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Found 119 results

  1. One thing is clear. The "losing" has to be removed from the club. Randy has tried various ways to effect what happens on the pitch (manager, CEO, Transfer commitee, bombsquad, young-hungry.....etc) all to no avail. We're at the stage now where every department of the club is tainted &/or ruined. AVFC needs a complete clearout and a new beginning. Maybe we can spare a few who have been tainted but not "too affected" keep them and add a new blood to the main body of the club. (For example Ayew, Amavi, Traore and the youngsters who haven't been exposed to too much "shiteness". Ideally the sale of the club would be the best option, ridding the club of RL TF PR Almstadt and (unfortunately) Garde too. Gaby, Nzog, Guzan, Richardson, Westwood, Sanchez, Hutton, Bacuna, Sinclair, Gestede and maybe a few other put on gardening leave immediately and permanently till they are sold (yes another Bombsquad) then new owners can start again from scratch ready for July 1st return to duty. IF RL CANNOT SELL I see only one other option. Bomb the above players along with The General, Tom Fox, P Reilly & Almstadt RL should then appoint S Stride & G Taylor as Oversee-ers to appoint a new set of staff (GT even as manager till they find the right man - I'd be OK on HDE even allowed to sweettalk CEO, board and other admin potentials) a new start with little or no trace of the "Old-Failure-Guard". get people like Brian Little, Big Ron in as temps for whatever roles they can benefit too to lift the aura about the club THEN INVEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Untill this happens, they only way is down and further downs league & finances wise.
  2. Hey there I was wondering if anybody has some interesting techniques to look busy at work when you really aren't busy at all. Maybe you don't want your boss to give you a task or your Co-worker to ask for a favour because you are already stressed enough with the work you have. How do you give people the illusion that you are always working hard and giving 110%? How to look busy: Play a youtube video called "Typing/Keyboard Sounds" whilst browsing/not working. (I pause it from time to time so it doesn't sound suspicious).Take a screenshot of an installation process about 3/4 of the way through. Open it when you leave your desk so suspicious people think you're just waiting for the installation to finish.Print random stuff from time to time, use the file shredder later to discard of the fake work.Make friends in the IT-department. Your browsing history (or any data your employer would check) will always be clean . From time to time say your Laptop has some kind of error and it has to be looked at. If your boss' IT-knowledge is limited to Outlook, Excel and Word, just make up some random bull**** that sounds complex, but say it in a tone that suggests it's basic knowledge so he won't ask about it. --> i.e. "Boss, my metasploit connection just timed out after 2.7 seconds and nsf-payload vanished. It's still working on my desktop so I'll go show the IT-guy to make sure the Laptop isn't damaged." Then have a donut and smoke with the IT-Guy Any more?
  3. I have to say rugby is breath of fresh air compared to football. I'm fed up of diving players, all the nagging from players and managers at officials, officials making incorrect decisions and much more. I'd personally like to see the following; Referees to have access to video technology throughout the game so EVERY decision is correct. Some argue it could slow the game down but so what if we have the right decision? We could even employ "challenges" like they do in tennis perhaps?Time to be paused when the ball is out of play and there are injuries. This then avoids any injury time and ensures game time is 100% accurate. No more "Fergie time".Referees to have on board video cameras and microphones so we can hear what is being said. Sin bins. Sometimes I think players can get a yellow card on purpose to break up an attack and it's worth doing to protect their lead. The yellow can often feel like an inadequate punishment whereas if the player went off for 10 minutes they might think twice about being unsporting. It could make for some interesting scenarios with teams having fewer players for short periods of the game.Not a rule, but sheer passion is something that has gone missing in football too often. Look at the players fighting for everything in rugby and then how gutted they are at losing. Also when they sing the anthems the passion is immense in rugby. The footballers for England are often half-hearted with the anthem but not that long ago there was a lot more passion. 1996 England football side is a good example of this. How do you get passion back or increased? I think the above rule changes would help and also if the rules on home grown players was tighter so more players play for the clubs they've progressed at. The club is more in their heart then. Is there anything you'd take from rugby to bring into football? Mixed fan areas? Reduced amounts of prize and TV money? Salary caps?
  4. I'm thinking a replacement is in order for last seasons goal of the season contender thread, here's a start. Conor Henderson Ireland U21's vs Italy U21's. Our very own Samir Carruthers had a hand in the build up.
  5. I was just reading this report on Michu in The Guardian. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/jul/14/michu-swansea-city-garry-monk Oh Michu! Injuries have of course played their part but what a waste! A so-so player utterly transforms his career after signing for Swansea City and goes and completely screws it up. And now he is effectively back where he started. Icarus would be proud. Now with much talk about the curse of signing for Manchester City I was wondering what you fine people consider the very worst career decision any footballer has made?
  6. chrisp65


    So, the house is on fire, all living things, wife, kids, cat, fish etc., have all successfully made their own way out. What's the one thing or possession you'd snatch to save and take with you as everything else burrrrrrrrrnssssss? I'm probably going to be practical and romantic and say the folder of passports, birth and marriage certificates. On a different day it would be my small but awesome collection of kitchen knives that have taken 20 years to find and cherish which ones I like best.
  7. A few have mentioned wanting a thread about it, it gets alluded to in all manner of topics (I even mentioned our society as being a key factor as to why the English national team is so bad) and now its time to get it out in the open - just how "great" is Britain? I've lived abroad for about half of my post-University life, in Germany and Amsterdam. After being back in England for 6 years, on Sunday I'm off again - to live in Canada. Wherever I go I'm always very proud to be British. Certainly as a designer I find that it can regularly carry a certain amount of cachet. But I often find myself frustrated at the state of Britain now. Maybe I'm getting old, but swathes of British youth baffle me - celebrity culture seemingly being the only valid type, and a lack of morals across all generations being amplified by those in their late teens and early twenties. I've given up on our government, and their opponents. There isn't enough variety in what they stand for or how they execute their policies. It's too often self-serving rhetoric. Social media has many positives but has also caused many issues amongst the youth of our nation. There is no middle ground any more. No average. Everything is extreme - amazing or shit - or it gets filtered out. If you want likes or comments you can't just be average. The country has a drink (and drug) problem too. I've never been anywhere else that I've seen the level of street brawls and debauchery that you get in towns and cities across the UK on a Friday and Saturday night. It's like the vikings make a weekly return. BUT - there is still so much to be proud of. There is REAL culture here - music, art, design, literature. It's amazing. Architecture across the land is varied and beautiful. Our landscapes and countryside are unique and breathtaking. The diversity of our society and the influences this brings is likely unparalleled in any other country as small as ours. We are a people of courage, and honour, and creativity. In times of recession we give millions of pounds to charity, when we host sporting events they are gold standard examples, and our entrepreneurial spirit is perhaps the only reason we have any sort of economy apart from banking. We are a nation of philandering, coke-addled scumbags who cheat on our wives and girlfriends and fight strangers in the street. We make millionaires out of people like Dappy, Joey Essex and seemingly any 18 year old with a full-sleeve tattoo and the ability to kick a football in a straight line. We awarded Kerry Katona with Mom of the Year, and "Britain First" have 300k "likes" on Facebook, making them the most prominent political entity in British social media. We are amazing, yet crap. Genius, yet confused. We are "literally" Great Britain. Over to you...
  8. Me and the wife have just jotted down our bucket lists. It was actually really fun and we had a laugh doing it. We only live once right? (ex bhuddists not inc.) Is there stuff you want to do while you're in good health, stuff you probably won't do, but like the thought of? Here's mine (so you can laugh at it! ) 1. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef 2. Do a skydive 3. Take a plane flying lesson 4. Drive route 66 5. Drive around Europe 6. Visit Machu Picchu 7. Visit Taj Mahal 8. See the Pyramids 9. Walk along the Great Wall of China 10. Visit the Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janerio) 11. Run a marathon 12. Go to Easter Island 13. Climb Kilamanjaro (doing this in 4 years) 14. Do the 3 Peaks Challenge in 24 hours (next year) 15. Go to Monaco 16. Go to the Amazon River 17. Try my hand at stocks and shares 18. Own a Rolex 19. Visit Red Square & Kremlin in Moscow 20. Learn Italian (already not too bad) 21. Visit places around Italy 22. BBQ 5kg of Pork - I just think it looks cool when they do it on TV 23. See the Northern Lights 24. Learn to Snowboard (This June! ) 25. Write a Sitcom 26. Try and travel for free - see how far I can get 27. Go somewhere off the beaten track - Tony, help me out! 28. Go on a cruise 29. Go on the Jurassic Park ride in Florida (a dream since I was a kid) 30. Go to Montana and do a fossil dig 31. Go to Japan and visit Kyumiso-dera temples 32. Visit Tokyo 33. Go to Auschwitz Now do yours.
  9. Right, unashamedly starting this thread to post pics of my wedding last Saturday. Also thought others could use it as a thread to dip in to share tips and advice for any other VTers who are tying the knot, and also to share your own wedding pics and experiences. We got married in Santorini with 50 guests. It was an amazing turn out for a wedding abroad, and we had guests from as far afield as Munich, Nuremberg, Zurich, Johannesburg, Chicago and LA. It was really flattering to see the effort people went to in order to be there with us. The Mrs looked stunning. The ceremony was beautiful, overlooking the caldera and in beautiful sunshine. The party was nuts. It was at beach lounge, and we had a dancefloor and lounge bar built on the beach for the day too. We went fairly full tilt as it was kind of a leaving party because we move to Vancouver in a few weeks. We had a live band and then a DJ till 4am. We took a full fancy dress box for when everyone was steamboat, and the groomsmen hoyed me in the pool before diving in themselves. It was a right old knees up! Groomsmen diving into the pool Anyone got their own pics to share? Anyone planning a wedding and want some tips? You learn so much as you go through the planning process, but it's only in the days afterwards that you appreciate what did/didn't work and remember the bits you really wanted but missed out...
  10. World's Ugliest Dog 2014 has just officially taken place It's basically Crufts but the other way round The winner was Peanut a puppy who was badly burned i'm glad the owner didn't put him down he would have never achieved such greatness It wasn't plain sailing for Peanut though there was some heavy competition from a dozen other pooch's trying to take home the crown Grovie showed up wearing a tuxedo and top hat sadly it was not enough Quazimodo tried his luck sadly his back couldn't handle the weight of expectation that was placed upon him Sweepie Rambo had his hair done especially for the event even his owner could not stand the sight of him Wally was last year's winner looks like a perfectly normal mutt if you ask me? I'm thinking of entering myself for next years competition
  11. As its cheap as chips, I decided to rent a mumble server. Its a 50 slot and I figure its no skin off my nose if other people here in Games and Gaming use for video games. You can connect by firstly downloading mumble here and then using the following details. Address: Port: 30662 Always open to suggestions on how to have this thing configured. If you want specific channels added etc just give me a shout in this thread. Mods, feel free to sticky this.
  12. My favourite day of the year is just 2 sleeps away. Yippee. I've always loved Valentines Day, whether single or in a relationship, I just think it's ace. Some of my earliest memories include my mum driving me to where my crush lived when I was about 10 and I ran out, quickly put a card through his letterbox and ran straight back to the car, blushing. I'm awaiting the onslaught of moaners here (on Villatalk, surely not...) but does anyone have any nice plans for this Friday?
  13. Going to miss some of the correspondence I've enjoyed with other VTers over the years on the old site. There's just too many to save unfortunately. I do hope the sender wouldn't mind me printing this sterling and erudite example. We'd been discussing historic British music, popular and classical.
  14. For me, I read both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail. What's yours? Please let there be no-one that actually reads the sun on here
  15. Ok, so I'm new to this and want to get used to the users. I used to use another forum and got to know some decent people. Just a thread to tell me a bit about yourselves
  16. ...in 50 years? Politically Economically Environmentally Culturally Etc.
  17. Any ideas what I can do for New years for me and my wife? She's Russian as some may know and they celebrate new years more than christmas over there so I'd really like to make it a good time for her. Unfortunately because of trips to Russia and the marriage I have no holiday left and I'm working until around 5 on New years eve so it needs to be fairly local and im struggling to think of something special to do. Any ideas at all? Cheers
  18. What are the other fellow VT's up to this year? My brief summary; Buying: lots of toys and games for my 2 year old son, clothes and stuff for the 6 month old girl, laptop and few other bits for the wife. Receiving: Not really sure, Black Ops 2 will be in there, maybe a pair of trainers. Doing: Going out for Christmas dinner (its the gift from the outlaws) and spending lots of time relaxing and drinking beer with the family. Perfection. Finish work on Thursday 20th December, back on the 2nd Jan.
  19. I'll think of you when I'm poolside sipping on a pint 8)
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