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Found 38 results

  1. Looks like the article wasn't meant to be released until 9:30PM. Seems a little strange to me that Tom Fox would come here, a new owner could come at any point and he be out of a job.
  2. Soooo, fundamental issues with I'm guessing a certain Randy Lerner? Amid rumours and speculation that Moyes is interested and the board were waiting on budget news? Possibly an indication of bad budget news from Lerner?
  3. David Bernstein had been appointed to the board of Aston Villa today. Seems like a shrewd move indeed. I'm impressed with both he and little.
  4. http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10265~4866073,00.html
  5. Nabby

    Mervyn King

    Joined as board member as per OS http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10265~5321567,00.html
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/aston-villa/11472440/Aston-Villa-open-talks-over-takeover-deal.html So, who do we think the mysterious buyers are? Wang Jianlin (the richest man in China) of the Dalian Wanda Group has recently expressed his interest in investing in the United Kingdom, saying it is the best place for investment as there are no restrictions. DWG own a large share in Atletico Madrid already and was quoted a price of €1bn after enquiring about the potential takeover of AC Milan. Most recently DWG acquired "Infront", a sports marketing group from Switzerland for around €1bn. Jianlin is a huge sports fan and more specifically a huge footballer fan, and says he wants to invest in a football club from Italy or Britain next, depending on price. I'd love it to be Jianlin and DWG but I can't help thinking it'll be an American group. Josh Harris and David Blitzer who own the NJ Devils and were rumoured to be interested in buying us are entering the final stages of taking over Crystal Palace, so we can rule them out. John Percy is the first guy to come out with this story and he is usually highly reliable when discussing Villa. I also think it is worth noting that Delph made comments about how "next season will be much better" for the fans, and Sherwood has made the same comments.
  7. Would you prefer Lerner, Fox and Sherwood to remain at the club, or would you prefer new ownership and the probability that Fox and Sherwood get axed?
  8. Someone had commented on the last set of accounts (Feb 14) but thread was locked due to age. I know our financial past has been discussed to death but what about the future? The latest report will not be due til late Feb but what are people's views on where we currently stand and are there are any accountants that can take a guess at what our future may hold? I must admit, going forward, I'm struggling to understand why we are such paupers - is it simply a case of paying off old debts and how many years will that take? Very roughly I think our basic turnover should be around £85m, with wages hopefully dropping closer to £65m (from £75m) so that means we should be making somewhat of a profit this year (I know there are other operating costs). Or is it not this simple? I am no accountant but why are we struggling to financially compete when the likes of West Brom, Leicester and QPR can outspend us in transfers and wages. All within the remit of FFP. If the debt were wiped out, would we be competing with these 'smaller' clubs? How long will we paying for past mistakes?
  9. I wonder where the appointment of TS leaves the blue print for a new structure above him ? Its clear to me that Tom Fox is the all the powerful figure at the club now - Randy is happy to be the sleeping partner - but Fox will run the show IMO. Hes already brought in a Chief Commercial Officer - and rumours are that a director of football would be next. The big plus point of a DOF is that he would be a football expert and at the very least advise on managerial appointments - so we would advoid the fiasco of following Martin O Neil, with Houllier , and following him with Mcleish. The problem now is that any appointment of DOF - would seen to be to clip Sherwoods wings - although I would hope TS had been asked about his willingness to work under such a structure.... so if its still happening - who should our DOF be ? - Graham Taylor would be my choice - but another guy at Watford has been mentioned Or as such structures a load of tosh - the right manager will run the show ?
  10. OK - he has landed some good finance deals ie sponsorship and shirt deals and some say his actions re player wages and costs pulled us back from the brink. However I dissapointed and concerned that once again - he seems to be the lead person at VP - charged with landing us a new manager. IMO his hidden agenda seems to be someone who is 'really nice' - I don't know but I beleive this is why we overlooked Hughes last year - and why we won't get Lambert this. Faulkner couldn't deal with that abrasive personality. We have all jumped on the word 'Vibrant' some are quoting faulkner as even saying 'Young' which I don't beleive he said. Ans lets remember the Premier league experience criteria of previous years, To most of us that mean't someone who has recently managed, with a degree of competence in the premier league. - We got :- Houllier - A six year absence from PL management Mcleish - Experience in the PL - Yes - but coping in the PL no IMO Faulkner is a major obstacle to bringing in a quality manager.
  11. maqroll


    Any Risk players who want to get a VT group going, click the link in my sig. If we get enough players, we can play quick games, and not the 24 hour slow turn ones.
  12. Perfectly happy to be corrected on this. But it was November 2012 that I last recall Randy in attendance at a Villa game - very poor !
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