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  1. Tegis

    Top Gear 2019

    New presenters, and an old one. Thoughts?
  2. Not your top ten, your #1. I'll list some obvious acclaimed shows, possibly your pick is one of them, if not, tell us what it is!
  3. I though I'd start a thread rather than clogging up the general TV thread. WARNING if you haven't watched/played this then don't read on!! This will contain plot lines and spoilers! Ok. So I really liked it overall. Format New and different and intriguing in it's possibilities. Is this the start of a new genre? Or will it be a damp squib? I'm not sure but I'd definitely like to see more things like this. Style I grew up in the mid-eighties in the UK so the look/style was very familiar and I starting gaming on Commodores and Spectrums. Full marks for capturing the feeling of the era. Story I felt that it was somewhat simple compared to other Black Mirrors that Brooker has written but maybe the point was to not get too complicated. The most satisfying for me was when he goes back in time and gets on the train with his mom and then he dies in the future. All of the other 'endings' seemed a little weak to me - especially the multiple prison ones when his game gets reviewed in various different ways. Fun Bits The acid trip & the martial arts fight with his doctor. That was totally out of left field. Would love to see more of this style - I wonder if it can be 'large' enough to be really immersive and satisfying?
  4. Starts tonight 9pm Week 1 The teams fly to Valletta in Malta, for a day-long shopping spree. The challenge is to bag nine Maltese items for the lowest possible prices before reuniting at the airport at 7pm. One team quickly hits the road, but they are clearly on the wrong track. On the other team, fiery personality clashes over negotiations quickly rock the boat. As both teams navigate their way to the finish, one takes a punt by returning with items missing, while disregarding the deadline leaves the others facing mutiny. In a heated first boardroom, Lord Sugar doles out hefty fines and on the losing team and someone becomes the first to be fired.
  5. mikeyp102

    Doctor Who

    (sorry if already a thread, couldn't find it) So anyone watch it? How fit is the new assistant?
  6. arguably their best ever episode last night with the Japan segment . been a good series so far , they've stopped trying to imitate the original 3 , MLB is just a natural in the lead role now they've let him get on with things , helps that he also gets British" humor " and more importantly from the shows pov they've stopped Rory trying to be Hammond and given him segments on his own where he can be Rory and not try and be someone he clearly isn't Harris is probably beyond help but even he is becoming less of a cock with each episode keep up the good work
  7. This discussion seems to have taken over the film thread so I thought it deserved it's own thread. Even a Top Ten is hard. So much mirth to choose from. Personally (and in no particular order) I'll kick it off with this. My favourite 10 off the top of my head would be Blackadder Fawlty Towers Bottom Spaced Red Dwarf The IT Crowd Father Ted The Young Ones Black Books Porridge Doesn't quite sound right that some of the other names in my head aren't on that list but there we go. Have at it VT.
  8. in tribute to the new alien vs. predator film (which will be ace) i thought i would run this. Alein for me, no competition if arnie can beat the predator then im sure the mighty aliens wont have much trouble. Think the film is out on august 10th and is set in antartica under the ice. Basically aliens and predators are fighting it out with a bunch of humans caught in the middle. nice.
  9. Just saw the trailer .... it's already better than the Evans series of Top gear Looks like some interesting places , Egypt , Skeleton Coast etc
  10. The season of lists is upon us. There's still 10 days to go ish, but time to get your thinking caps on, for best films. IMDB Releases in 2017 is a useful list, albeit a bit extensive. I'll put a few category ideas up if people want to nominate individual people for "VT Awards" or not - just for fun. No points or prizes, but if people do plonk it in list order I'll work out the definitive film of the year based on a simple points system ( 10 for 1st, 1 for 10th etc ) because I have an odd need to play with numbers and be listy. Also, to be clear I'm counting films only released this year, cinema, DVD or netflix etc, preferably in the UK, but if you're a dastardly VT foreigner with different release dates then I'll let you off. The other thread serves older classics you've enjoyed / hated / noted as having been witnessed well enough. Top 10 / 5/ 3 (delete as applicable) Films Worst Film of the Year Best Performance - Male / Female / Robot Best Score / Music / Whatever Attribute you care about etc. Please Quit Acting Bad Performance Award So will it be the annoying dancers in La La Land who get your vote, Casey Affleck suffering miserably in Manchester by the Sea or various incarnations of Lego / Comic Book creations. I have a provisional list of 20 that I'm cutting down to this, subject to edit and any new DVD's obtained over christmas. Also I realised I can't count Your Name as apparently that came out last year. 1. T2: Trainspotting - a surprise entry , but honestly the more I think back on, the more I really enjoyed the focus on Spud as a plot point and enjoyed the re-acquaintance with old friends. 2. Dunkirk - as a cinematic experience it was utterly intense, gripped me the whole way and I was glad of the chance to breathe again when it finished. For me the non-linear approach worked well, the score was gruelling and the experience memorable. 3. Thor - just nails the humour so well - had a tremendous amount of fun, more or less from the start. 4. Manchester by the Sea - bleak, but powerful and Casey Affleck get's a nod from me for best performer here. But as good as the film is, it made me so depressed I cannot put it in a top 3, as re-watchability is one of my personal metrics for these lists. 5. The Death of Stalin - black comedy pitched at just about the right level, makes you understandably feel awkward in times but the comic absurdity is a gem. Buscemi and Isaacs are great but Simon Russell Beale is fantastic. 6. Battle of the Sexes - well made, soaks you in the period, and Emma Stone and Steve Carrell are both terrific. Empathic portrayals of all the characters made it a really pleasant film to watch. 7. Star Wars Last Jedi - it's great fun, and shows some ambition with the character arcs, has it's flaws but I'm not too fussed by them to be honest, it was a terrifically entertaining film. 8. Baby Driver - lower than I thought as on re-watch it seemed to have lost a bit of it's charm - nothing to do with Spacey either, I just think at the time I watched it I was mentally in the right zone to enjoy a pulsating musical ride. 9. Blade Runner 2049 - Sumptuous but did take it's time to get going at times, I was a little impatient at the time watching it, but I think on reflection afterwards I will enjoy re-watching this again and absorbing myself fully into it. Immersive atmosphere and score. Probably a better film than others up the list, but I am part judging on how I enjoyed it on first viewing. 10. Logan - more intensity, and great to see a much darker take with these characters. Just missing out: Atomic Blonde, cold war noirish glam thriller; Wonder Woman - great to see to a well executed female lead superhero film, though CGI was naff, Lego Batman - another giggle fit, and definitely re-watchable.
  11. Starts Wednesday 9pm Week 1 Burgers candidates are put to the test with their first task, rising before dawn to manufacture burgers. The teams have just one day to turn their meaty burgers into a healthy profit by selling them to hungry Londoners.
  12. Thought about putting this in the film thread but decided it could hold its own. Found some cool pictures of movies portrayed using the routes the main characters took. So why not turn it into a quiz?! I’ll post a picture and post a new one when someone gets the answer. I’ll try and start with easy ones and make them harder. First:
  13. Can see nobody discussing this. Can Brum get Channel 4? Do people want Channel 4?
  14. Midfielder

    Now TV

    This is sort of Sky related, I think they own NOW Tv, sorry if the wrong place. I have purchased a Now TV six month code off eBay to email to a mate (who has a box already just doesn't use it) as a gift. I did this on the back of reading some third party website that showed all series of Boardwalk Empire as being on their list of "250 box sets" which I know he wants to watch. I ended up on that site because I couldn't find any list whatsoever of what is actually in their library off their own NOW TV site. I am typing and looking on my phone though so not sure if it's a simplified web version but that's really crap, apparently it's not on ther e if I google Now T V Boardwalk Empire it takes me to a page that says zero episodes. Sorry to ask, does anybody know if there is a list of what their 250 box sets are? It better not be all Sex and The City type stuff. Probably a long shot sorry guys.
  15. I really liked the new episode. I thought the 3 of them worked well. The trip around Kazakhstan was fun and entertaining. I am glad we now get two motoring shows to watch. Hopefully Top Gear keeps this up because it was promising.
  16. It's back Now Thursday nights 9pm followed by You're Fired 10pm BBC 2 The candidates http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/profiles/5NJRj7JhcnNp5WKzq12nn8y/meet-the-candidates Week 1 Lord Sugar begins the hunt for his next business partner as a new group of candidates set off on their first task - selling collectables at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale. As ever, Lord Sugar's trusted aides, Karren Brady and Claude Littner, follow proceed
  17. Following on from the top 10 albums, here's the movie version. Same rules apply... No **** 'honourable mentions'! Stick to 10 movies and that's it!...please Here's mine: 1. The Assassin 2. Deadpool 3. Neon Demon 4. Anomalisa 5. Dheepan 6. Our Little Sister 7. The Revenant 8. Room 9. Tale of Tales 10. The Witch Note - I have gone by IMDB's 'released in the UK' date. So if it's 2016 on there then that's cool
  18. Has anyone watched this yet? if not I highly recommend!
  19. Matt Le Blanc revealed as co-host ..... be interesting to see how the dynamics will work with him and Evans
  20. Starts with double bill over 2 nights Starts Wednesday 14th October & Thursday 15th October 9pm
  21. is anybody watching this? bbc 2 set in 1919 birmingham
  22. BBC1 @ 8pm this Saturday LIVE from the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. The semi finals were held Tuesday and Thursday night, with the running order draw made early this morning. It is as follows; Belgium Czech Republic The Netherlands Azerbaijan Hungary Italy Israel Bulgaria Sweden Germany France Poland Australia Cyprus Serbia Lithuania Croatia Russia Spain Latvia Ukraine Malta Georgia Austria United Kingdom Armenia Ukraine are being tipped for success with their politically tinged track 1944 sung by Jamala, herself from Crimea. They didn't take part last year due to financial reasons and the on going conflict in Ukraine. The song concerns itself with deportation of the Crimean Tatars in the '40s by Stalin, and the chorus is sung in the Crimean Tatar language. It was accussed of being policitally loaded, which would have made it ineligible for the competition, but the EBU have confirmed it can take part as there is no 'political speech' in the lyrics. Instead, the song is inspired by stories that Jamala was told by her Grandmother, basically. What allegory is intentional is for the viewer to decide...
  23. Jez

    Top Gear

    Woooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo 8pm this Sunday!
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