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  1. Someone had to start one. And to avoid clogging up the Bruce thread with speculation and names, if Bruce is to go soon (which could be likely if things don't pick up), who would you like to see replace him?
  2. I believe it was @Grasshopper who made a post listing the managers at the top clubs in England, and pointed out that English managers aren't as good. While I am in agreement that the best of English managers aren't, it got me thinking that is it also down to a lack of opportunity at the top end? And why is there this lack of opportunity? It's easy to name the managers at the top 6 as very good managers - they all are - but they were all given an opportunity at a big club to show that off. Were the jobs that they did previous to getting a job at their first big club really that impressive? Was
  3. So, we've had 11 permanent managers thus far in this century. Some have fared better than others, some have worked under difficult circumstances, some under difficult chairmen and it's fair to say some have been better than others. Which leaves it to you fine people of VT to judge. What I'm looking for from you is these eleven managers, in order, by your opinion of who did best for us through to who did worst. John Gregory 2000 - Jan 2002 Graham Taylor 2002 - May 2003 David O'Leary 2003 - July 2006 Martin O'Neill 2006 - Aug 2010 Gerard Houllier 2010 - June
  4. Been a bit of a crap one, hasn't it? Started out with the board refusing to back a new manager, followed by humiliation and relegation. Between it all were the protests - which were (if I do say so myself) something to be proud of. Then we get Tony, RDM and the absolute chaos of his management. Following that Bruce and a revival. Been one hell of a year and one we won't forget - for bad reasons mainly, but some good in there in parts. What are your main memories?
  5. Should rdm be rightly dismissed from the role who would you pick and why? Personally I'd go for Rowett as he has shown a capability of building and motivating a team to compete in this league with far less resources. I think he would relish the opportunity of working with far superior players and would have us competing pretty quickly. He has shown he can work with a basket case club under difficult circumstances and he would be highly motivated to do well for us
  6. Do you want Di Matteo sacked? Please vote as per poll. The previous poll 10 days and 2 matches ago had 17% sack him now, 30% in 2-3 games if nothing improves and 53% to give him longer.
  7. Do you want Di Matteo sacked? Please vote as per poll.
  8. With the Old Firm game rearing it's head again this weekend, it got me thinking that there appears to be a surprisingly large amount of Aston Villa and Celtic managerial connections for 2 clubs in 2 different countries miles apart from each other. First up there is Jimmy Hogan, who is probably more famous in central European football than in this country. Hogan managed Villa back in the 1930's and later coached at Celtic. Then there is Tommy Docherty- who was influenced by Mr Hogan as a young player at Celtic, had a short spell in charge of the Villa in the 1960's. Fast forw
  9. MARTIN O’NEIL Let’s go back to that defining day when MON, probably thought „Up Yours Randy“, decided to walk. He felt “wronged” enough to take Randy to task over “wrongful Dismissal”. He “won” of sorts and The club, we the fans, lost the first round of many where “Consequences have conspired” against Aston Villa FC and it’s Fans. Is it possible to interpret MON’s actions as “Now I’ll do you over Randy”? KEVIN MACDONALD I recall him saying in an interview that he wanted the job of Managing ASTON VILLA FC. Maybe the way he was ign
  10. KJT123

    New manager

    It's looking increasingly likely that Tim will be gone by Monday. Who does everyone want next?
  11. This might be the final Sherwood vote. After losing yet again today, what would you do in Tom Fox's shoes?
  12. As the poll says, would you ever want Aston Villa to lose if it meant getting rid of a manager you don't rate? It's absolute anathema to me to ever want us to lose, but even I can almost understand it given our current circumstances.
  13. name your new manager who should replace Sherwood?
  14. It was the 14th of February this year, when the Sherwood love affair with Villa started. The following day saw the first signs of Sherwood's influence, when he visited the dressing room at halftime to help inspire the team to a 2-1 win over Leicester in the cup. Before that, we were heading for yet more disappointment - with another frustrating first half performance, the sort we were used to under Lambert. But after leaving his seat in the stands and giving a morale boosting talk, a different Villa appeared for the second half. We ended up winning 2-1 and putting on a much better display for
  15. Set to leave Dortmund at the end of the season. Where do you think he ends up? Manchester City? Barcelona? Or somewhere more interesting....
  16. AndFos


    So, what is your best XI at the moment? Here is mine: Bench: Bunn Hutton Baker Bennett Westwood Gardner Sinclair Nzogbia Gil Tonev Robinson Kozak Agbonlahor Of course, there will be new left back. All of a sudden, the midfiels looks quite good!
  17. Would you prefer Lerner, Fox and Sherwood to remain at the club, or would you prefer new ownership and the probability that Fox and Sherwood get axed?
  18. ermie123


    Does anybody else find all this talk of Learner, Lambert, Culverhouse, tactics, transfer funds, who too buy, what is our future, how crap we are at home, what is the point of it all, ect ect tedious at all? The lack of information from anyone at the club being tedious and the absentee owner being completely boring. I just find that being a Villa fan now is getting just well, tedious. I usually go psychotic when Villa score a goal, but on Saturday i just smiled and thought don't get your hopes up as it will not last, and it didn't. It all just became tedious!!!
  19. Seeing as he hasn't got one yet. Firstly let me say this before I'm jumped on. He was my number one choice as manager. I was delighted he was made manager. I think he is a talented manager. This is not me saying I don't want him here. I also recognize that at least eight of the first team players seen today are not good enough to play in the Premier League. However - he needs to take some of the blame today's defeat. Delfounseo should have not been started ahead of Weiman - but Lambert is just going through the process the last two have - learning what they did - Delph, Ireland, Delfou
  20. http://www.telegraph...sal-demand.html Reading this article i didn't understand one thing: if it's Lambert that walked out from Norwich, how can he demand a fee for breach of contract? On the other hand, I have read that the it's the Norfolk club that prepares to sue him for unfair dismissal, whereas he said that there was a clause in his contract according to which he could talk with other club? So which is the truth? Thanks in advance to everyone that could help me.
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