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  1. So there are some old traditions and idiosyncrasies in football that are quite unique. Where do they come from? Is there any meaning to them? For example why a “hat trick” for three goals (not just football specific)? Then when you score a hat trick why do you get to keep the match ball?
  2. I mean I know some are - like if you have been digging a hole or day - then you dream of digging a hole, I can see the link. But what about when you have a typically ordinary day - but then dream you're a fighter pilot flying over Iraq ? - is there always a link, but you just can't see it ? or are they just wacco jibberish ? Do dreams serve a purpose ? - do we ever not dream ?
  3. Saints Row 4, Alan Wake 2, and a new COD game are also apparently already under development for Microsofts next Xbox. I guess it will be pretty much be a given that many here will buy it on release, and as much as I don't think I'll get one anywhere near it's release date (I have always been late to the party with Microsofts consoles I guess - didn't own an Xbox and only bought an old 2nd hand 360 on the cheap a good few years after release), I am really curious to see exactly what this will have under it's hood. The recent BF3 Beta has demonstrated very well that the latest in PC graphics
  4. A place to name and shame your clearings in the wood. Evidence your claims, please. There is little point naming someone without providing evidence My starter for ten Doesn't matter how she dresses it up, that's a sore loser. Always been a horror anyway but this is just her latest atrocity. It's impossible to fathom why she thought to tweet that was a good idea
  5. I was thinking last night, whether I am working class, or middle class. Done some random online tests which mainly came back working Class, and my family I'd say are working Class. Strange one really though, and I imagine a lot of people like myself, are not really sure. Rugeley itself I'd say is a working class town, but when I think of proper working class, I think of parts of the north of England. Anyway, carry on....
  6. I expect most people to just stick to the one or two aftershaves they get for Christmas 'til they'e empty, but some people like myself enjoy collecting them. Considering I only started getting into collecting them about six months ago I have a decent haul of 15 and many samples I'll get round to buying a full bottle of. Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled Thierry Mugler - Pure Malt Yves Saint-Laurent - La Nuit de l'Homme Christian Dior - Dior Homme Intense Creed - Green Irish Tweed Creed - Aventus Jean-Paul Gaultier - Le Male Christian Dior - Fahrenheit Christian Dior - Fahrenheit Absolute I
  7. I’m looking for a new gaming site to get my news from. My regular choice has become insufferable by mixing in biased social politics with their news and editorials plus their reviews are opinionated blogs that say nothing about the game they are reviewing. Also, I hate Ellie Gibson and Wesley Yin-Poole so no prises for guessing which site I’m abandoning. Are there any (good) sites that just strictly focus on gaming instead of mixing in politics/religion/fluff?
  8. So... from the housing market thread it seems there are a few Nottingham based Villans so thought I'd start a thread and see who is out there. Maybe we could arrange a VT Nottingham meet up for a TV game this season.
  9. There’s quite a few of us on this forum making money on matched betting, casino and bingo. As mentioned on another thread, this is a good place to talk about deals, offerings and what those guys are PS are up to constantly tinkering. I’m Villa Fan on their site.
  10. Im sure there's a lot of us that have either contemplated or taken part in gaming during work hours. Looking to fully utilise the benefits of my own office with a low spec / online game that can keep me awake during the day and wondering what my options are falling short of loading up Champ Manager 00/01 on the laptop.
  11. For all those times in which a certain situation arose, you wish you had said something different or ages after the event, the perfect quip comes to mind. This thread is for those moments. Whether it is the perfect comeback, a one liner that makes you a comedy legend in your lunch break, or even the right words to use that would quell an angry partner's rage rather than condemn you to the destitution of singledom (again), what are the best things we could say in the moment rather than in hindsight? Hopefully, with the collective wisdom and experience of VT, we may be able to have a ready
  12. As mentioned in a different thread, I've lost all patience for games apart from Far Cry 3 and 4 which I was able to play to the end. Couldn't get in to Primal though. Are there any other games out there they you feel are very similar to Fry cry? I tried Hitman which is stealth but didn't have the same appeal. Is Assassins creed similar?
  13. After Rob posted his company's (fantastic) video in the Rogue's Gallery and graciously took a bit of a ribbing about his dulcet Brummy tones, it might be a funny idea to hear what the rest of your bar-stewards sound like: I propose we all do the same paragraph and record it using Vocaroo If somebody has a paragraph, please post it, or just say what you want, I don't care I'll do it first if someone gives me something to say
  14. This is slightly inspired by the 'Seniors' thread, as it got me thinking about the way we thought about 'the future' (i.e. now) back in the 1960s. All the futuristic science fiction was about transport - flying cars, personal jetpacks, matter transporters, interstellar spaceships, and so on. Very few people predicted the big changes in computing and telecoms that have been the real game changers. OK, there were videophones, but (apart from the Star Trek communicator), they were normally shown in phone booths! And computers were assumed to be room-sized mainframes with banks of spinning tape de
  15. Or succeeded in the most difficult scenario? Like legitimately. No cheats or bugs. You get the idea. Also, what would you have liked to finish, but never did? Completed - Atic Atac Uncompleted - Knightlore Many 8 bit games were rock. Wasn't aware until decades after that Jet Set Willy was impossible without a poke.
  16. I was always a massive gamer. But the past few years I have dropped off. Previously I would play RPG games, car racing sims, FPS games, football, cricket and more - a wide range. I’ve tried so many games in the past 2 years which are highly rated but do nothing for me (Witcher 3, Skyrim, Fifa 17, Project Cars) and more. I have absolutely loved BOTW and Mario Odyssey - more than any other games for a while. But I really didn’t ‘feel’ Persona 5 which is usually a big hitter for me. Anybody else struggling to find more games to enjoy?
  17. The season of lists is upon us. There's still 10 days to go ish, but time to get your thinking caps on, for best films. IMDB Releases in 2017 is a useful list, albeit a bit extensive. I'll put a few category ideas up if people want to nominate individual people for "VT Awards" or not - just for fun. No points or prizes, but if people do plonk it in list order I'll work out the definitive film of the year based on a simple points system ( 10 for 1st, 1 for 10th etc ) because I have an odd need to play with numbers and be listy. Also, to be clear I'm counting films only released this year, cinem
  18. So what do you want? What are you buying for others (of note). Are Furby's still in? DO YOU WANT SOME LEDs?! PUT THEM ON EVERYTHING! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (It's not too early so shut up you idiot)
  19. Basically, I couldn't decide if the below should go in the TV or film thread, and it's not particularly funny, so couldn't really go in the funny pic thread. As such I decided to make an all inclusive thread. The premise is post stuff you've seen, that struck you as being "pretty cool". It could be media, photography, art, comic books, music, fashion, poetry, literature, a joke, whatever. Anyway, here's an example from The Poke. If modern favourites were on VHS
  20. Couldn't find any prior thread, so thought I'd start one... Oh, and keep it clean! I'll start with: I'd love to spend a day at Maho Beach, St. Maarten.
  21. Got the invite... Will probably decline next week. Someone is right now trying to persuade me go, suggesting we "cause some anarchy" She's nice and I'm quite fond of her, but her potential to cause anarchy is fairly low IMHO.
  22. Can you think back to your early days on the interweb and the first times when it reached it awesomeness potential I was on the web quite early in the "Mosiac" days but it was all a bit meh at that point ... I think they thing that made me realise the webs true potential (other than for looking at porn) was the "I kiss you all over man" who sadly I can't find any trace of but it was essentially some Greek (??) man who had created a dating profile if I recall he was a cross between Borat and and a Harry Enfield impression , but it appeared to be genuine He had the immortal line o
  23. I'm thinking a replacement is in order for last seasons goal of the season contender thread, here's a start. Conor Henderson Ireland U21's vs Italy U21's. Our very own Samir Carruthers had a hand in the build up.
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