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  1. maqroll


    Highly anticipated Pentagon report to be released next month. I wonder how much information they will withhold.
  2. This is turning from calamity to crisis. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/03/27/world/suez-canal-stuck-ship
  3. What am I missing about this? It seems that Australian news outlets are insisting through their government that anywhere their content appears they want to be paid for it. Google had an argument with them but ultimately decided to pay up to the larger players (read Murdoch). Facebook haven't agreed and have removed Australian news sources from their site - causing a public outcry. Now for me, Facebook is a private website, if they decide they don't want to allow certain content on their site, that's up to them isn't it? If it was happening here, I could still go to the BBC and find my news, but it's being reported as Facebook acting like an authoritarian state and it being a battle between plucky nations and evil tech giants for media control. I don't get it. If it was happening here, would it means that VT would have to pay Murdoch for any link to a story in his papers? Would VT have to pay the BBC for linking to their articles? If that's the case, then I can understand why Facebook are taking this line. With my limited understanding of things, it seems to me that Facebook are the innocent party in this and that the Australian media companies are the villains - that's not how it's reported, so I'm clearly missing the point. Educate me please!
  4. As a depressing ex manager once said, "We go again" Same rules as before... You get five names. Five. If you list more than five names then any names from six onwards won't count. 100 points for a dead celebrity. 200 points if that celebrity is below 40 years of age on the day they die. The number of points is divided equally between every person who guesses correctly. If you are the only person to name somebody who dies then you get the full hundred. If five people guess, it's twenty points each. Decimal scores will be rounded up, ie, if three people guess then they get 34 points each, not 33.333 I'll be generous with the deadline. Entries are valid up until 23:59 January 6th 2021. Editing your post after that time will invalidate your entry into the game. If your pick was made before 2021 and they die in 2020, you have until the entry deadline to nominate your substitute People who die before you post, do not score for you Pinned until entries close on 6th Jan 2021 New Rule: Deathpool only starts when entries close
  5. sidcow


    So not long now before we leave behind probably the worst year the world has seen since WW2. What does 2021 hold for us? What are your hopes, dreams and musings about what 2021 might bring. It seems likely to start off even worse than 2020 ends but hopefully the vaccines can start to make a quick improvement if they can roll them out fast enough. Personally I just want to see people more, go to a pub. My son turned 18 in November and all he has wanted to do is buy me a beer. That is something I look forward to. I hope the economy will bounce back quickly. So many people must be in real hardship, lost jobs peoples dreams of starting their own business lying in ruins. I hope those people can start again. And I want to go to Villa Park and watch Jack Grealish playing like a footballing god in real life, supported by the rest of our fantastic team. I want to sing songs on The Holte. I want to go to an away ground and take the piss out of their stadium and town. I genuinely do want to get into the office and see my colleagues. I want to hug my parents. I hope Brexit works out though I think that might be a dragging factor on our general prosperity at a time we really don't need it. I am worried about what actions the Government will take to pay for Coronavirus, those things will become clearer in the next few months.
  6. Can't have an Apocalypse without the involvement of The Morning Star. Pretty sure they are going to announce evidence of life on Venus in a couple of hours.
  7. News is just coming out about these horrible stabbing attacks in Birmingham in the city centre. Not too much info yet about how many hurt, but I hope you're all safe!
  8. LondonLax


    Things are looking a bit spicy in Belarus at the moment! Can anyone tell me how this ends? Are we looking at a rerun of Ukraine? https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/08/16/belarus-leader-says-putin-offers-help-as-pressure-builds-a71160
  9. Couple of major explosions reported in Beirut. Here's one of them... Gonna be a lot of broken families tonight. Horrifying.
  10. You would think that the longer this crisis goes on, the more authoritarian many governments will become. They will use the pandemic as a convenient excuse to apply an iron grip on their populations. If fundamental aspects of the global economy break down or become obsolete, there will be a massive shift in how societies structure themselves and what people do with their lives.
  11. Surely deserving of their own thread by now. Anyway, I expect we'll get to doing a bit of discussing given the current viral outbreak. Just the simple measure of shutting down all flights/trains etc. departing the city of Wuhan, population ~ 11million. ~600 infected, ~20dead thus far with lots of interesting images all over the web of how serious they are treating it in places like Shanghai and Beijing. These numbers should rise rapidly as the infection appears to have a 3-10 day latent period. Media are sure to latch on over here as soon as the first person one of "ours" becomes public, with a single case in Washington State thus far confirmed. The WHO are scheduled to meet again tomorrow, to decide on whether to declare emergency or not, e.g, SARS/H1N1/Ebola level. "Deaths from China’s new flu-like virus rose to 17 on Wednesday, with more than 540 cases confirmed, leading the city at the center of the outbreak to close transportation networks and urge citizens not to leave as fears rose of the contagion spreading." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-transmission/chinas-wuhan-shuts-down-transport-as-global-alarm-mounts-over-virus-spread-idUSKBN1ZL07C
  12. Very interesting times at the moment. Prince Andrew's involvement with convicted child abusers Prince Philip looks to be on his last legs Prince Harry trying to opt out of the family business and having showdown talks today with the boss.
  13. Just when you've seen the most depraved and cruel rape case coming out of India, another new story shocks the soul. What makes it even more scary for women over there is that often times it's a male family member (or more) committing the crime. Who do you turn to when even your father and uncles and cousins are the perpetrators? And the courts and police are useless while society at large shrugs it off. Rape obviously is a problem in every society and culture, but is seems like India is fertile ground for sexual violence. People should not travel there in protest to motivate the govt to act meaningfully.
  14. Not sure if terrorism related only just seen it... Thoughts to all.
  15. Massive Category 5 storm with 200mph winds and 20ft storm surge. "Likely catastrophic damage" expected in The Bahamas.
  16. Poor old Dean, in the pen. 10 months for refusing a breath specimen. Gutted for him, but you can't condone drink driving. On the bright side, at least he'll be first pick for the xmas, 5 a side competition.
  17. Is burning down. The earths largest oxygen provider. Bolsonaro seems content to let what he cant profit from burn. The global right wing is a very serious existential threat.
  18. Wasn't sure about this, but thought it deserved a thread, not least since it's a massive story (all flights cancelled today as protesters blocked the airport) and it could be heading somewhere more unpleasant fairly soon: Where do people see the situation leading, short term, medium term and long term?
  19. BBC What the actual ****
  20. Over 40 people dead after a right wing word removed decided he wanted to be a terrorist and walks into a mosque and executes everyone he can find. And decides to live stream it. Horrific. Disgusting. There are serious questions to be asked about how media and the internet has become a breeding ground for hatred.
  21. sne

    India & Pakistan

    So this long running conflict is escalating again during recent weeks. 2 countries with tons of nuclear arms capacity who are now attacking each other. https://apnews.com/75b2e4053b994e159dd5a9af6b77ad72 Since this Pakistan has now closed their air space to all air traffic. (If there already is a topic on this please feel free to merge or close)
  22. All kicking off again I do use facebook but even still I would love it of they banned facebook in this country although I cannot see it as too much money is now involved.
  23. well one bellend with a drone has managed to shut down one of the busiest airports in the world for 24 hours simply by flying it around so can't see a rush for massdrones dropping parcels everywhere
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