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Found 2 results

  1. With the decisive euro qualifiers coming up in a few days, I was just thinking about Republic of Ireland. They are the unluckiest team in world football. When they don't qualify for a tournament, they always seem to be so close. Losing in the play offs in 96, 98, 2000 and 2010. I am desprate for them to qualify, their players deserve it and we have had about 8 Irish players ovr the last 16 years. Even though I'm not Irish, I will be devastated if they don't qualify. This is also the last chance for Given, Duff and Keane to play in a euro.
  2. Thought about putting this in the history thread, but it's as much current affairs, and I thought it was worth one of its own. Mods feel free to move it if you disagree. I kind of owe my existence to the Easter Rising. My Dad's family were Catholic Dubliners, and left Ireland in 1916 for Merseyside, simply to escape the whole Black-and-Tan shitstorm that was kicking off. He was 12 at the time. He moved to Birmingham for work during WWII, met my Mum (Brummie, C of E), and here I am. What with that background, and the fact that I'm a history graduate, this centenary is of some interest to me. I know we have a lot of Irish Villa fans on this site, so I'd be interested to know their take on the whole thing - in terms of the history itself, the changing attitudes to it, the way it is being commemorated, and the likelihood of political/terrorist activity in the next few week. . There was a fascinating discussion with a bunch of Irish historians on Radio 4's "Start the Week" this morning. I strongly recommend a listen for anyone who's interested in the subject. 45 minute programme. Start the Week (BBC iPlayer)
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