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  1. So, any recommendations for somewhere nice to visit tomorrow afternoon? A favourite live traffic camera, a police helicopter live feed pay site, art, recipes, second hand soul vinyl emporium, funny puppies... ...where do you go when the wife is out and you've got 20 minutes?
  2. I've done some searching and I can't seem to find a thread about brewing (apologies if there is one but it didn't come up in my searching). I've always liked beer but I got in to brewing my own beer about 3 years ago now, mainly for fun at first but then I progressed to trying to make the best beer possible. I started with kit beers and I've done probably 15+ of those, with mostly very positive results. I've recently taken the plunge to all grain brewing and I'm loving it! The cost of the set up for all grain is a more but the quality is higher, whereas you can get the set up for kit brew
  3. Sometimes I consider taking a year off the internet. I think I might really like it.
  4. Would you knowingly destroy another person's business if you could increase your own sales by 50%?
  5. limpid


    We don't have a general thread for privacy issues. I'll start with this link for those in the Birmingham area on the 17th Feb. PS. Please remember that when you do this, you are reducing (or removing) the revenue paying for the "free" sites that you use. Please consider donating to them instead. Particularly the smaller ones. Like VillaTalk. PPS. If you want to discuss donations to VT, please start a thread in "Site Issues". This thread is for privacy stuff.
  6. Moving to Basel in July and would be good to meet up with some fellow Villa fans, will prob attend a few FC Basel matches too but will definitely head home to watch some Villa games too. Looking also for some local 5 or 7 aside footy to play and of course a decent bar where the footy will be on. Any advice etc please PM me and if keen to meet up then let me know, cheers Steve
  7. Obviously a hot button issue these days...today I read an article about a high school wrestler who is a male that identifies as a female, and he's destroying the competition, sparking some debate about if he/she should be allowed to compete against girls. IMO, it's an honest question, and with merit, but nowadays you'll get crucified for even questioning it. I support transgender rights, but where do you draw the line? In a case like this, in sport, it's so obviously unfair to the girls. What about their right to compete on a level playing field so to speak?
  8. Can you think back to your early days on the interweb and the first times when it reached it awesomeness potential I was on the web quite early in the "Mosiac" days but it was all a bit meh at that point ... I think they thing that made me realise the webs true potential (other than for looking at porn) was the "I kiss you all over man" who sadly I can't find any trace of but it was essentially some Greek (??) man who had created a dating profile if I recall he was a cross between Borat and and a Harry Enfield impression , but it appeared to be genuine He had the immortal line o
  9. Happy New Year fellow VT'ers! What are you all upto tonight? Going out? Staying in? Me, for the first time since 1996 I'm not going out, going to a house party or probably even staying up to see the new year in. I must be getting old But not that old, as I wait for my missus to finish work I'm sipping a nice bottle of Mescal and playing my old house records on my new turntable. Whatever you do, stay safe and have fun. UTV!
  10. I don't think its too early? I became festive on Friday... the Christmas lights were turned on in Edgbaston, so i saw that from my work window. The German Market is up and running and I heard my first Xmas song on the radio driving home on Friday. Winter's Tale by David Essex btw So, what we all got planned? Staying at home? Visiting relatives? On holiday? (Tony, i'm looking at you) I shall be round my parents again, as usual. I do like this time of the year. Not for Christmas itself, but everyone seems far more social and friendly. Loads of parties to go to! On the flip side, it can
  11. I'm quite excited about gaming again and am wondering what we have for 2016? Persona 5 is one (I think is out this coming year?), and also rumours of a Star Wars MMO too (although with no announcement that could come early 17). What else are we looking to next year?
  12. Well we have to accept it, either begrudgingly or in ecstatic fervor, Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States of America. Regardless if you’re on the “good, the world of politics needs a shake up” side, or in the “ WTF, OMG aaaarrrghghgbsuhckluhdfjnjdfeil!! we’re all doomed” side, I thought that this demanded it’s own thread. So feel free to post thoughts & observations of the orange, spray-tanned monstrosity here and I guess I’ll see you in the camps after he wins the election for Emperor of the World in 2018, (alongside his Vice-Emperor Farage.)
  13. It's that time of year sports fans!.. Not everybody's cup of tea but sure is a barging or two about saving a couple of quid off the Christmas Shopping Lists. Good one to start off with and expect more to be announced throughout the day. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/black-friday-and-cyber-monday-alert-service
  14. Any writers here? We've got a readers digest thread, but I wondered if we have any writers here? I have four books on the go, with another 3,200 in my head. Ouch. Currently working on a book for kids, one for teens and one that would interest adults.. I better not get bits mixed up, I'm not sure Tommy, aged 5, will want to read about a young girl who sets up her teacher, kills him, then goes missing. So, writers, throw those pens in the air... .NOW!
  15. What's with this creepy clown stuff? I keep reading about it, has been happening in the States for a while but in the Mail there has been one in Birmingham too. I don't get it. Is this some "social media craze?" what goes through these people's heads to think, 'I'm going to go out tonight, linger in bushes and just hang around to scare people', it's messed up. To make a conscious decision to go out, intent on terrifying people at night, crosses a line. It angers me to be reading this, it's not just creepy, if that was me walking home and one jumped out I would interpret it as a dire
  16. Either through war, disease, climate change, lack of water and arable land, overpopulation, Villa win a match, you name it...what would be your strategy to survive and even prosper if you had six months to prepare?
  17. Everyone, everywhere, is either full on weird, or, they have a little weird routine, or their own little weird life hack. Let's examine the latter two, if anyone else has any to share. Right, so in another thread I just mentioned something so I'll say it here, yes it's weird but I stand by it. VT'ers this is a little confessional. Ahem. Right. Here goes. Oh boy.... Ahem I do a lot of walking, am on my feet a lot, and generally am well exercised. This causes me to get really hard skin on my heels and side of feet that is so rough I only have to take off a sock and it sounds like someone ri
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jun/16/aston-villa-roberto-di-matteo-discipline So Roberto Di Matteo has intimated that he is willing to give second chances to the current crop of players. I have added the pool which includes what I believe have become our most vilified players. But the question is, are you actually willing to give them a second chance or do you think their performances and attitude last season is irredemable? For me, now the dust has settled, if they can really show they are willing to pull there socks up then I would give them all a chance in the Cha
  19. Apologies if I forgot an obvious sport or didn't list a worthy one...(For comedy's sake, feel free to file a grievance here). Otherwise, on the tin, and whatnot... Association Football Rugby Union Rugby League Cricket Boxing (Pound for Pound) Cycling Baseball Ice Hockey Basketball Darts Snooker American Football Canadian Football Australian Rules Football Hurling Formula 1 NASCAR Men's Tennis Women's Tennis Men's Golf Women's Golf Greatest Race Horse
  20. There has been so much negativity around us this season, for so many valid reasons with which we're all painfully familiar, but I thought it might be good to try and balance that with what we have to be positive about. Just a bit of fun really, but after our first home win, why not let ourselves feel positive (even just a tiny bit!)? We are Aston Villa after all, the greatest football club in the world, and the team with the best name in the world. We have a great ground which I love, and even objectively is very nice. Seasons are good and bad, and they come and go, but our club will
  21. So being discussed at the moment, whether England should have an England / English anthem. BBC Any opinions on whether it even needs another anthem? Surely the current national anthem would suffice, with anything else just being what organically happens, rather than being officially endorsed? Personally, as an outside observer, I genuinely have almost no opinion. I guess there are obvious contenders, New England, Jerusalem, Tubthumping...
  22. This question appeared on a facebook group a while ago and thought it was a good question, so credit to whom ever on here that posted it. So i ask the same question on here, why is Villa hated so much by other clubs fans and the media? what has the club done so wrong? As far as i can see, we're one of the league founders, we've never done any dodgey transfer deals (only questionable ones) and as far as i am to understand, we are the reason why west ham play in claret and blue as we gave a spare kit to them (could be wrong) but at least it shows sportsmanship.
  23. One thing is clear. The "losing" has to be removed from the club. Randy has tried various ways to effect what happens on the pitch (manager, CEO, Transfer commitee, bombsquad, young-hungry.....etc) all to no avail. We're at the stage now where every department of the club is tainted &/or ruined. AVFC needs a complete clearout and a new beginning. Maybe we can spare a few who have been tainted but not "too affected" keep them and add a new blood to the main body of the club. (For example Ayew, Amavi, Traore and the youngsters who haven't been exposed to too much "
  24. Hey there I was wondering if anybody has some interesting techniques to look busy at work when you really aren't busy at all. Maybe you don't want your boss to give you a task or your Co-worker to ask for a favour because you are already stressed enough with the work you have. How do you give people the illusion that you are always working hard and giving 110%? How to look busy: Play a youtube video called "Typing/Keyboard Sounds" whilst browsing/not working. (I pause it from time to time so it doesn't sound suspicious). Take a screenshot of an installation process about 3/4 of the way
  25. I have to say rugby is breath of fresh air compared to football. I'm fed up of diving players, all the nagging from players and managers at officials, officials making incorrect decisions and much more. I'd personally like to see the following; Referees to have access to video technology throughout the game so EVERY decision is correct. Some argue it could slow the game down but so what if we have the right decision? We could even employ "challenges" like they do in tennis perhaps?Time to be paused when the ball is out of play and there are injuries. This then avoids any injury time and ensur
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