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Found 122 results

  1. I'm sure we used to have a VT Trade topic where you could post questions like this, but I can't find it. Anyway, anyone know any good places/people that will fit doors and door frames? I need to replace my two internal doors downstairs in my house as they're practically falling off, but I think I need new frames as well and I haven't got a fupping clue how to do it or where to go to get it done. Doors seem cheap, but I'm guessing it'll all add up once you add in the frames and fitting them. Anyone got experience?
  2. Ginko

    Car Insurance

    Sorry if this has been done before but I couldn't find anything on my search. It's that time of year again for me. I'm with Direct Line and I paid £525 for my car insurance last year. I got a renewal letter through the post last week stating I'm now to pay £851. I called them up to ask them why this is and I'd already done a comparison where the lowest quote I got was £480 though admittedly by a company I'd never heard of so I'm less inclined to go with them, that and it's just easier to renew. She did some tinkering and managed to get it down to £675 but that's as low as they can go apparently. The woman on the phone said it was largely to do with other people driving the same make and model of my car having more accidents and therefore more claims that have pushed the price up so much. I have another year's no claims built up and still my quote has sky-rocketed. Insurance is an absolute freaking rip-off. Anyway, I just thought I'd ask for any advice, namely in the companies you use and if they're any good because I'm not paying that much money where I can seemingly get it cheaper elsewhere.
  3. I'm selling my car and it's on eBay and Gumtree. I won't give a link cos I'm not sure that's allowed on these forums! There would be auto trader but that's another £10 or so and wondering if anyone has any advise on other places I could advertise/ sell. We buy any car offered at £4.5k P/X was offered at £5k Privately they go for about £7k but I have 40 watcher and no bids - about week left. Not in a rush at all to sell but can't buy new car til old one sold. If it takes three months it takes three months! What are people's experiences selling privately? Only ever done p/x before.
  4. Not very knowledgeable about cars , my car just cut out while driving, restarted it , engine revs high and stalls again, car is 1.8t petrol Audi a4 2003, any ideas?
  5. Hey in need of some help Was advised to make a new post about this kind of thing i'm hoping for someone with some experience on the subject Does anyone have any experience with redundancy I've basically been told that the business is heading for insolvency i've worked here for 6 years The question i want to ask is i'm eligible for 5.5 weeks redundancy pay When i started i was on full time but my hours were cut about a year back do i get paid based on the full time hours i started on when i signed the contract of employment or do they pay you based on the wage your currently earning? I look forward to being enlightened by your in depth knowledge
  6. The lady friend would like a telescope for her birthday and I have absolutely no idea where to start. They seem to range from about £30-£5000. Is there a complete bottom range that I need to avoid. Wasn't looking at spending much more than £100. Doesn't need to be amazing just needs to do things that telescopes are meant to do to an acceptable standard. Anyone able to help?
  7. Anbody any idea of how much it would cost to get a standard will drawn up - Im a pretty boring bloke, Married - 2 kids - not much savings - house with mortgage almost paid for. I want it do done through a solicitor - not a DIY online job... Any companies used would be helpful...
  8. Lovely people, Planning all things Olympics, suggestions for my music that i should have playing during my run/s? GO!
  9. Hello fellow Villa supporters and occasional random internet people. I know next to nothing about cars, but I'm soon going to be needing a new one. I'm almost 25 and currently have a W-reg Fiesta, which is the second car I've owned, the first being a P-reg Fiesta. Clearly, I'm not a particularly thrill-seeking type in general. However, the car's on its way out and I'd like to get something slightly more exciting before I become boring and have to spend all my money on children etc, and I've moved house recently so will be driving a slightly longer to get to/from work (little over an hour a day though, so not a huge amount of time really). I'm probably looking at £4k tops, although I'd possibly stretch to £5k for something ideal. Basically, I want something that's fairly reliable (I'm hardly wealthy, being in my second year of teaching at the moment, and know very little about maintenance/repairs myself) but fun/sporty, without looking ridiculous, costing too much to run, or being too big. I would love an RX8 - I've always liked them and apparently they're great to drive - but the economy is terrible and, from what I've read, I fear that I'd be paying for expensive repairs after a few months. However, I've not really seen anything else that I really want. I thought about a Fiesta ST but they seem a little boy racer-y, and an MX5 but they look a bit like a woman's car to me, and I've heard they're awful in poor conditions. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello All, Quick question which shouldn't be too complicated as there are some finance experts on here..... At work I earn just under £24,000 a year basic. I hardly ever do overtime. I've been doing a special job for the last 6 weeks, which has given me 95 hours of overtime at £17 an hour. If you where take my annual salary and put 95 hours overtime onto it each month it would take me to a salary of £42k per annum. With that in mind, is it likely that for this month only I will be put into the 40% tax bracket, with an adjustment coming the following month, or would the tax bracket only apply when I get to the threshold overall for the year? Or, given the time of year would it take into account what I've already earned and decide that even if I did earn that for the remaining months of the year, it wouldn't push me into the higher bracket so therefore still tax me at 20%? It's all so complicated!!
  11. I studied economics at university a few years ago without showing much commitment and never completed my degree. It's something which I regret deeply, and finding well paid work seems to be quite a big challenge. Anyway these online university courses were on the news sites yesterday morning, not many courses are available at the minute and it's being run as a trial to start with. The US did this starting last year and they are continuing with it. That's all I know about the courses at the moment, has anyone looked into these and have much detailed information? I'd like to get a degree but costs are a big issue for me personally
  12. it does more work in he house than the missus does :-) anyway, thought id ask on this forum as most of you seem clever/life experienced enough (polite way to say old) our washing machine is leaking, not sure where from yet as we need to pull it out, is it likely to be a simple repair? thanks
  13. anyone familar with the laws here as i am fuming! i moved address and went to pick up my post the other day and I received a debt collectors letter for an unpaid ticket from may with no previous correspondence, no warnings nothing just straight to DCA and they have doubled the price of the fine to £120 because I have not responded to the other letters. I contacted them and spoke to some idiot woman who was apparently a manager explaining that i am happy to pay orginal charge of £70 but not the adds on as i had not even received any of the other letters. so if i wanst aware how could i pay?? she insists that they were sent and i tell her i have not got them and then the idiot hungs up on me! she did say she could reduce it by 20% to £96 but for up to 4pm only. why should i have to pay extra when they never sent me any correspondence (ticket was issued in may) and i receivedthe DCA letter on 22/08. is there anything i can do?
  14. Had a tooth extraction 6 days ago and I think I have dry socket. Before I go back to the oral surgeon and probably have to pay a stupid amount of money after following all the advice to avoid, has anyone had this and can give me any advice?
  15. Hello my fellow vter's, I am relocating to Birmingham for my new job at the Colmore business district. There is 1 problem, I need to be living there and renting a place by next Thursday. I don't have a car so it needs to be as close to Snow Hill station, Colmore etc as possible. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Twisted my knee on Dec 04th last year, couldn't bear weight on it for a while but it didn't swell. Then it calmed down but I couldn't straighten it without a pain to the left of my knee cap at the front and a pain at the back of the knee as well, that continued for 8 months. Then I went on holiday (to Russia ) and also began taking a higher strength cod liver oil at the same time. When I came back I could straighten the knee without pain and squat on the knee, something I couldn't do before. However, there's a pain running down the outer side of the knee and when I try and run that gets worse and feels like it "knots" the back of the knee. It also seems to affect both sides of the knee cap at the front. An MRI had shown a small meniscal tear on the lateral side and a radial tear but when physios look at it they think I could do without surgery and get back to running etc. When I try though I seem to end up back at square one. My thoughts are if the pain on the side is meniscal then it's not going to get better no matter what I do so I need the surgery because I want to play football again and train to get 100% fit, however ive heard some horrible stories about this surgey, any ideas?
  17. Ok, I'm hoping someone here knows a bit about British Tax system. Specifically the P11D form. My company who I wouldn't trust in the slightest sent me the P11D form but it was blank. I assume since they pay me directly for expenses claimed they then claim the relief on my behalf from Revenue via this form. So I ask should they supply me with full details of the claims they have made on this form for the previous tax year to revenue? Or are they not required to?
  18. ok then, when working overtime will the tax man rape your more if you work more hours? someone at work mentioned the other day that you have to do 10 hours to make it worth your while then you may as well stop unless you do 20 because the amount of tax you pay will make it worthless and if you do over 20 you need to do 40 to make it worth your while etc etc I dont know how it works to be honest but there has been some debate about it and no one seems to have a definitive answer any one able to clear it up (oh and if it means anything I work a bog standard 35 hour week)
  19. Ok, looking to the VT community for a bit of advice here. I changed job (within the same company) last year. My new team just consists of me and my boss who is the same age as me. He's a good bloke and we get on really well. Couple of weeks ago I got my performance review, it was decent. However, my employer has this bullshit 'forced ranking' system. That means that everybody in a certain group of departments gets ranked in like a league table. Despite my decent review I was ranked quite low because I was new, and it could be argued that I was less experienced than others in the team. This activity is done by my boss's boss. To my disappointment this has meant that I only get half the agreed payrise and none of the (£3k) bonus) so I'm pretty pissed off. Here's the thing. When I started the role I should have been set some objectives in our HR system but wasn't. This is a f**k up by my manager. I can use this as a means of arguing my case for the lack of bonus/rise. It would mean I'd have to sit across from the table from my boss in a kind of 'hearing' and blame him which I feel uncomfortable with. He is a good guy and quite new in the job. I know he got a poor review last year (being new) but hoping for a better one this time. This would probably kill it for him. Also, he is currently off after the birth of his first child which hasn't gone well. His baby has been very poorly and spent most of the time in hospital. Not sure whether to accept this as I feel bad for him, or take the issue to HR and point the finger of blame at him (which may mean I'll need to move jobs as our working relationship will probably be ruined). ??????????????????
  20. Anyone on here got one or had any experience with one? Would be good to get some feedback from someone as thinking of replacing my old land rover with one.
  21. On June 1st I'll be a "best man" for the first time. My friend, whom I have known for 31 years since his birth, is finally getting married. I'm a good public speaker as I have to do it a lot for work, so the notion of the speech doesn't faze me, but I've still got to figure out exactly what I want to say. We've done the whole stag-do thing. First up was a 15-man trip to Ladies Day at Aintree then back to Manchester to meet up with a further 15 lads. Then we had the second stag-do last weekend when 5 of us went to Marbella for the Bank Holiday weekend. Sooo - any tips or pointers on the big day itself? Any good or bad stories of your own best man experiences?
  22. Was hoping I could get some advice and opinions from you all. I'm in the market to buy a new car, and I've been looking at BMW 1 Series cars for a looong time now and wanted one. Though, when discussing it with people in the pub, they informed me I should get a sports car. Mainly because, I'm 25, I'm single, no kids, and it could be my last chance in a long while to own a sports car. So I started looking at BMW Z4's. Whilst I do rather like the car, I can't help but feel it's a little.... "girly". So I was hoping for a general opinion by the VT genius's which you all are. I'd also like to state I know absolutely nothing about cars, so if anyone has any feedback on the car that would be cool.
  23. I could do with some advice/reassurance as I have literally been stressing myself over this all day.... This morning whilst attempting to parallel park I hit the back of another vehicle. Only very lightly, was literally just a little push on the bumper. I checked to see if there was any damage and I could not see any. So I drove off and found another spot having taken down the reg number of the vehicle I hit. I did not have a pen or paper on me. So, when I got to the office I typed up a letter, put it in an envelope and then went back to the car and put it on the windscreen. I included my name, home tel, reg and insurance provider. I then preceded to inform my insurance company of the situation. I have not heard from the third party yet, and when coming out of work I noticed it had not moved so, figured the letter may still be there. Have I done the right thing here? Should I not have bothered leaving my details? How can this come back to bite me on the butt? Helpppppp. NB: I should also point out that I took a photo of the back of the car after placing the letter under the wipers.
  24. Has anyone have any experience of the above ? Long story short, I want to clear my late mum's house of furniture and stuff we don't want. There is nowhere to drop a skip outside, really and taking it all to the tip would take too long, plus I dont have the right vehicle to do it. Do I pay them or do they pay me for "salvage" ? Opinions/experiences greatly appreciated, as usual.
  25. There's a situation that has been weighing heavily on my mind recently- I live in an apartment above the 97 year old mother of my landlord. Three years ago, she was very independent, alert, and would drive around, going to church or visiting relatives. She lived alone. Since then, she's deteriorated rapidly. She no longer drives, she sometimes doesn't know who I am, and is generally just declining in health. Maybe 16 months ago, her family got a live-in caretaker to look after her, drive her around, monitor her medications, help her with hygiene, etc. It all seemed to be going smoothly until about 4 months ago, when I noticed the caretaker (50 year old woman) would raise her voice to the point of yelling when talking to the old woman. I didn't think too much of it, because you have to speak loudly for her to hear you, and if you are always doing that, I'm sure it can be frustrating. But it seems like her raised voice and occasional frustration has devolved into an almost daily mini-drama, where she will not only yell, but berate her and accuse her of minor things that a 97 year old should be given a pass on. The caretaker will slam doors, stomp around, and you'd think that would be maybe frightening for a woman whose mental faculties are slipping away. Tonight was a perfect example- she repeatedly yelled "Put the batteries in your hearing aid!"...now you'd think that this would be something the caretaker would take care of....help the old woman out. Then it was, "You know my name, I'm not 'Hello'. I put my ear to the floor and could hear the old lady whimpering, "Please come back, I can't help it that I'm this way", and that just about broke my heart. I don't think there's been any physical abuse, because she has regular visitors, both family and friends, as well as a healthcare professional. But when it's just the two of them, it seems like there is a seriously flawed situation that has developed. And when I'm not home, it might be worse. I'm not sure if I should call my landlord (her son). Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation?
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