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Found 122 results

  1. Evening all. I want a new tool backpack for work, I narrowed it down to two, one from DeWalt and one Klein. However after looking at their respective sites, both backpacks carry the following warnings: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. I'd not heard of it before, but after doing a bit of reading it seems this is a Californian regulation that requires companies to use this warning on products that contain materials known to cause cancer. Unfortunately beyond the warning itself I can't find any specific information, so was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to obtain it? If I'm honest it's probably put me off both bags to be fair, but it's interesting none the less because these are two of the most popular tool backpacks on the market. DeWalt Klein
  2. My son is a student and for reasons I don't fully understand he has to deal with this billing management company Huddle. From what he tells me he seems to receive penalties and charges with no end - as they clear one lot of debt - the company finds reasons to bill then further - as a group of students they rent a house - the first bill they picked up was apparent for previous tennants - which huddle claimed they are liable for - once that had been cleared - further bills and charges kept coming.... Any experience or ideas how to deal with this - I have thought about complaining to OFCOM , FCSA or trading standards - but never having been a student myself not sure of my rights
  3. If this is already a thread please take it down Pause your sky sports - stop paying until sport returns - Can be done on my sky app - saved £32 yesterday If you pay your council tax over ten months - call them and ask for this years free months to be moved to April May or when best suits you - saved £240
  4. Suggestions on things to do during the lock in, freebies and such. Bitch in the other threads. The National Trust are reviewing what needs to be closed (houses) and what can be open (gardens). Looks like much of the safe stuff will be free. Keep an eye on the website, think they'll announce something Friday maybe? https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/
  5. Dear VT! It looks like we might be all stuck at home for the considerable, and many of the less fortunate might need help and support with rations or basic stuff like medications. Maybe we could use this chat to contact each other about any need - if your grandma lives in Birmingham but you are in New York, let the group know. Maybe someone can do some shopping for her. Mods, could we get this chat better organised, maybe by location?
  6. I've been paying Band B in Lichfield and today received a letter saying this is incorrect, and from now on I'll be paying Band C. It only works out to £20 or so a month more, but I'm not sure how they can justify this? My parents live in the same area of Lichfield, and pay Band B. Their house is valued at around £285k, with mine at £205k. Is there a reason I should be paying more council tax than them? I appreciate it's based on valuations from 1991, but surely my house wouldn't just magically be worth more 30 years ago for no reason? Am I just going to have to accept it and pay it? I'm assuming they're not suggesting my house has gone up £100k in value over the last 6 months, even though they are.
  7. We booked a two week holiday to Goa for my wife’s 40th, travelling out on New Year’s Day. We’ve just been refunded the direct debit payments after a stress inducing 15 days of waiting Her mum and best friend also booked but paid by credit card, which they say might take 60 days to refund. That will leave us two weeks to find a new holiday for the same dates and could jeopardise us going at all, if it’s longer than that. Has anyone here had a TC holiday refunded yet? I’m keen to know if they’re paying out on credit card bookings yet. UTV
  8. Been trying to purchase an amazon gift card all week - it didn't let me confirm the order - after a week of tooing and frowing with amazon support - clearing the cache, trying a different browser , 'it being looked into .....along comes the reply "Due to economic safety and government regulations gift cards can only be purchased by debit card not credit card" Anyone else heard of this ? - think its just an excuse as I have definitely purchased by credit card before....
  9. Mav_86


    Afternoon fellow Villians! I've just got started in a new career in property and was wondering if any other members on here were involved and what you do? It would be good to connect!
  10. I know I'm getting all old and washed up now I'm starting threads in OT about insurance... We're exchanging contracts on a house tomorrow so I need to take out buildings insurance. We currently have contents cover at our rental place so I'll change the details on that, but buildings cover is a fairly new one on me. Should I be looking at the add-ons, like Accidental Damage, Legal, Home Emergency? I'm thinking no to all of them as I'm not planning to be doing any renovations etc. Any experienced words of wisdom are entirely welcome.
  11. Has anyone sold on Facebook marketplace before? Have got an iPhone XR on there (also on eBay but Facebook doesn't charge fees) and someone is offering the price I'm after and wants to pay by PayPal. All the advice online says if buying to pay by PayPal and if selling to avoid PayPal scams. The guy has a profile over a year old, decent amount of photos etc. But just wary of getting scammed on it. Then again, that could happen with eBay too. Anyone used to selling online?
  12. Need a bit of advice from anyone that's received one of these. The other half got snapped after parking at a KFC for allegedly longer than the 1 hour free period. £100 fine of £60 if you pay quicker. I've spent the last two hours checking out "Civil Enforcement Ltd" (proper bunch of cowboys) and all relevant forums. Consensus is either; 1. Ignore all correspondence completely as it's not a penalty charge notice, or 2. Write to them, "without prejudice" and inform of your intention not to pay, and see what transpires. What say ye?
  13. My son has got a place at Swansea uni - anyone any experience there ? He has reserved a place in the student villa for accommodation Ant tips on where to find work (he is a qualified lifeguard) ? - or any other general tips about the area ?
  14. Me and the wife own a flat so we have to pay a building management company amounting to about a grand a year. All they seem to do is occasionally vacuum the corridors and tell us we can't have Sky Q. Now they've decided to send everyone a bill saying they've spent over budget and the insurance cost more than anticipated, demanding £150. Can they do that? Just make up any charge they want?
  15. No, not Katie Hopkins and Anna Soubry. My parents' boiler needs replacing, and I've had a few quotes (I'll be paying for it). We've not got a massive budget here, so we're looking at the lower end of the market. A couple of the quotes have said they'd use an Ideal Logic Plus, and another one has said he'd use a Ferroli Modena HE. The latter is the best quote, but I've read some negative reviews about Ferroli. That said, the Modena is their most recent model and seems to have good reviews - where I can find them. It comes with a 7 year parts and labour warranty too. Does anyone have any experience of this boiler, or any advice? I'm not in the position to go full spec for a Worcester or Vaillant so just need to know whether to go with the best quote and trust the guy when he says it'll be a good boiler.
  16. dubbs

    car problem

    Not sure whether this should be posted elsewhere so please move if necessary. I had my cambelt changed last week. My car broke down on the way from work yesterday. When the recovery guy had a look he noticed a belt (dunno if there's more than one) was quite loose and thinks this is the problem. Im waiting to get it towed to the garage this morning but wondered how to approach this with the garage? Im guessing worse case the engine is damaged but hopefully it's not as serious as that. If it is the belt they fitted what do I do?
  17. Has anyone done those mail-in genetic tests? There are some for health some for ancestry and some which are a mix. If so what were you looking to get out of it? and what actually did you end up finding out?
  18. I’m currently looking at buying a new car, as in, brand new, probably on some sort of finance arrangement. I visited a Suzuki showroom yesterday as I am interested in the Grand Vitara 4WD. It was a good meeting, I got to have a test drive and liked what it had to offer. Now, I have never purchased a new car before, so when it comes to negotiating on this sort of thing, I don’t really know what options I have available to me. What happened was that they just gave me the cost of the car I wanted, how much it would be each month etc. But, there are certain options that I want that I don’t want to have to fork out a shed load of money for. For example, I want black alloys, but to add them would be an extra £700 or so. £300 for a spoiler, £40 for some car mats etc. How can I go about getting what I want, will car dealerships negotiate or are their hands tied? Do I need to visit another Suzuki garage elsewhere or is that pointless? Would appreciate the advice! (couldn’t find similar thread specifically relating to car buying)
  19. I hope you wise Villans can help. I have had problems with my Ford Kuga (2014 model purchased 18 months ago). It failed before Christmas with horrible grinding noises coming from the front left wheel. I got it taken to my local Ford dealer who said that an impact had knocked (sheered) some bolts off the gear box and that subsequent shaking had damaged the prop shaft. As it was due to impact and the repairs quoted running into the thousands I had the insurance take it on. Direct Line took it to their own mechanic who has said that it is mechanical failure and no sign of any impact damage so not covered under insurance. I do however have the car under warranty still with the dealer (the same place the original diagnosis was done). This does now mean that I am stuck between the insurer and the dealer both saying in their expert opinion the problem is not theirs. There isn't a third option, it is either an insurance job or a warranty job, but how to I get this to a conclusion? The only thing they agree on is that bolts are missing on the gear box and it is this that has caused all the problems, it is how and why they are missing that the argument is over. For the avoidance of any doubt the Ford dealer has done all the servicing on the car and we have a 36 month warranty that is still running from the purchase of the car. thanks for your help in advance.
  20. So, a bit bored here but I was emptying the dishwasher at work and the cutlery was all over the place. Whats the correct procedure here? Over to the VT fountain of knowledge (aka, how does one wipe ones arse)
  21. Just a warning if youre out and about. The roads are like glass this morning. It rained overnight and this has washed the grit away. In my area Clapgate Lane (Bartley Green) - and the roads approaching Harborne we very slippy (worst its been all week) - These are main roads as well not side roads. I also heard a report of a parked car sliding down the road in harborne. If the gritting lorries don't get out today - we have recipe for carnage on the roads at about 4 - 5pm. So if anyone knows if the gritters get out - or wants to warn of icy roads post em here....
  22. I'd like to leave this open to interpretation to (hopefully) get some varied responses and great efforts etc... ...as my secret Santa gift to someone this year, I wish to give a framed picture of a "sexy" Jeremy Corbyn. However, I want the body to be comically sexy rather than actual athletic, good body sexy. Alas, I have zero photoshopping abilities and need the assistance of you kind fellow VTers. Is anyone able to provide?!
  23. I currently pay £220 pm - and having been paying into this for 14 years at a similar level ..... I was staggered how little this gives me....... So guesses below please - there are 2 elements Lump Sum Annual pension (you are allowed to read the daily mail/express before entering your guesses)
  24. since we are coming into the cold season I thought I'd check the pressure on my boiler, for some unknown reason it is showing at 3 bars, it should only be around 1. I've been using the heating a little bit and haven't had any problems but 3 bars is way to high, I have bled the radiators and that has made little difference, I've checked the valve under the sink and that is firmly off. Anyone got any ideas, is there an easy fix or should I just get in touch with my landlord. When I was bleeding the radiators it was just a constant jet, I was expecting it to die down as the pressure dropped but it didn't and the pressure didn't drop, I filled about three jugs of water from it. I don't have a clue with this sort of stuff so any help will be much appreciated.
  25. I’ve recently taken on a second job, and dropped a day on my other job. I am now working 4 days one job and 3 the other. Is there a good way of balancing my tax onto one job, is this possible? also, I know we have a personal allowance of 11,000, but I am wondering how much more I will get taxed due to a second job. Can anybody advise?
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