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Found 122 results

  1. Hi all, Looking to get an A5 pretty sharpish. Ive got two good offers - white s-line or black SE Id much prefer the white but its a little more expensive. Question is- is it worth that £1000 more for an S-Line over an SE?
  2. I have suffered severe knee pain for years now, been told I will be lucky to get 5 years out my knees and I'm only 43. I am on co-codamol and diclofenic but they don't do a lot and the side effects are dangerous with risk of heart attack etc etc. I have tried a recommended herbal drug online and within 3 days the pain had totally gone! Problem is that they have had some great reviews but aren't licensed in the Uk. The side effects are stated below and even if they were proven are still less dangerous than what I am alredy on. So what would you do? The tablets are called Beline capsules if you want to look.
  3. So I'm setting up this expedit unit.. it's pretty much full now. The genius worker hung it instead of letting it sit on the floor like I asked him. I originally asked if he could hang it but then bought another row to go above and told him to just let it sit on the floor. Now of course it's starting to sink a little. Just a few mm showing in the top middle where it joins.. He saw this and added another support below, one in the centre to go with the two to the sides. Yet it's sinking again now. I'm thinking to give it some support, ply block 6.5" to fit the gap at the bottom, so it can sit nicely. Axle stands seem too tall to start with and car jacks too temporary. So anybody have any idea about these things? Perhaps it's settled now and is safe. I mean there's no give at all. It is firmly attached to the wall and seems happy, other than the mm sink... Top middle The lot (inc temp measure)
  4. daz316

    Knee injury

    So I've had an MRI scan and its shown i have a small tear of the lateral meniscus and a small radial tear from twisting my knee playing football on the 04th December. I'm just starting proper physio but did pay for some private therapy with ultrasound etc before this. Up until a few weeks ago I could really straighten of bend my knee properly but I can know. It just feels quite week when I put pressure on it and the pain seems to move around. I've played football twice so far since, the first time it didn't go well, last week it held out ok and didn't make anything worse. I'm just wondering is this going to be as good as it gets Know? I'd there any possibility it will feel normal again? I generally kept fit with football in mind, the weights etc were all too build strength for playing. If I can't play properly again ill be gutted.
  5. Howdy folks! As I have bleated on numerous occasions of late, the missus and I are entering the scary world of homeownershippingness. Very intimidating, very pricey et cetera. I know a number of the VT collective are quite savvy on this subject, so I was just looking for some guidelines/advice on the do's, don'ts and what-the-****-where-you-thinking's of making and breaking deals on buying a house. At the moment, we've found a property we quite like on the market for £139950. It needs some cosmetic work (loose stair bannister, recently plastered living room, poorly tiled bathroom with bath missing a side panel) but nothing major, we're in a position to go through the process quite quickly (only have to serve one month's notice on our current tenancy, already have our agreement in principle, deposit's sat in the bank and ready to go) and the owner needs to sell quickly (we have been told by the estate agent that he "appreciates that we are in a very strong position", whatever that means). We've gone in with our initial offer of £126k which was rejected (as expected), and we were told by the agent about an hour ago that the seller was looking for £133k. They asked us what our maximum is, and I said (whilst laying it on a bit) that if we moved some things around, talked it over and crunched some numbers (yes, I used that actual phrase and instantly felt like a tw*t; I'm sorry) we might be able to stretch to £130k. That isn't too far from the truth to be honest, we would/could happily afford go to £130k if we had to but we really can't push it much beyond that and were hoping we could even shave a little bit off (unfortunately, we'll be above the stamp-duty threshold now the holiday has been cut short for first-time buyers ). The agent asked if they would like to forward this offer on to the owner, and I said not at the moment. I told them though we do like the property, we'd need a couple of days to think things over during which we have a number of other viewings anyway (again, truth here; not bullshit). I did say I would be in contact again in 2-3 days to let them know our decision (which will naturally be to make a second offer). I guess my underlying question is this; what should I offer? I've heard conflicting things on negotiating tactics from various people. When my folks bought their current house, they started off with a offer 10% below the asking price, then when it was rejected rather than up the bid went back in with a lowball which was subsequently accepted. As much as that appeals, I'm not sure I've the cojones for such gamesmanship (though if we went back with £125k and it was accepted, we would save a small fortune as we'd be back under the stamp duty threshold). I'm not sure I want to go straight back in at £130k, as I don't want to then meet the seller between that and £133k so my gut instinct is telling me my next offer should be a simple increase of a thousand up to £127k. I know that a wall of text isn't nice for anyone to read, and at first glance this thread may not appear very engaging, so I've created a visual interpretation of my current dilemma for the layman. So, VillaTalk; what say you?
  6. A while back I looked at getting one for my car but was put off by the £200-£300 per year price. Anyway. got a call tonight from the AA who are my recovery company and they will do it on a rolling monthly basis for £6.98 a month. Seems pretty cheap. I asked a few questions and seems a good deal. Anyone use AA another warranty provider?
  7. Gents: I'm looking at buying my first place in Erdington- looking at 1/2 bed apartments. Any advice? I'm interested in putting an offer in for one place at about 10k below asking price cus her valuation is a bit out... but will she think I'm taking the piss? Its already been reduced once and is currently up for 2k less than what she paid 3 and half years ago. But as nice as it is, its not worth what she wants and Zoopla agrees Cheers.
  8. Bit odd I know but here's the thing : Back in 1985 i spunked £250 on a rather smart, grey heavy quality sheepskin jacket - not 3/4 length but the usual length past the waist but not to the knees. I wore it 3 times & ever since then its been bagged up & me mam's house....for 27 years to be precise. My question is : are these type of coats frowned upon now ? The collar is grey fur but synthetic. I dont see them around - not that I have been looking that closely. Or with the "retro/vintage" theme en voque is it worth me flogging it ? Thoughts please, thanks
  9. I'm off skiing at the beginning of March with a few mates - likely destination being Soll in Austria. Wondering whether anybody has been here and got any reccomendations on where to stay? Also, i'm a bit of a novice (had a few lessons but thats it) and need to buy some ski clobber - anyone got a good website where i can get the best prices on jackets, goggles etc? Cheers fellow VTers
  10. As long as my heart feels alright I'm planning to take part in the indoor 5 a side league at work but I've never bothered with the indoor game so I'm in need of advice about boots. I've been told to get some astroturf boots but are they alright for indoor use? Or should I go for actual indoor football boots? Why they can't play this league on grass with real boots and studs, I do not know
  11. Couldn't find a similar topic. My lodger is moving out soon and rather than find another one, which proved a long process last time, I'm considering letting the whole house out and moving into a mate's flat myself. Firstly has anyone done similar and have any advice in general? (Estate agents to use in Birmingham, advice on dealing with tenants, any potential problems I may not have thought of?) Secondly, and more specifically, does anyone know the situation with the tax I'd have to pay on the rent I'd get for my house? I'm not sure it would be worth it for me to do this if I had to pay full income tax (%40) on all the rent I'd get, What I'm wondering is if I have to pay the tax on ALL the rent, or just the amount of rent that is basically a profit. For example, say I got £600 a month rent for my house. But to get that rent I obviously have to live somewhere else for, say, £400 a month. So really I'm only making a £200 income (in reality I won't be making anything as I imagine the rent I get will barely cover the mortage and I'd still have to pay insurances and maintenance etc which would wipe out any profit I get) Do I have to pay income tax on the full £600, or just the £200?
  12. rite then fellow VTers I am after some advice if possible. I am considering getting a dog, but don't know if its feasible or not. I have always had dog's since I was a kid and just lately I cant stop thinking about getting one to keep me company. the cons... I live in a two bedroom flat (it's a really decent sized flat so space isn't an issue) I live on my own I work (I'm normally out of the flat from 8am till 5:30pm) me and my old flatmate gave it a try before but the dog was seriously mistreated and had some major issues, you couldn't leave her alone for more than 90 seconds without her pissing and shitting every where or destroying everything, she would literally be left alone for 1 hour maximum when my flatmate was leaving for work and I was on my way home from work, it got to the point where we had to get rid of her. We did absolutely everything possible but after 6 months we realized that it was too much for us. the pro's the people downstairs have a boxer and he is absolutely fine (normally left alone from about 7:30am till 3pm. I could take it out for decent walks 2 or 3 times a day (before work, when I got home from work and again in the evening if needed) getting it out to do its business wouldn't be a problem when I was home (it's not like I would have to go down 5 flights of stairs every time it needed to go out) there are 3 good sized parks with in walking distance now if (and it is still a massive IF) I was to get one could it work with a dog being left alone for that long? what sort of breed would be the best to go for? preferably a medium sized dog which typically only needs small to medium amounts of exercise and is quite calm by nature. as I say it is just a question I more than likely wont end up getting one because of the time issue of it being left on its own but was just wondering what peoples thoughts were or if anyone here has had a dog in a similar situation.
  13. In middle of December my missus rolled into the car infront, no damage done what so ever, the driver she hit agreed to leave it Today she's got a call from her insurance company claiming damages for the car and 3 passengers when there wasn't any in the car but also there's no other witnesses to confirm or deny it. Shes in peices, any advice?
  14. Medical advice needed. Got a pain/ache at the left hand side of my head, at the back from the ear to the top of the neck. Had a flu type bug last week and coughed a lot, was thinking I jarred by head but not sure. I've no time to go to doctors as I am usually sat in their waiting room for between 40 and 60 minutes. So wondering if anybody here can throw me some advice. I have tried over the counter lain killers but cannot use those for long.
  15. Just wondering if there are any pros in the lettings field? I am a bit stuck as I am new to this whole thing. Basically me and the missus are biting the bullet and finally getting a place to rent for a year just to see how we go. Found a nice little place. It’s with the kings group they told me I need to put a deposit down and first months in advance which is fair enough. The problem I have is the girl I am dealing with want a finders fee. She said to me that originally its £310 per person so £620 in total but she said she will do it for £450 for both! She said this covers referencing, and administration fees. Sounds a bit ridiculous to me. I asked a few people and they are telling me that the landlord should be paying them a finder’s fee and if I am to pay one it should be about £100-£200 max as it’s just for credit checks. Someone from the industry that I have spoken with told me I should report them as what they are doing is illegal. Anyone know anything about this?
  16. I'm looking for a new place, probably renting privately and I've heard a couple of people saying they've haggled with the prospective landlord to get the price rental price down. Anyone here ever done this or heard of it being done before? If yes, how much of a reduction could I realistically get? Cheers.
  17. I've always put renting off and swore not to do it but I really want to move out now and feel this is my only option. My girlfriend would move in with me but she's gone back to college and is a student full time so earns no income. The money going out would be all down to me. Now I'm just after the sort of costs at the moment on top of the monthly renting fee. The flat we are looking at the moment is £460 so that's a start. Are any of you currently renting?
  18. First of all, Mods, if this anyway break site rules, or you have any misgivings regarding my post, please feel free to lock / remove it. I don't want to cause any issues for the site, so please accept my apology in advance, if this is the case. Right let me start by saying, anyone who wants to tell me what an idiot I am, I already realise this, so please spare me any further embarrassment. Can I ask that you only reply to this post with constructive advice, Please let me give a background, as to how I got into the situation I'm in. Without going into the massive detail, basically I hit a parked car, while in leaving a car park, and failed to stop and leave my details, and failed to report it to the police. This was reported to the police, who contacted me, took a statement, and advised that I had committed an offence, and that the matter would go to court. Due to the circumstances, and my full cooperation with the police, I was advised that the likely outcome would be that I would either get points on my driving license / or be asked to take a course. I was also advised that I would probably be able to plead guilty by post (which I intended to do). However the summons I have received has no mention of this option, and looking at a few online legal sites, this normally happens if the court are considering a fine or disqualification from driving. Additionally this is my first offence of any kind, and I plan to plead guilty. So the questions I need the answers to, are: 1. Have I lost / missed / not ever had, the right to plead guilty by post? 2. Am I likely to get a ban or fine? 3. When is the earliest opportunity I can plead guilty? 4. Is it advisable to get legal representation? Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  19. So, now that I have a garden I have inherited the common problem of neighboring cats using it as their personal shit box. I do have a rather powerful BB rifle that I'd like to use as a deterrent, but the missus is a cat person and any Rambo-esque feline wetwork would not go down well (I did proffer the more sporting alternative of going mano-a-mano with the cat, sneaking up behind it and snapping it's neck à la Solid Snake but this is also apparently unamenable... women, eh?). So does anyone have any suggestions? Before some smartarse *cough* The_Rev *cough* pulls a 'LMGTFY', I will state that Google searches I have carried out thus far have yielded results based solely on hearsay and conjecture surrounding the "success" (or lack thereof) of snake-oil remedies. I need solutions. I need VT. Now fact me 'til I fart.
  20. My boiler is igniting but the flame goes out after a minute, and doesn't heat any of the rads.. It has a knob that has options 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - X - M on, it's always on 5 but i turned to X and it reignited, but still went out a minute later. Anyone knowledgeable with boilers? I don't want Christmas to be ruined already...
  21. Random post, but wondering if anyone has any experience with this.A friend of mine (it really is a friend!) ran into a woman in a petrol forecourt in his car a few weeks ago.Nothing serious. He pulled around the front of the petrol pumps and reversed back towards an empty one. Woman stepped out from behind the pumps after fuelling her car, he didn't see her, she didn't see the car, and he hit her.Very gently, mind you, he was going very slowly and it wasn't even hard enough to knock her down.Anyway, he got out, was very apologetic, obviously, and spent 5 or 10 minutes checking she was ok, she didn't need an ambulance etc. He said she was absolutely fine, was more embarassed than anything and seemed worried about him rather than herself, insisted she was ok and not to worry about it. Blah blah blah.aaaaaanyway, fast forwadr 2 weeks, and he's gotten a letter in the post from the rozzers telling him he's being charged with driving without due care and attention, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident to the police. he's assumed it's her making some sort of claim but I did suggest that maybe someone else saw it and reported it.Understandably (imo) he's a bit pissed off about this. he can understand the first part if she's made a claim, as you should spot pedestrians walking out in front of your car even if they just walk out in front (or behind) it.But he DID stop, and just didn't realise that you have to report any accident to the police, no matter how minor.So, has anyone been in this situation? Does he have any grounds to get off any of the charges or is he basically ****?
  22. Sorry if this should be in the tech forum, wasn't sure since it's not about the technical side of the product itself. Anyways. My brother's girlfriend wanted to buy him a multi region blu ray player for his birthday and came accross one by Richer Sounds on eBay. She messaged them asking specifically if it can play US/Region A blu rays and 3D blu rays - to which they replied, yes it plays any discs from anywhere. She then went into the Richer Sounds store in Lichfield with a picture of the eBay item and they found the same one in store and she bought it. He got a few Region A blu rays from the US and none of them work, the screen message saying "This blu ray is Region A locked and will not work in your Region B blu ray". The issue is that on the receipt it states they will refund items within 7 days that've been unopened/unsealed and will otherwise only replace/repair items with a fault. Well seeing as it was a present, the 7 day returns has expired as it's only tonight we found out it doesn't play Region A blu rays. We could also, obviously, only find out that it doesn't play them by opening the blu ray player this voiding there 'unopened/unsealed' thing. How would they go about getting a refund? I'm not really good with knowing the ins-and-outs of this kind of thing but told them I'd ask around for help. To me it seems as though she only bought the item based on false information that she was given by the seller (Richer Sounds) and she has photographic proof of the question asked and the answer they gave. A replacement wouldn't be any good in this instance as it's not a fault, but the machine doesn't do the job that she was told it does. Any help appreciated as they want to go in and try and sort it out when they have a day off work together and ideally they'd like to know where they stand a little before going in.
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