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  1. I'm predicting Chelsea. Lukaku gives them the edge. Unless City signs Kane...but they haven't yet.
  2. Apologies if there is a Derby thread already...i cant seem to find it if there is! Amazing whats going on with them, they have 9 senior players on the books, 2 of those are GKs, and Rooney has just gone and injured one of his outfield players himself, they will be out for 3 months (Jason Knight). I cant see how they wont be relegation candidates......what a mess, amazing to think they were a win away from the Prem only 2 years ago.
  3. Looks like there is a possibility that they will face expulsion from the EFL because of a lack of funds by the group that owns them. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/charlton-risk-expulsion-football-league-efl-demand-details-takeover-a4510536.html
  4. Solihull Moor's have just signed striker Adam Rooney from Salford for undisclosed Fee and rumoured £4k a week.
  5. Not seen any thread on Brentford in Other Football so thought i'd start one Great read here about their recruitment strategies using analytics:- https://talksport.com/football/fa-cup/659667/brentford-data-revolution-england-smartest-club-championship-leicester-fa-cup/
  6. Looks like both teams are very close to going out of business. Desperately sad for the fans and the loyal staff who work there as well as the players. Bolton were founder members of the football league. Bury are 134 years old. With so much money in football nowadays at the top, its awful to see teams like this scratch around for money to survive. Goes to show, most clubs are a bad owner away from oblivion - just look at us last summer!
  7. So it turns out that horrific Huddersfield kit with the sash was fake. It was all part of a campaign to get rid of shirt sponsors once and for all. Here it is, modelled by our good friend Tommy Elphick: Fair play to them. They've pulled a blinder there.
  8. Just realised they have 5 points less than we did at this point in our relegation season. Hopefully we can go from the 3rd worse Premier League side of all time to the 4th. May be worth noting that we only got 1 more point from the final 12 games though. Ugh.
  9. Just watched an outstanding display from them.....showing all the pitch craft I would like to see from my Villa team....a master class of pressing and combative spirit, with a exhibition of composure. This team has been put together with modest funds, mainly free transfers from the German league. I guess Farke is well connected to do as well as he has in the transfer Market.....It fly's in the face of our expensive and cumbersome attempts to get back. If any Villa fan wants to know how to get out of this league....Watch the Leeds v Norwich game , Norwich on that display have the answer.
  10. Such Sad news Club statement
  11. Big news Leicester City owner's helicopters has crashed. Dreadful news
  12. How does every one think they will do? They have signed a shed load of players and they have just spent 30m on a player from France. Their owner is really backing then isnt he? Or gambling? If this goes tits up and they go down they will be in the financial trouble.
  13. Unsurprisingly there was no Palace thread, such nonentities are they. I thought it was worth starting one following the unveiling of the plans for the new Selhurst Park. I actually quite like it, even if the video here contains some grandiose nonsense - including talk of it being the best atmosphere in the league...
  14. Couldn't see a thread about them so thought I would make one for them, firstly to congratulate them on a remarkable season and promotion to the Premier League and first time back in the top division for 34 years! This club has an incredible community spirit about it and from nearly dropping out into the non-league, to playing home games at Gillingham's stadium to returning back to Brighton to only play at a 5000 seater athletics stadium, it's been an incredible story and one if you're not familiar with, really is quite remarkable. Congratulations Brighton And Hove Albion.
  15. What is this garbage? Who thought this was a good idea? Who allowed this to be implemented? Someone should be fired.
  16. http://www.espnfc.us/english-premier-league/story/2958841/crystal-palace-chairman-premier-league-2-could-be-option Interesting debate to be had about this topic
  17. So couldn't find anywhere else to put this. So thought a premier league general chat may be best. Anyone else think it's harsh to charge Andre Gray over the comments. I'm not condoning them, but they were made years ago, like he says wen he was a completely different person who was involved with gangs. It feels unfair that they have been dragged up now.
  18. Mao we are gracing the Championship with our presence, hopefully just for a season, so about time we had a thread for all things to do with the league and our new company that doesn't fit in threads about individual teams. I don't know about anyone else but I'm not that up on the players in the league so looking forward to changing that.
  19. What do people think of their prospects after Saturday? I think they will lose plenty but also win enough to keep them up. I think Eddie Howe is a very good manager and they will cause a lot of teams problems. Also in Gradel, Wilson and Ritchie they have the weapons to get goals which is the lifeblood of any survival campaign. I thought Matt Ritchie was the best player on the pitch on Saturday, very impressed.
  20. PieFacE


    Looking good in the Charity Shield game. Though, Chelsea dont look quite ready for it at the minute. Can Arsenal win the league this year now they've signed Cech? Not convinced myself, but they are looking good.
  21. Promoted to the premier league so thought I'd start a thread on them. How do people think they'll do? Last two appearences they've been rock bottom. Will Troy Deeney score goals as regularly as Ings and Austin? I do think they'll be competitive as I know their transfer model isn't to everyone's taste but they've already been signing decent players from Udinese and Granada for the championship so you'd imagine the lure of PL football will get an even better selection. Think I'll get a season ticket down there if Di Natale puts off retirement and pops up there for a season , one of my favourite modern players.
  22. What a start to the season for them so far, Gary Monk has settled into the role really well indeed. Shocking to think he is 35.. If he keeps this up he is going to be some coach! Anyone else impressed with them so far?
  23. Won their 5th game on the bounce today and they apparently had our team exactly right hours before kick off, possibly much sooner. Added in with the Cardiff stuff, something very fishy is going on down their IMO. Pulis may be doing a great job at the minute, but with the recent allegations, I do find myself wondering if their sudden upturn in form is anything to do with said allegations.
  24. Looks like some near local derbies next season as they almost back in Premiership, if results go their way possibly even by 5pm Had some good games with them! the 4-4 at Villa Park when we was 4-1 up with 9 minutes left in mid 90's springs to mind! The French scout for them or whoever spotted them has struck gold with Anthony Knockaert (around 1mil) and one very good footballer and Riyad Mahrez (cost £400k in January and been an absolute steal, he is possibly as good or if not better than Knockaert) Those 2 will be their key to survival in premiership..
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