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  1. Don_Simon

    The Fans

    Put this in the match thread, but thought perhaps it could be in main forum... My level of respect for those Villa fans there tonight is at never before seen heights. The absolute shite they have had to put up with over the years, yet they continually invest time, money, effort and hope into what some would say is a lost cause. I don't think its really reported quite how rubbish its been for Villa fans, and how brilliant our fans are. Kudos to all concerned.
  2. On the Football Manager thread a bit of Anglo-Norge respect just unfolded, appreciating our Lions from abroad. They could have picked Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, hell... even Birmingham City. But they chose us! This is just a thread to appreciate our overseas fans and also see (from outside of the UK) who is on here and from where. Me, I'm just some English dude, in England, but I'm curious to do a little audit. Ours are amongst the best fans in England and we are bettered further with your membership! You picked the right team and we are glad to have you! Answer however you want but I'd be interested to hear: where are you from? what team (if any) do you support in your homeland? how did you come to support Villa? UTV edit- yeah all UK exiles overseas too and our Irish brothers
  3. Something I've always wanted at Villa Park is a unique song that all of the fans sing together. I know we have some good songs but such as "Yippee aye eh" but for me it just ends too quickly and doesn't have enough to it. The kinds of songs I think work well are ones like "You'll Never Walk Alone" (Liverpool/Celtic), "Glad All Over" (Crystal Palace), "Forever Blowing Bubbles" (West Ham) - probably loads more. What are the key ingredients for a song like this to happen? For me ideally I'd like it to be a local band and something well known. Is this something as fans we need to start or do you think the new owners might be able to help things along? I think with all the exciting things that could be happening at the club for me this would be a huge thing on the agenda too. Also for big games I'd love to see more of this type of thing at Villa Park; I know there is a chants thread but I wanted to create a separate thread on this topic as I'm not talking about chants in general (mods if you feel this doesn't warrant its own thread apologies. Of course feel free to merge or move it). Does any one have any song or band suggestions? I think Black Sabbath, UB40 and Duran Duran are pretty well known!
  4. change this thread to "our support" reading dont really have a decent forum but i did see several of their fans claiming we were the best they'd ever had down there
  5. Merry Christmas, VT! I wonder if anyone can help me on this. I plan to buy myself a Christmas gift (wife not keen on football...) - a scarf - to add to my collection of football club scarfs I have at home. Of course Villa will replace AC Milan to take the captain position of my scarf first XI.. I went to AVFC online shop, google, Amazon, quite a few designs. To my surprise there are only 1-2 designs available at official online shop.. I want to have the most popular design, perhaps as traditional as possible, but definitely having the club logo and the words for example 'Aston Villa FC' on it. Is this good? or this? Thanks!
  6. This coming Monday, Villatalk has been invited to a supporters group meeting with Steve Round, Technical Director. If there are any questions you'd like asked to him about his role, the direction he wants to take Villa in, what he's done so far, his feelings on managers or just about anything you can think of that might be of interest, please let us know in this thread.
  7. Just thought id post this on here to see if anyone else has a pot luck meeting of another villa fan they would like to share.... So it's starts, my boy came down with an eye infection at 12pm yesterday just as I was about to settle into the game. after a quick diagnosis we realised it was necessary to take him to the kids a&e. me and the wife take it in turns with these visits as we have another child, and sods law has it that it's my turn. so I get down there, thru triage and I'm waiting in the holding area for my boy to be seen. can't get a signal for the life of me, and last time I heard we where at 1-1. bloke sitting to the right if me had brought his little boy in too and I notice him ask his missus if he could use her phone to check the scores. on the off chance that he had seen the championship scores I asked him about the villa. to his surprise and mine it turns out his day had taken the same twist as mine and he was due to take his boy to the game! now this may not see too random until I tell you that we were both sitting in the royal hospital at Derby! anyway, if your reading this I hope your boy is better.... we were lucky and got out just before six.
  8. The OS is running a survey about the loyalty scheme, to give your views to the club with regards to what they should focus on click the link below. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2016/11/11/fan-survey
  9. Firstly, apologies that it's taken me so long to get this to you - life is complicated! On 16th August, VillaTalk were invited to the Fans Consultation Group meeting with the club prior to the Huddersfield game. We're a difficult bunch to represent at these things, because unlike a lot of sites, there isn't a VillaTalk "way" - and although Limpid does all of the work, no one really owns the site in terms of its opinions, beliefs, thoughts and ideas - we're an anarcho-socialitst collective brothers and sisters or at least we're a group of people with a lot of different opinions; but, whilst we can't agree on anything at all, there are a lot of us, so we have a voice and the ear of the club. I think that's a good thing and I'm hopeful we can make something out of it. There were representatives of other supporters groups there, including the Aston Villa Trust, Heroes & Villains, avillafan.com, that bloke from Vital Villa who keeps banging on about his advert, Lions Clubs, My Old Man Said and the independent supporters clubs. As distinguished, handsome and slightly unkempt a bunch as you could hope to meet. I'd like firstly to share the agenda with you - and then my opinions. The group are releasing a set of notes to the club collectively in order to ensure that we’re not going away and putting odd slants on things, and that we all heard the same stuff - so the answers will be with you shortly - but the topics are below. With conflicting reports during the takeover and without in any way expecting to breach any individuals privacy, what sort of funding is there now for Aston Villa? Clarification of the board structure The club own 12 acres of land close by and the new owners have expressed an interest in development of a ‘theme park’ football world. Can you elaborate on this? Can we have a commitment from the club to pioneer safe standing in England and can a transitional section for flags and banners (aka singing section) be accommodated, like those that have been successful at other clubs. Plans to address ticketing portal being a mess and phone lines being constantly engaged? What is the club doing in terms of avoiding the negative publicity of the previous ownership that resulted from poor communication? Is a re-brand on the agenda and if so, especially badge wise, will those who understand the issues the best – the fans – be consulted? Update on shelved North Stand disable seating plan / new plans Will you be prepared to consider initiating a youth forum to involve younger supporters? Any plans to increase youth support? An SLO or supporter issues Twitter address like a lot of other clubs have? Are the club moving away from player contract release clauses? Is there any progress on the recruitment of a Technical Director? (if not already announced) Are the new board aware of the previous relationship with Acorns and will this continue? Are the board aware of the Villa Midlands Food (VMF) initiative abruptly stopped by Tom Fox, giving under privileged local youngsters training from which many have excelled? Would this be something they might consider re-starting? Living Wage – all contracted staff? Going forward, these agendas are open to all fans groups, including you - and any questions around the club, the way its operated and how we’ll go forward are very welcome - I’d like to use this thread to collect those. For the most part, whoever attends the meeting will take what’s being discussed in the rest of the site as an indicator of what’s important and then add anything in here. The club seems committed to continuing these meetings in the long term and I think they’re a good opportunity to get what are hopefully, straightforward, honest answers wherever that’s possible. In terms of my opinions, well firstly I was delighted that as well as Keith Wyness, we were also blessed with the presence of the good Doctor himself. Dr Xia spent a good half an hour with us prior to a game and seems keen to talk and listed to supporters. The other thing that comes through is that there's a confidence to the new set up - Wyness in particular carries a relaxed confidence that suggests that all is well. When Tom Fox did this, he was professional, confident but guarded - this was much more relaxed, and there's a feeling that they're going about their work very confidently. I won't go too much into what was said until the meeting notes are released, but there were some interesting things on the progress of the club already, the happy surprise of attendances, the importance of a Villa "way" and of character in the dressing room and elsewhere. Dr Xia listened more than he spoke, but when he spoke, he was open, honest and forthright. As the best indicator on mood, the meeting was attended by Tommy Jordan, the chap that looks after all of our press and media - when he spoke, it was like a man released into the light after last season, he was very positive, he spoke about a club that was moving forward in lots of good ways and he seemed so happy to talk about it that he spent a good fifteen minutes outside afterwards talking with a few of us on a lot of good things that were happening. I genuinely got the feeling that right now, everyone involved can't get enough of this - that they want to talk about the club, they want to move everything forward, they want to change and improve things and that they feel they have the backing to do so. I'll try and explain more why I think that's the case when the minutes are released, but I got a very positive feeling out of this one. (Even though Huddersfield did their best to spoil it.) I'll hopefully have the notes with you very soon and will add a bit more to those when they're released - in the meantime, if there's anything you want VillaTalk to raise with the club through these meetings, let us know!
  10. I understand that a new 'supporters' group has been founded with AVFC. The group apparently consists of the AVSTrust, Lions Clubs, H&V, VitalVilla, MOMS, Avillafan and others. However VillaTalk is not represented within the group. Was VT invited to participate? If not I find it strange given the fact that it is one of, if not the biggest fan forum. Has VT potentially been excluded because of it's association with the protests?
  11. Proposal for fan takeover and ownership of AVFC Lerner should walk away now with some semblance of dignity left (lol) and sell the club to the fans for £1 and forgive the debt. You came, you tried, you’ve failed more miserably than anyone could even conceive of, now for the love of God get lost. Campaign for Ellis to give back what he sold the club for. He claims to be the biggest Villa fan in the world, well prove it. Please stay with me here: Here are the economics: August 2006 Ellis sells for £63 million. If he had got a very modest 5% interest per year since then he would now have £100.15 million. If his financial planner was average he probably has done much better than that. So Mr. Ellis. We don’t want any of the money you made off the sale of AVFC, you and your family keep the minimum of £40 million you’ve made since you sold us. We just want back what you paid for us because you are “Mr. Aston Villa.’ £63 million to the club. 25,000 season ticket holders (or regular game attending fans) buy 1 ‘A’ share (voting share) for £1,000.00 With this purchase comes voting on the running of the club and includes a 20% discount on your season ticket for 3 years with prices frozen for 3 years. We have approximately 300,000 worldwide fans. Estimate 100,000 of them buy a ‘B’ share (non-voting) for £250. Own a piece of the club and help save it from the current imbecile who runs us. Fans now own 51% of the club and they can never own less than this. The remaining 49% could be sold off in the future to raise capital if needed - hopefully that would never be needed. This would give us: £63 million from Ellis £25 million from season ticket holders £25 million from sales of ‘B’ shares £55 million from parachute payments (1st season) £45 million parachute payments (2nd season) £20 million parachute payments (3rd season) Season 1 would see £168 million in the bank for a complete rebuild of the squad with the aim to get back to the Premier League within 2 seasons. I’m not a financial person I’m just so depressed that I had to write down some sort of escape plan. Now please in good old VT fashion, go ahead and rip the idea apart and show how it could never work. This is just my amateur idea. Has anyone else got any hope of how a fan takeover could happen?
  12. Anonymous poll. Deliberately oversimplified to yes or no. Can Villa supporters affect whether or not the club stays up in 2015-16? Do we actually make a difference? How? Or, are we basically passengers, powerless to change much if anything at all? Please post all qualifications, nuanced poll-shirking, complaints about simplistic thinking, secondary issues below ...
  13. I am feeling like the club just doesn't pay attention to supporters' opinions. Perhaps that's the same across the PL, but it's certainly not the case everywhere in Europe, as you all know. Tim doesn't listen. Tom doesn't listen. Randy doesn't listen. Do the players even listen? Perhaps I'm wrong about all this, but I feel like there's a lack of a connection between passionate Villa supporters and the club. Is there a wall? Do you agree?
  14. I am feeling like the club just doesn't pay attention to supporters' opinions. Perhaps that's the same across the PL, but it's certainly not the case everywhere in Europe, as you all know. Tim doesn't listen. Tom doesn't listen. Randy doesn't listen. Do the players even listen? Perhaps I'm wrong about all this, but I feel like there's a lack of a connection between passionate Villa supporters and the club. Do you agree?
  15. Hey, Just wondering if there are any fans in the Manchester Area who fancy meeting up to watch games or travel to Home/Away matches. I'm based in the city centre so its pretty easy for me to get to a local pub
  16. seeing some of the normally doom and gloom merchants all of a sudden being very satisfied with a) young players that were written off and the manager after an against the odds (we were 3/1) victory away at the mackems has got me thinking.... i only joined here i think when there was speculation around MON's successor, or maybe in the january when there was some good itk info regarding an exciting signing which turned out to be bent. so basically all i've seen on this forum has been the bad times of the last couple of years. what was it like when we were pushing for the top 4? consistently finishing 6th? were there still massively negative posters? or was it over the top the other way?
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