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Found 47 results

  1. So the first one of three key general elections is today, with voting in the Netherlands already begun. Here's a breakdown of this elections. (Courtesy of Reddit) Mark Rutte | Current leading party. Together with D66 part of ALDE in the EP. Supportive of the free market: focusses on tax and allowance reduction and international trade. The party recently stressed the strengthening of the national security. Campaign leader Mark Rutte is currently attempting to win back voters who have defected to the PVV with a though stance on immigration and recently wrote an open letter calling on troublemakers in the society to 'act normal or leave'. PvdA | Partij van de Arbeid (Labour Party) centre-left, social democrats Lodewijk Asscher | Oldest secular party currently represented. Part of the current coalition with the VVD. Popular support for the PvdA fell into a gradual decline in the recent years and could lose up to 70% of the seats, mainly because of the cooperation with the VVD. PVV | Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) anti-immigration, Euroscepticism, conservative right-wing populism Geert Wilders | Started with Geert Wilders' departure from the VVD in September 2004, because of their positive stance towards Turkey's possible accession to the European Union. It technically has Geert Wilders as its sole member, making the party odd in the Dutch parliament. Wilders has made a career of speaking out against the Islamisation of the Netherlands and lives under permanent armed guard because of death threats. SP | Socialistische Partij (Socialist Party) left, left-wing populism, soft Euroscepticism Emile Roemer | Has roots in the former Dutch Communist Party and Leninist movement. Beside its socialist manifesto, it calls to reintroduce a collective healthcare system and to bring back the retirement age to 65 years. It used to hover around on the sidelines, but its support surged under the current leader Emile Roemer. CDA | Christen-Democratisch Appèl (Christian Democratic Appeal) centre to centre-right, christian democracy Sybrand van Haersma Buma | Merged from three Christian-democratic parties in the seventies and eighties. The party and its predecessors have been part of almost every coalitions since 1918, though popular support for the CDA has been in a gradual decline. The Bible is seen as a source of inspiration rather than a diktat. Politically, the CDA is viewed as middle of the road and socially conservative D66 | Democraten 66 (Democrats 66) broad centrist, liberalism, eurofederalism Alexander Pechtold | D66 was independently formed in 1966, describing itself as a progressive, socially liberal party and focusses on eduction. Unique issues: favours a Federal Europe and abolishment of the monarchy (reduction of the monarchy to a ceremonial monarchy). Although it never had more than 24 seats, it has been part of 5 coalitions since its formation. Current leader Alexander Pechtold has been winning plaudits for his opposition to the rhetoric of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders. CU | ChristenUnie (Christian Union) centre to centre-right, social conservatism, christian democracy, soft-Euroscepticism Gert-Jan Segers | Relatively yonug merger (2001). Holds socially conservative positions on issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia, is Eurosceptic, while maintaining progressive stances on economic, immigration and environmental issues. GroenLinks (GreenLeft) left, left-wing, green politics, green liberalism Jesse Klaver | Merger of Communist Party of the Netherlands, Pacifist Socialist Party and two minor radical parties in 1989. Describes its basic principles as green, social, and tolerant. Strongly gained popular support after electing the new young party leader Jesse Klaver. Has not been part of any coalition since its formation. SGP | Staatskundig Gereformeerde Partij (Reformed Political Party) christian right-wing, orthodox protestant conservatism, dominionism Kees van der Staaij | Oldest political party in the Netherlands in its current form, and has for its entire existence been in opposition. Holds calvinistic and orthodox social positions and believes women should not play an active role in politics. Mostly a testimonial party and receives most votes from the Dutch 'Bible Belt'. PvdD | Partij voor de Dieren (Animal Party) left-wing, environmentalism, animal liberation, green politics Marianne Thieme | Founded in 2002. Among its main goals are animal rights and animal welfare, though it claims not to be a single-issue party. 50PLUS (50PLUS) pensioners' interest, populism Henk Krol | Founded in 2009. Tries to lower the retirement age to 65 again. Minor parties without a seat in the last parliament, but have a chance of getting one or two seats this year: DENK (THINK / BALANCE in Turkish) multicultural / Muslim immigrant populism VNL | Voor Nederland (For the Netherlands) anti-immigration, classical liberalism, Euroscepticism PP | Piratenpartij (Pirate Party) digital pirate politics FvD | Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy) direct democracy, Euroscepticism, intellectual populism Other parties: Ondernemerspartij, Nieuwe Wegen, De Burgerbeweging, Vrijzinnige Partij, GeenPeil, Artikel1, Niet-Stemmers, Libertarische Partij, Lokaal in de kamer, Jezus Leeft, MenS/Basisinkomenpartij/VR, Vrije Democratische Partij Total number of parties: 28
  2. Would you knowingly destroy another person's business if you could increase your own sales by 50%?
  3. Sorry to the admins that we took over that other thread, not my intention at all. To continue our discussion I've made this thread. Last discussion point: Posted 49 minutes ago (edited) · Report post That's a silly cop out. You're never going to be able to have identical people and situations to compare in any situation. Yes, simple averages are not going to tell an in-depth and complete story but if you want a more in-depth appreciation of things then you look at those other factors and adjust for them. What you said in your post was: In response, from the article you provided a link to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never said there wasn't any wage gap between men and women, I said that the 80% gap is as untrue as it gets. I've discussed this with a lot of both male and female economists and they put the percentile at around 98%. With all the added risks that mostly men take in hard labour I don't know if 2% is much of an issue. Here are some other stats that go the other way: Men are 25% less likely to graduate from our university in Winchester than women - does anyone make noise about this? The system is clearly favouring one gender since first grade where boys are put on pills if they are "boisterous" because feminine behaviour is the benchmark that all students should work to. Studies show that men are just as likely to experience abuse as women, by their father, brother, mother, sister, wife or partner. Men just don't speak about it. Women have charities, government funding, government boards and a minister for Women and Equality. Why is there even Women in her title? When men report abuse by their female partners they are more likely to be arrested than their partner. For the same crime a man serves 60% more time in jail than a woman. Men are 4 times more likely to be homeless than women, have you ever heard the term "man's shelter", because I've heard the term "woman's shelter". Men make up 80% of suicide victims in Western Europe and America, 92% of workplace deaths across the globe, 97% of the deaths in combat and close to 80% of homicide victims. The pendulum needed to be swung back in the 50's, but the sense from older feminists and people who experience these new age feminists every day is that they are arguing for points that are getting more and more obsolete. New Age Feminists don't discuss equality, they discuss women. The waters get muddled by young women that have no clue what they are protesting or arguing about, it's hard for the other students to make up their own minds when they are constantly dealing with people like below who will ban people from different viewpoints to hold talks and events. It's a great discussion anyhow. Exclaimer: I just think it's a very important discussion to have because as an employee at a university I see this kind of thing very often and it's really started to irk me lately when certain people with differing views to the student organisations (mainly the left leaning ones) get barred and banned from talking.
  4. Looks like it's gaining traction for a voter referendum in 2014. How do you feel about the possibility of the U.K. downsizing to just England, Wales and N.I.?
  5. It is time for the race for the first West Midlands mayor to begin. The campaigns are ramping up and the various candidates have hit twitter with everything they have. For those unaware, the candidates are: Green: James Burn UKIP: Pete Durnell Liberal Democrat: Beverley Nielsen Labour: Siôn Simon Communist: Graham Stevenson Conservative: Andy Street Will they improve the fortunes of the region? Will they be utterly ineffective? Will they act as a voice for the West Midlands or just toe the party line? Will they get on with Dr Tony and his grand plans for Birmingham?
  6. maqroll


    Obviously a hot button issue these days...today I read an article about a high school wrestler who is a male that identifies as a female, and he's destroying the competition, sparking some debate about if he/she should be allowed to compete against girls. IMO, it's an honest question, and with merit, but nowadays you'll get crucified for even questioning it. I support transgender rights, but where do you draw the line? In a case like this, in sport, it's so obviously unfair to the girls. What about their right to compete on a level playing field so to speak?
  7. Well we have to accept it, either begrudgingly or in ecstatic fervor, Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States of America. Regardless if you’re on the “good, the world of politics needs a shake up” side, or in the “ WTF, OMG aaaarrrghghgbsuhckluhdfjnjdfeil!! we’re all doomed” side, I thought that this demanded it’s own thread. So feel free to post thoughts & observations of the orange, spray-tanned monstrosity here and I guess I’ll see you in the camps after he wins the election for Emperor of the World in 2018, (alongside his Vice-Emperor Farage.)
  8. To quote It has been drafted in secret, but many of those that are party to its creation, whilst sworn to secrecy on its contents, have major misgivings about the powers that it seems to hand to big business. As far as lobbying goes - For every meeting involving public interest groups, there were 20 funded by big business. No wonder they want to keep it quiet. However word has got out. An unholy alliance including UKIP, the Greens, the likes of Vivienne Westwood and parties from across the political spectrum have united to try stop TTIP's progress. Online pressure groups such as Sum Of Us and 38 Degrees have been encouraging the public to question those with the powers to stop TTIP. A vote on TTIP was suspended in the European Parliament today. Then this happened.
  9. With lots of talk of the desperate need to end austerity, properly arm the troops, fund the NHS etc., I wonder if we need a referendum on our nuclear deterrent? With the cost of the only option being considered guestimated at between £30 and £100 billion, perhaps we could spend the money on something else - or even, not spend it at all! After all, are we really going to use them?
  10. With so much uncertainty with regards to the sustainability of the EU, increasing social unrest in Greece, Spain, and other austerity-battered nations, resurgent independence movements (Scotland, Catalonia, Venice, among others), and the eternal tinderbox that is the Balkans...what do you envision for Europe over the next 15 years?
  11. A lot of organisations seem to have got behind this. The local Green Party is having a bash to garner support this evening. Difficult to know for sure, but this looks like it might even attract the interest of the BBC. Even if it doesn't, you just know Russia Today will be there Reckon I'll be there too.
  12. Sky Predicting a hung parliament with 286 Labour 265 Tory 20 libs 2 ukip 53 SNP 24 others ... still 100 days to go of course , plenty of time for Argentina to invade the Falklands or something EDIT: Split from the current government topic because... it's about the election, silly! Bicks EDIT: Poll Added - Bicks The poll is now open, true to the secrecy of the ballot, I have set it up so that votes are anonymous. You can change your vote at ay time. Just delete your vote, then vote again. This poll and topic are now set to close as the ballot boxes themselves close
  13. OK so Mr Farage admitted this week that his party simply does not have the mechanism nor finance to vet all their candidates, so a few nutters are going to slip through the net. Lets start the ball rolling with.... Mr John Williams, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire County Council clicky Such an enlightened chap
  14. Thread started for discussion of those nice gentle Green party ones. Not like the other nasty lying Blue, yellow and red ones, or the purple nutters. They're getting more popular as well now. All will be swept before them (and then recycled).
  15. Shakhtar Donetsk's new stadium which was built for Euro 2012 (England played there twice and it hosted a quarter final and semi final) has been damaged by shelling in the Russia - Ukraine conflict. Shakhtar relocated 600 miles to play in Lviv at the start of the season: (full article - The Guardian)
  16. Surprised this hasn't already been posted so here's a new thread for it. Pretty incredible situation unfolding in Cyprus this weekend. It is the latest country to require a bailout to prop up it's banking sector, which has combined balance sheets eight times the size of the Island's economy. The EU have agreed to give them a 10 billion Euro bailout, on the basis that they implement a "tax" on all Cypriot bank accounts amounting to 6.7% on accounts containing less than 100,000 and 9.9% and accounts with more than 100,000 euros. In the EZ bank deposits are protected from this action by law so they've got around that by calling it a "tax" instead. The Cypriot Parliament have to approve the measure on Monday (a bank holiday) and in the meantime controls have been put in place to stop savers emptying their accounts physically or electronically - this vast theft is due to take place first thing Tuesday morning. In return for this state sponsored looting savers will get shareholdings in insolvent banks that will probably be utterly worthless within hours. The EU proposal is incredible, basically stealing the savings of ordinary people in a bank raid that has no more legitimacy than walking through the front door wearing a balaclava and waving a sawn off. Despite the now customary denials of possible contagion by EU officials (perhaps 'financial terrorists' is more accurate) it also sets a precedent for what might happen in the other Med countries that are financially screwed at the moment. If this goes ahead (and it looks like it will) you'd expect that 1) there will be a bank run on Tuesday so big that all financial institutions in Cyprus will simply collapse, 2) the riots that follow will be epic, and 3) 1 & 2 would likely lead to a similar problem cascading beyond Cyprus into other EZ countries. Innstead of the now established practice of channelling tax payers money to big banks through governments, the plan now seems to be cutting out the middleman and taking cash from the public directly. This could get very messy, very quickly.. link
  17. Following on from the Thatcher discussion, what (and if) has caused Britain’s decline? Or are we as great as we used to be? We can’t really build ships, dig coal, make steel, build trains in any quantity, yet we can win gold medals in abundance, and have creative industries that are the envy of the world. We can build luxury cars, but we don’t own the companies for the main part that own. Britain has one of the great distinctive cultures of the world, but we aren’t the same as we were... Or maybe for a small island we still over achieve? Are you proud to be British (if you are)?
  18. Nov 6 is now less than 4 months away. Anything related, please post here. Latest polls P.S. Jeez, Yanks! Why am I the one creating this thread and not you all?
  19. Hi Looking for some information from the always wise VT faithful Little bit of background, my son is 2 and has just started at a really nice nursery down the road from us. This nursery is linked to a primary school that has excellent OFSTED reports. The nursery suggest we get his name down ASAP for a place as it is very popular. The school however is a Church of England school and I was wondering what that meant in my son's day to day studies? Is it much different to a 'standard' primary school? Will there be a huge amount of R.E compared to others? Neither of us parents are religious, we got married abroad and never go to church (although we were both baptised as children). The other thing to consider (thinking long term) is that this primary school is the main feeder school for the best high school in the area. So, a C of E school, much different to other schools?
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