He also scored THAT goal against Stoke, which I think was Gary Neville's goal of the season, possibly the single most important goal that saved us from relegation. Vlaar (2528) 46/39 (-7) 82% (3) Statistics show that our defence was stronger with our most experienced defender in it. Ron Vlaar, Netherlands international and team captain, had a difficult first few months but came back strongly after 9 matches out through injury. From January to the end of the season Vlaar's record was: W6 D4 L4. He contributed two goals and when he was playing the team scored once every 65 minutes (15 minutes better than the team average). Clark (2673) 54/30 (-22) 81% (0) Very important to the team when the manager was still new, very inexperienced and kept switching systems; and Ron Vlaar, his partner in defence, was still getting used to the Premier League. The 5 clean sheets the defence achieved this season were all with Clark at centre-back. However, like most of the defence he was guilty at times of some embarrassing errors. As captain when Vlaar was out, there was an incredible amount of pressure on Clark to lead the youngest ever Villa team. While Vlaar was out for 9 games between November and January the team averaged 1 point per game: enough for survival (W2 D3 L4). Baker (2164) 40/28 (-12) 78% (7) The youngest defender became one of the most important toward the end of the season gaining valuable experience along the way. Whilst we could not keep clean sheets, Baker was solid enough and composed enough to do just enough to give our forwards the chance to win every game. When we were weak at set pieces Baker made us stronger: over the season winning 64% of his headed duels, slightly higher success rate than Vlaar and Clark. At times Baker was clumsy, scoring two own goals - although one of them was unavoidable - and conceded a penalty for a schoolboy challenge on Suarez. Bennett (1960) 45/29 (-16) 84% (10) The weakest link in the defence this season. The team conceded one goal every 44 minutes when Bennett was playing, worst rate for all players listed here, 10 minutes more frequent than the team average. On the plus side - perhaps the explanation why Lambert continued to play him - the team scored (a very impressive) 13 minutes more frequently than the team average when Bennett was on the pitch. The most accurate passer of all the defenders, Bennett's defensive game did improve slightly during the season but fans will no doubt have polarised opinions about this player's future in the team. Lichaj (1167) 15/16 (-1) 75% (5) Had a good season as a back-up player, being defensively solid. The defence conceded a goal once every 68 minutes when Lichaj played, compared to worse than once every 54 minutes when he didn't (although it helped that he was subbed when the score was 0-3 during the Christmas stuffing at Chelsea). Midfield Westwood (2578) 45/40 (-5) 86% (33) Recruited from Crewe in League Two, Westwood had a fantastic season and proved to be the "Carrick" type of player he suggested he was. Although he didn't do anything spectacular - the archetypal "water carrier" - he was mature beyond his years and did not let any occasion or any level of pressure get to him, a consistency which was incredibly vital to the young team. Westwood deservedly ended the season with 6 assists - the most in the team - which suggests even more room for improvement next season, and it's worth noting he achieved an 86% passing accuracy whilst passing backwards only 36% of the time. Delph (1803) 32/23 (-9) 88% (13) A loose bolt of electricity in the midfield, Delph helped recharge our season campaign after the Christmas stuffings (he was only involved in the Tottenham defeat). Delph tackled and made vital interceptions to give the team ball possession to create attacks, and frequently carried the ball forward to start attacks. Also showing Delph's importance to cleaning up our midfield, his passing percentage of 88% was the highest in the team for the season. He did not manage any goals or assists but his take-ons were successful 71% of the time and given improvement this unique aspect to his game may in future result goals and key passes. Sylla (615) 13/15 (+2) 84% (9) Not many games to really judge his performance. From what we do have, does not look like we took him from French Ligue 2. His starting record since his arrival is not at all shabby: W4 D1 L2. Bannan (1705) 34/21 (-13) 82% (34) Bannan was our most creative midfield player this season, in both absolute (comparative) and relative (per minute) terms. When Bannan played he was responsible for many of the set pieces (although he took less than half all corners taken this season) and gained of his 17 key passes from corners. His most consistent attribute was his accurate crosses and was unlucky not to get an assist when Baker headed on to the bar against Southampton. On the negative side, the team conceded more goals with Bannan on the pitch and while his set pieces were top class, he never appeared fully "settled" with the pace of the Premier League. El Ahmadi (1256) 23/10 (-13) 85% (13) A difficult first season, getting used to the pace of the Premier League. El Ahmadi did not bring our defence rating down but the attack was much less productive - we scored only once every 125 minutes when he played this season. Attack Benteke (2964) 61/40 (-21) 65% (51) Benteke played the second most minutes of all outfield players, scoring 19 goals during the season. His role as central striker and target man in part explains his low passing percentage of 65%: he was usually given the most difficult balls to control and the fewest passing options. The gif below shows my personal favourite Benteke goal of the season. Who would have thought he would score from 8 yards out when he received possession 45 yards from goal with a defender in front and one closing in behind/ This is Benteke in beast mode - direct, fearless, powerful and lethal. Agbonlahor (2274) 37/31 (-6) 81% (23) Gabby came on strong when the team needed him most, scoring vital goals at the end of the season against Reading, QPR and Nowich. His absence for 5 games through injury at the same time as Vlaar was surely one of the reasons for the Christmas Stuffings. This season showed he has still got the pace that defenders hate, and is the key player that makes Villa the most feared counter-attack team in the Premier League, along with Arsenal and Tottenham. Weimann (2336) 43/35 (-8) 79% (23) The third key element of the attacking line up which scored enough goals to keep us in the Premier League. When Weimann played the team scored every 67 minutes, which on paper made him a more influential attacking player for minutes played even than Gabby and Benteke (with whom we scored once every 73 and 74 minutes, respectively). This incredible fact is probably explained by Weimann's excellent movement which draws defenders out of position and creates attacking shooting and passing opportunities for his team mates. That requires a lot of hard work though and by the end of the season most fans thought his performances tailed off a bit, which is understandable because by then he must have been totally shagged. N'Zogbia (1053) 20/17 (-3) 80% (22) With the effectiveness of the Agbonlahor-Benteke-Weimann line up, N'Zogbia's opportunities were limited this season. When he did play it's fair to say his form was usually good. He scored a game winning free kick against West Ham and a goal that earned us a point against Fulham. Holman (1506) 32/12 (-20) 74% (24) Played early in the season when tactics were constantly changing and the new boys were still getting used to the Premier League. Scored a goal that gave us a point away at QPR and a couple of assists in the famous away victory when we destroyed Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson's favourite team. Bowery (333) 5/2 (-3) 85% (2) Not much data to go on. Our record when he starts is: W2 D1, which be bad.can't
  17. Michael Owen set to retire at end of season. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21839361 He made it to a very high level in the game with unusually (for a modern footballer) very limited technical ability. He was also extremely one footed, never used his left foot for anything other than standing on, and he never ever looked quite in control of a football. But his pace and anticipation in the box made him a lethal poacher. Injury robbed him of his pace a few years ago and it's probably long past time to hang up his boots, a month younger than me, which makes me feel old.
  18. Aston Villa Player of the Year Awards I'm trying to find out when Aston Villa first awarded their Player of the Year and a list of all winners. Does anyone have this information (the awards are usually given by the Official Supporters Club)? I will be very grateful for any assistance provided. Please email me at: webmaster@myfootballfacts.com
  19. Other topic was closed... Due to train for the first time with the squad tomorrow, Houllier said he will be involved with Wigan.. anyone else looking forward to his debut? What do you expect from his debut? His dress sense is too cool, anyone got a pic of him at the city game?
  20. Haven't seen this anywhere yet, probably cause it's not released in english newspapers yet. And these signings probably happens every now and then during the season and we never hear of it untill they play for the youths or something like that. According to this, with quotes from the boy himself, we've signed a new 16 year old player called Khalid Abdo from Lärje/Angered. He's a midfielder who's played in what I think would be the 4th or 5th division here in Sweden. They were promoted this year. I don't know anything about him, but apparently Fulham, Hamburg and Valenciennes were all after him but he chose to come here. According to him we have the best youth academy out of the four he's been to and he feels that he can develop best here with us. He's of course happy to have signed for us and wants to take the step up to the U18 pretty quickly and then go further to the first team. All in all some nice quotes and he shows some ambition. But he finishes it off with a less good quote when stating that he then might go to an even bigger club. But now he's here and let's hope that he can become a good player for us.
  21. OK... i know.. yes everyone hates him at the moment. He had bad words to say about the club.. etc etc. If he is willing to have a fresh start at the club gets back his form when he first joined... Will everyone forgive and forget? I miss having a left back at the club! Im not sure why we are supposedly chasing Hutton when we have Young and Lichaj and even Cuellar.. Im assuming that Warnock will be playing for Villa again. Be interesting to see the reaction. Before his injuries.. i remember him making last ditch tackles.. real commitment to the cause.. Id love to see that form back despite what has gone on.. (of which i am not even 100% sure what happened). As we all know.. in a working environment, when you have a boss that makes your life hard.. you want to leave and find a new job or tough it out till he leaves. Yay or Nay for Warnock?
  22. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11677/8023998/Prem-pair-ask-about-Doyle
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