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Found 116 results

  1. I have been offered a job that involves continental shifts, 4 12 hour days, 4 days off followed by 4 12 hour nights. Does anybody do these continental shifts? and if so what are positives/negatives? I've always declined any job offers that include shifts and only ever worked days. On the upside it is 11k a year more than what i am on at the minute and its an exciting opportunity. please give me some positives!!!
  2. First of all I'm not sure if this is ok as a new topic or should be in the consumer advice section in the Tech thread. If it's wrong I'm sorry. Anyway about 2 months ago I traded my car in for a 2nd hand one with a local car salesman - not a private sale. I did the usual checks, took it for a drive and everything seemed good so I completed the sale. It had been MOT'd the day of the sale, couple of advisory notes but nothing serious. After 2 months I've had to call Green Flag out twice, once after losing all acceleration in the outside line on a motorway - scary when it happened. The guy who towed me checked it over and said it was possible damp in the ECU (a known problem on audi a4's apparently). Also shortly after having it I'd noticed almost a rubbing sound when turning left so I took it to a garage yesterday for them to look at. What they found was quite worrying - subframe issues, gearbox and engine mount problems, which I was advised make the car dangerous to drive and it shouldn't have passed the MOT. I called the guy who sold me the car and he said he's used his preferred garage for ages and they are really good, and to take it to them to look at. Even though they were open yesterday they said it wad just for paperwork. It was only afterwards I thought there were guys in overalls there so this was probably bull. I've got to take it back there Tuesday, well my gf has as I've got a meeting I can't miss on Tuesday at work. I'm expecting them to say it's fine, even though I have seen its not. The garage I use said the subframe would cost around £600 alone to replace brand new but to look on eBay for second hand as it'd be considerably cheaper. I haven't got a clue what I'm looking for though! I don't know if I'm covered by any consumer laws. If id purchased from a private sale I know it's sold as seen but is this the case for a dealer?
  3. Genie

    Double Glazing

    Anyone had double glazing fitted recently and know rough cost? I need a few windows replacing and wondered what fair prices were...?
  4. If anyone takes any notice of my Off Topic ramblings, you may be aware I'm prepping to sell or let my house. I've now had someone I know approach me looking for a house to rent. They should be good tennants and are looking to pay the sort of rent I'd be looking for. Has anyone got experience of letting their house privately, i.e. avoiding estate agents? Am I letting myself in for a nightmare or is it a prudent way to go in avoiding letting fees etc? I'm particularly interested in the legalities of it. Like how do I enforce a 12 month tenancy if I'm doing it privately?
  5. Had a quick search, couldn't see a thread - if there is one then apologies. Mrs StewieGriffin and I are coming to the end of our first fixed term in early June but we're both not really proper adults and need help with stuff; Question 1... we should have heard from our bank by now, right? Question 2... having navigated the banks website and entered some basic info (money and length of mortgage remaining), they'd offer me a 4.4% fixed - its currently 5.59%, which would save us roughly £50 a month. This is fairly good yes? Question 3... if looking at switching to another bank, do they basically put you through the entire mortgage process again? (Surveyors, solicitors fees etc) Thanking you
  6. I think I have a sleep disorder. For a few years now it's been a running joke with first my parents, now my missus that I'll wake up in the middle of the night totally disorientated and not making any sense. It hasn't really affected me so far because I rarely remember it. But the last 2 days have been much worse. Last night I woke up 5 times in the nights, twice waking myself up shouting. Tonight/Last night I woke up completely disorientated and I haven't been able to get back to sleep since. I did a bit of research tonight because I was a bit concerned and came across this. Confusional arousals A lot of it makes sense. It was something so mild and minor for so long then I scrolled to causes and bingo. Rotating shift work Night shift work Other sleep disorders (hypersomnia, insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorders) Not enough sleep Stress Worry Bipolar and depressive disorder I just finished my first set of night shifts ever last week. Totally messed with my sleeping pattern and I only felt normal yesterday. It can't be a coincidence. The thing that worries me is that they suggest seeing a sleep specialist but I can't imagine Poland being very progression when it comes to something like this and I'm really worried it'll affect my work. Is anyone else affected by any sleep disorders? Any advice?
  7. omariqy

    Credit Report

    I am in the midst of applying for a mortgage and thought I would get everything in order with respect to my credit checks. I noticed that my score has gone down considerably because of a late payment. Turns out it was 2 months ago for £10 minimum payment for a credit card that I forgot. However I paid it a few days later. Is there anyway to get this removed from my file to increase my score?
  8. So me and the missus are looking to buy a new house next year, there are some new builds about to be released in Solihull Lodge with nice schools nearby, and it's 2 minutes away from her Mom. Has anyone had any experiences with buying a new build? We would like a detached house but feel that our £250k budget might hamper us and we might have to settle for a 3 bed semi. The place building them offers part-exchange, does that mean we would save on all the fees that we'd have if we sold it independently? What are the chances of us getting the cost of the house down considering they are just being released? Haven't a clue how buying a new build goes, so any help would be good.
  9. Ok, so, to get straight to the point - I had a letter arrive from work today asking me to attend an informal investigation meeting at work next Tuesday because of "comments i recently posted on social media" What does that entail? Basically, am I going to get the sack for being a dick and posting a silly message on Facebook about how wound up I was by someone's incompetence? (I didnt name the person) Had a quick google earlier, but everythig seemed to be from the employers POV Thanking you
  10. Evening all, So I had a prang last August (silly old fool reversed out from his drive into me as I was coming down a hill). I've finally got my car in the garage appointed by my insurance (after they repeatedly sent letters to the wrong address) to get my front end replaced. It isn't a lot of work (the right wing is partly off of its clips (it's an Aygo so make that out to be the front end), few cosmetic issues and the number plate needs changing but nothing else). I was given a hire car from Enterprise and agreed to pay the £7 a day for peace of mind to get proper insurance coverage meaning if anything happens it's covered and I won't be liable for the £500 excess. Now it turns out that the garage is having trouble getting hold of parts (it has been with them for a week - they can't get hold of the air reflector bits in good time apparently) and have said they'll put on my old part so that I can get my car back but I'll need to return it in the future. Obviously this isn't acceptable if I'm paying money because of an accident not of my own fault so where do I stand? Can I claim back the £7 "peace of mind" insurance? I'm thinking no as I've been driving around but then what happens when I have to take it back to get the other bits fitted? Any advice is appreciated. Ta
  11. Morning VT. As per usual my first point of call when faced with a big decision is Off Topic. So, after buying my first house 18 months ago I've managed to spend basically all my money, and run up a few debts along the way (overdraft, owe my parent s a bit of cash that they lent me for a deposit and a credit card bill) Now, however, I've taken on a lodger so I'll have a steady flow of cash coming in above and beyond my normal income, which I intend to save so as to pay off some or all of my debts. Now even though I work in finance, I have an embarassingly low knowledge of banking. I have my normal bank account and that's it, I don't really know what everythig else is/does. So my question is, what is the best type of account to get the rent I'll be receiving paid into? I've been looking at ISAs, but not sure if I should be going for normal savings accounts or other options I'm unaware of. For reference, the amount I'll be paying in will be £400 per month (so £400 will be the initial deposit), and I'll need constant access to it for paying off debts as and when I can and for emergencies. (and before anyone suggests it, I am doing my own research into the matter, but thought I'd ask here as I know there's a few people on here who have knowledge in this area)
  12. Anybody rent? Wondering what the market is like elsewhere? I'm currently battling with our former lettings agency who have been very incompetent, but are now trying to deduct money from our deposit. I'm blogging about it, so will post it here soon. Wondering if others have had negative experiences?
  13. Anyone been under the knife for back issues, or know anyone who has? I've had two bulging discs in my lower back for 20 years, and I can still aggravate it by doing something as harmless as sweeping dirt up off the floor. Which is how I aggravated it again Monday. So I've been lying in bed with a heating pad and just getting totally fed up with it. I've had to cancel appointments I had this week and I'm at my wits end. I've done chiro, PT, pain killers, it's all ineffective. Sometimes the stretches I do at home can exacerbate the pain too. Nothing works, and sometimes just makes it worse. I've researched back surgery a bit online, and it seems like some people had success and others had worse problems afterward. Any info/advice you guys can give me either firsthand or secondhand is appreciated. (I have bulging discs in L4 and L5)
  14. I've been offered a job in Gatwick and I've accepted it but I live in Birmingham and know nothing about the area. Crawley looks like an obvious place to look but I really don't know the place, or whether its worth living further afield, either London or Brighton and getting a train/driving in. Anyone do anything similar or know Gatwick at all?
  15. Has anyone had experience using this scheme? Allegedly, the government will put 20% towards a first home, which you then pay back to them at a low interest rate only needing to put 5% in yourself. You're then only due 75% to the bank. Allegedly. Don't know anyone who had used this in practice and what kind of stipulations there are.
  16. Althzeimers \ Dementia has ripped through my mom in only a couple of years - My Dad has battled on manfully trying to care for her at home - but now she can barley walk, has frequent falls, and has very little short term memory... Wots the process of funding, ? my parents live in rented accommodation, and have no significant savings She has 3 kids including me - we could top up fees - but couldn't raise some of the figures mentioned...like £1100 pw !! My own opinion is that she needs nursing care - and from what I understand this can be paid in full - provided mom is ill enough..... She has social workers etc - who have been great - but obviously when it comes to funding they tow the official line ... So any hints \ tips advice most welcome...
  17. I am currently negotiating what I can only describe as invention created by the devil: London flat hunting. I have temporary accommodation on way in Dalston. (THANK YOU, AirBnb.com!) Does anyone know of places, people or absolutely anything that would help me before I have a mental breakdown? Looking in Islington, Hackney, London Fields, Dalston, Highgate, Archway, Whitechapel, Wapping, Bethnal Green, Bow, Tufnell Park... Budget for room: up to £1000PCM. I have been viewing rooms for a month, usually two per evening, 6 days a week. The last one, interview was an hour and a half and 250 applied for it. They wanted a girl in the end. PS. I am not a girl.
  18. I wondered if anyone has any experience of owning a motorhome. The kids are now at an age where they won't be coming on holiday with boring mom and dad - and with the mortgage down to a manageable level - this might be something to consider as I get close to retirement. The whopping purchase price I could stomach - but what about upkeep, tax, insurance, maintenance ? - I would mainly want to use it..(.I think ) in the UK ... Just be nice to get up and go... Wondered if anyone has experience, the pitfalls, is it as good as it seems....
  19. My son has achieved the following scores in his GCSE S Biology - Unit 2 Tier H 77 = B Chemistry Unit 2 Tier H - 78 = B Physics Unit 2 Tier H - 79 = B Naturally he was hoping for A's - I can't make head nor tail of the AQA web site - Can anyone explain these scores - and how close are the scores to 'A' ?
  20. I'm sure we used to have a VT Trade topic where you could post questions like this, but I can't find it. Anyway, anyone know any good places/people that will fit doors and door frames? I need to replace my two internal doors downstairs in my house as they're practically falling off, but I think I need new frames as well and I haven't got a fupping clue how to do it or where to go to get it done. Doors seem cheap, but I'm guessing it'll all add up once you add in the frames and fitting them. Anyone got experience?
  21. Ginko

    Car Insurance

    Sorry if this has been done before but I couldn't find anything on my search. It's that time of year again for me. I'm with Direct Line and I paid £525 for my car insurance last year. I got a renewal letter through the post last week stating I'm now to pay £851. I called them up to ask them why this is and I'd already done a comparison where the lowest quote I got was £480 though admittedly by a company I'd never heard of so I'm less inclined to go with them, that and it's just easier to renew. She did some tinkering and managed to get it down to £675 but that's as low as they can go apparently. The woman on the phone said it was largely to do with other people driving the same make and model of my car having more accidents and therefore more claims that have pushed the price up so much. I have another year's no claims built up and still my quote has sky-rocketed. Insurance is an absolute freaking rip-off. Anyway, I just thought I'd ask for any advice, namely in the companies you use and if they're any good because I'm not paying that much money where I can seemingly get it cheaper elsewhere.
  22. I'm selling my car and it's on eBay and Gumtree. I won't give a link cos I'm not sure that's allowed on these forums! There would be auto trader but that's another £10 or so and wondering if anyone has any advise on other places I could advertise/ sell. We buy any car offered at £4.5k P/X was offered at £5k Privately they go for about £7k but I have 40 watcher and no bids - about week left. Not in a rush at all to sell but can't buy new car til old one sold. If it takes three months it takes three months! What are people's experiences selling privately? Only ever done p/x before.
  23. Not very knowledgeable about cars , my car just cut out while driving, restarted it , engine revs high and stalls again, car is 1.8t petrol Audi a4 2003, any ideas?
  24. Hey in need of some help Was advised to make a new post about this kind of thing i'm hoping for someone with some experience on the subject Does anyone have any experience with redundancy I've basically been told that the business is heading for insolvency i've worked here for 6 years The question i want to ask is i'm eligible for 5.5 weeks redundancy pay When i started i was on full time but my hours were cut about a year back do i get paid based on the full time hours i started on when i signed the contract of employment or do they pay you based on the wage your currently earning? I look forward to being enlightened by your in depth knowledge
  25. The lady friend would like a telescope for her birthday and I have absolutely no idea where to start. They seem to range from about £30-£5000. Is there a complete bottom range that I need to avoid. Wasn't looking at spending much more than £100. Doesn't need to be amazing just needs to do things that telescopes are meant to do to an acceptable standard. Anyone able to help?
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