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  1. For 1 game only.... What's the point? Anyway, I have put my name down in the ballot for a bit of fun!
  2. ok, Useless had an idea for a thread, your favourite animal might just be a place to post cool photos of sharks, might lead to a debate about shitty sly cats versus sexy wise wolves first person to mention honey badgers or post a photo of a muppet drummer gets a wedgie currently my fave animal is: fox
  3. Big Think - This may be a worse case scenario generally, but I actually think some industries job losses will be even more acute. I'm currently working with people developing systems that will put many thousands out of work. So if you think it's shit now, how do you think Tory England (cos let's face it, Scotland's leaving) is going to deal with this? We must surely also add May that is trying to right royally screw up education for the poor, just to hammer in an even bigger wedge between the haves and have nots. The medium and long term picture for the majority is a race for the bottom as far as quality of life is concerned. Sticking two fingers up at this failing society and getting out of it becomes more attractive with every passing year. Especially with independently developed technologies improving all the time. A growing number of my friends are seeking alternatives. A few are proper hippy types in permaculture collectives and such. Another is raising a family in a yurt. This isn't quite as drastic as it sounds. It's a multi yurt, a large central space with smaller connected yurts - Think glamping more than camping. Others have moved to warmer climes and have installed solar power equipment. They grow much of their own food and trade with local farmers for dairy and meat products. They work in the UK over Summer to cover their bills such as N.I contributions. Another friend is making a 'Hobbit House' under a hill - Though I must admit her outside toilet gives me the fear! She should have an inside bog at some point. Her guest house is nearer completion. Visiting folks over Christmas it became obvious even friends earning good money were wanting out. I signed up to a couple of off grid collectives and it surprised me how much has been forgotten. For example it's possible to grow Mediterranean fruit further north in walled enclosures, as they create their own microclimate. Throw in a couple of polytunnels and you're starting to get towards being self sufficient for fruit and veg. Mixing the old and the new seems like the way to go. Septic tanks under the garden that break down effluent into nutrients that slowly pass through the walls of the tank and into your garden. These folks get a quite a bit of power out of a fairly small pipe. Apologies to Darren and the Tree Hugger thread. I'd discussed this with maqroll before, and I don't think you have to be a tree hugger to want something different in today's World.
  4. Chindie


    Inspired by @mjmooney not 'getting' Lego in an Airfix world, what are your hobbys? Obviously we have a fair few gymhounds here and the odd musician, and I guess technically the gaming forum is dedicated to a hobby, but it's there anything else you do for the sheer enjoyment of it (fnarr)? Or is life too short? Over the last couple of years I've become a bit of a modeller. Specifically Gundam models. Perhaps a bit odd given my long standing dislike of anime, and the fact I've barely watched any of the many, many (...many) Gundam series there's been over the years, but I like the designs of the mobile suits. It's a slightly simpler form of model making than the likes of Airfix and the classic 'armor' style of military modelling, as the kits almost entirely are glue free and don't require paint, it's more like a more involved Lego (you still need tools for instance, nippers, a craft knife, sanding sticks) and there's a bit of skill to making the models well - getting rid of the nub marks, applying decals (waterslides preferably). I'm now at the point that I'm doing full repaints of the kits and doing some weathering. Still learning but I'm getting better and it's nice to have that getting at the end that you've got something just slightly unique. A few competed builds These are mostly 99% complete. Each needs a matte top coat and the odd thing here and there. None are perfect, by any means, but they're getting better and I'm learning skills with an airbrush and weathering skills. So, what do you fill your days with doing when aren't at work, or asleep, or desperately trying to stay alive?
  5. I think it’s entirely bad what the National League (South and North too) are going through, but I’m not too sure about the leagues below the National League, South and North. My local team is Aldershot (who is my 2nd team after Villa), and they haven’t mentioned about putting their players on furlough unlike Dover have, because the chairman hasn’t got enough money to pay them. Woking were going to be another team to furlough their players because I thought there was speculation because they lost to Hereford in the FA Trophy Semi final, they were going to furlough their players but they didn’t in the end for some reason. A few weeks ago, the North and South league declared themselves ‘null and void’ and postponed the rest of their season. Could that happen to the National League Premier? I probably think this could be a season to forget for the Non League teams in terms of money, not having fans in at stadiums (that includes everybody not just non league). On another note, it was a shame to hear the passing the other day of Lee Collins the Yeovil Town Captain. Terrible shame.
  6. Is it me or has Mark Regan been employed by Villa to do commentaries on under 23s or is he freelance since he left BBC WM? I was wondering....
  7. maqroll

    Memory Lane

    What are some of your more vivid memories over the years? I was just remembering how as kids, we used to order butterfly knives and throwing stars from this massive catalogue of cheesy 80's "Ninja" gear. We were obsessed.
  8. Is there a way to ‘ignore’ a particular topic or topics on here? I often find myself just clicking on the next topic button, not knowing what is the next thread but there’s some topics I have no interest in ever reading again (the wrestling one springs to mind) I would quite like the option to ignore a topic (like we can individual posters).
  9. Pagoda Park, that takes me back. The Powerhouse (became the Ritzy I think) then Wobble and the one by the Market open until 6am, Tin Tins?
  10. Does anyone think Jack Woodward has always been a great commentator at Villa? I honestly like listening to him although I haven't so far this season as we've been on TV. I like the way he shows his passion for Villa on and off the mic, particularly when he was commentating on the Watford game last season (2-1 win) when Konsa/Mings goal went in and Woodward went ballistic. I am just asking for opinions as I thought I'd create this subject.
  11. I was one of the lucky Villa fans to get to chat with Shaun Teale and Bryan Small yesterday on ‘Chat to a Legend’. it was really fun, worth it in the end and such a great laugh! There was about 16 of us on the Zoom Call and personally it was great! I recommend doing it if you haven’t done it. Keep an eye out on the Villa site to see who’s coming up next. It’s exclusive on Pride Rewards to Season Ticket holders and Members it says.
  12. It came up in another thread but probably deserves it's own thread... How safe do you find Birmingham? Is it a nice place? Is it better or worse than it used to be? This isn't tied to the events of the weekend but a general view on the atmosphere, people and how safe you feel. Is it better or worse than other major cities? Personally, in the ten odd years I've lived in the area and the 30 odd years I've been visiting the area I've been impressed with the improvements to the area aesthetically and the variety of restaurants and shops etc. On the flip side, I feel less safe at night than ever before and think the general rate of crime feels higher. I've personally been the victim of crime several times in recent years. How does that compare to other places? I feel much safer in New York for example, but maybe the UK isn't much different city to city? Is Birmingham a place you'd choose to live? I'm beginning to quite strongly dislike it...
  13. We already seem to be getting baubles deep in the season. Kevin the carrot is in mild peril and the new John Lewis ad has disappointed. As @lapal_fan said last year..... In case you want to talk about Christmas for some reason.
  14. Me and the wife have just jotted down our bucket lists. It was actually really fun and we had a laugh doing it. We only live once right? (ex bhuddists not inc.) Is there stuff you want to do while you're in good health, stuff you probably won't do, but like the thought of? Here's mine (so you can laugh at it! ) 1. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef 2. Do a skydive 3. Take a plane flying lesson 4. Drive route 66 5. Drive around Europe 6. Visit Machu Picchu 7. Visit Taj Mahal 8. See the Pyramids 9. Walk along the Great Wall of China 10. Visit the Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janerio) 11. Run a marathon 12. Go to Easter Island 13. Climb Kilamanjaro (doing this in 4 years) 14. Do the 3 Peaks Challenge in 24 hours (next year) 15. Go to Monaco 16. Go to the Amazon River 17. Try my hand at stocks and shares 18. Own a Rolex 19. Visit Red Square & Kremlin in Moscow 20. Learn Italian (already not too bad) 21. Visit places around Italy 22. BBQ 5kg of Pork - I just think it looks cool when they do it on TV 23. See the Northern Lights 24. Learn to Snowboard (This June! ) 25. Write a Sitcom 26. Try and travel for free - see how far I can get 27. Go somewhere off the beaten track - Tony, help me out! 28. Go on a cruise 29. Go on the Jurassic Park ride in Florida (a dream since I was a kid) 30. Go to Montana and do a fossil dig 31. Go to Japan and visit Kyumiso-dera temples 32. Visit Tokyo 33. Go to Auschwitz Now do yours.
  15. I'm off to get my first Jab on Friday. going to the Theatre....The Theatre of Dreams. Whilst, I feel relieved to get it, also feel quite privileged to get it from the place I love, Villa Park.....Home from Home ,so to speak. Ps according to the letter, I think they are quite pleased to have it as a centre.....perhaps they are not used to seeing people lately.lol
  16. Does anyone else think weird, random thoughts say, on their commute? Just thinking about nothing and something mildly amusing to you comes up. I saw a Buzzard this morning and I just looked at it and thought "wouldn't it be great if it just shit a big pebble" - you know, THAT kind of thing. I've always enjoyed the randomness of my thoughts, it must have been all the Ren and Stimpy/Vic and Bob I watched as a small, impressionable child.. It's a shame I couldn't take my awesome moves into a career. I don't always share them because - they don't relate to anything and many people would think I'm a weirdo and I have a VERY good reputation to uphold. I mean, I got my 5 mile Whale badge at swimming when I was just 8 years old! Just nice stuff, I don't want this to turn into rotten.com - thanking you!
  17. Anyone interested in these? Are they the real deal? I'm sure someone on here like @P3te must have used one before. The Oculus Rift will cost you £500 plus delivery charges from overseas. I would have been very tempted if it was about £300.
  18. Without wanting to get all Mumsnet, anyone got much of an idea of costs? I am thinking of getting the front Upstairs and Downstairs bay window done (the type with a large flat front window and angled windows either side of it, i.e not an 8 pane curved bay) plus 2 other regular windows to the front of the house. Fortunately all the back ones were done just before we moved in. Anyone got any idea of the costs? I'm clueless if it would be like £2k or £15k. Any advice appreciated.
  19. Anyone else participating? , did it last year and was a lot harder than I thought but did it with a few people which made it a tad easier, If so good luck and see you on the other side
  20. sidcow


    So not long now before we leave behind probably the worst year the world has seen since WW2. What does 2021 hold for us? What are your hopes, dreams and musings about what 2021 might bring. It seems likely to start off even worse than 2020 ends but hopefully the vaccines can start to make a quick improvement if they can roll them out fast enough. Personally I just want to see people more, go to a pub. My son turned 18 in November and all he has wanted to do is buy me a beer. That is something I look forward to. I hope the economy will bounce back quickly. So many people must be in real hardship, lost jobs peoples dreams of starting their own business lying in ruins. I hope those people can start again. And I want to go to Villa Park and watch Jack Grealish playing like a footballing god in real life, supported by the rest of our fantastic team. I want to sing songs on The Holte. I want to go to an away ground and take the piss out of their stadium and town. I genuinely do want to get into the office and see my colleagues. I want to hug my parents. I hope Brexit works out though I think that might be a dragging factor on our general prosperity at a time we really don't need it. I am worried about what actions the Government will take to pay for Coronavirus, those things will become clearer in the next few months.
  21. As suggested by @Demitri_C Flat caps and whippets? Or Barbour jackets and labradors? Go!
  22. I think this is a topic that will be definitely more common in the coming months. I think its something Football will need to take more seriously as more research is done. A lot of the 1966 World Cup team have suffered dementia and more modern players like Alan Shearer has said he is quite worried about this from the amount of headers and aeriel duels he faced. Its also not football, Thompson from the 2003 rugby team has been dignosed at 43 and filing a lawsuit along with 10 other players of a similar age. Ice Hockey, American football have had issues in the past so you have to wonder when it will stop. Is it time to make sports safer
  23. In case anyone wants to talk about Halloween
  24. Hey mates, I have to write a short story on a trip to UK during October and was wondering if there were any standard English/Scottish lore on All Hallow's Eve that we don't know about over here in the states? Is there a particular one or several that I should look for? Any help is appreciated, Thank you.
  25. I think has been mentioned in another thread but maybe an open discussion about it. Think its hard to look past Roger Federer he is such an immense athlete and still going at 37. For example he is 8 months older than John Terry and Tennis is a more physically demanding sport than Football. Just incredible Other names to be included could be Gretzky, Serena Williams and if they keep it up consistently for another 6 or 7 years Ronaldo and Messi
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